How to Download Private Instagram Story – A Detailed Guide

/05 April, 2024 4:18 pm

The thought of how to download private Instagram story is common among social media enthusiasts. If this question has been bothering you lately, then no worries since we have the answer available in detail.

Quick Answer:

On your Instagram feed, hit the “Your Story” button with a plus icon. Browse and select your story. Now hit “Close friends”, to share it privately with your close friends. Once the story is published, tap the three vertical dots and then tap the “Save Photo/Video” button.

Instagram stories and story highlights are the app’s most popular and cool features. People do wonder at times, if they could also save the stories on their devices.

Saving a private story feature did not exist before but quite recently it has been updated. And now you can download any one of your private stories that you made using stickers and filters.

So let’s explore how you can save private Instagram stories:

How to Add a Private Instagram Story and Share it with Close Friends?

When we add a private story, its colour changes to a green circular shape, and that private story is shared with only close friends. First, you should add the friend to the close friends section.

  • Open Instagram and tap on your profile pic button at the bottom-right corner.

How to Download Private Instagram Story

  • Now hit the hamburger icon (Three horizontal lines) at the top-right.

download instagram videos private

  • Scroll down a bit and choose the “Close friends” option.

save ig story

  • Search for your close buddy and tap to select and add to your close friend’s list. Finally hit the “Done.” button. Now you can share your story privately with only your close friends.

instagram private story downloader

  • At the Instagram feed, tap the plus sign at the top-left corner of the “Your Story” button. Browse and select the image or video to share with your close friends.

download private ig stories

  • Finally, tap the green star “Close friends” button at the bottom to share the story with your close friends privately.

Download Private Instagram Story

Now move on to read the below steps to download this same story anytime you like. During adding your Private story, you can also edit it however you like either using stickers or music. Afterwards, you can save it.

How to Save a Private Instagram Story?

Now there are two ways to download a private Instagram story. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  • Open Instagram, and go to the story tab at the top-left. Post a story before this step.
  • Once the story is open, hit the three vertical dots.

nstagram private stories downloader

  • When the new menu shows up, tap “Save Photo” to save your private story to your device.

download private ig videos

How to Download Private Instagram Story Instantly (Alternative)

So There is also an option that allows people to save a story once published automatically. S each time you post it, it will also be saved automatically on your smartphone. Here are the instructions to follow:

  • Go to Instagram and tap on your story icon with the profile picture.

any way to download a private Ig story

  • Hit the three vertical dots at the bottom-right of your story.

save private instagram stories

  • Now go to the “Story settings.”

instagram private stories downloader

  • Scroll down and toggle on “Save story to Gallery.”

save private ig stories

Afterwards, every story will be directly saved on your device, and you won’t have to do much.

How Can You Download an Instagram Story that is Privately shared With you?

Well, Instagram does not allow you to download the story that your friend has privately shared with you. In other words, it does not have a built-in feature for it. However, you can still download it, or save it.

Let’s Explore the ways to download the private story of a friend:

Take the Screenshot of the Private Story as a Picture

Simply take a screenshot of the story privately shared with you if it is an image. If you do not have the built-in screenshot app then use a third-party app.

For example, you can use: “Screenshot Touch” or “Screenshot easy.” Both of these apps are very easy to use and will take the screen in one single quick tap of the finger. Install this app, follow the instructions, and start saving the private stories!

Use the Third-party Tool if the Private Story is a Video

Several third-party Instagram story downloader tools can help you download not only your friends’ stories but also anyone’s stories. We usually can’t find the option to download someone’s story but this tool will allow you to.

Here are the tools you can use to download a private story or anyone’s story:


Toolzu is a website that will quickly download the private story. Simply paste the link of the story on their website. Go to their website, select the download stories tab paste the link, and press the download button to get started.


Then there is InstaSave, another cool app that helps you download the story on the spot. Simply put the link in the box and hit the “Download now” button. InstaSave will help you download private Instagram stories online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can download the private Instagram story in three different methods. If it is your own story then you should get to the story and save it by clicking on the three vertical dots.

On the other hand, if the private story is shared with you, take a screenshot to save it if the story is in the form of an image. However, if it is a video, then use a third-party tool to download the video.

No, Instagram does not notify anyone whenever you take a screenshot of either their post or the story. Even if you screen-record their profile, stories, or posts, Instagram does not notify you in any case.

You can copy someone’s story design using gifs and emojis or can also take screenshots. However, if you want to repost someone’s story on your story then that person first needs to mention you in their story.

Afterward, when you view it, you will come across a button that says “Add to your story” button. Now that story will be shared in your story section for your followers to view.

Yes, it is entirely possible. You only need to download a third-party tool to download the private Instagram videos. Through third-party tools, you can easily download any private story you desire.

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