How to Change Your Name on Facebook?

/16 December, 2022 7:00 pm

Facebook is a well-known social platform used by almost every individual today. People create accounts and pages of their relevant genre on Facebook depending on the task they need to get fulfilled from there.

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Some only have entertainment reasons others may have a broad approach and are trying to use Facebook for their business or other practical purposes. In one way or another, Facebook is useful to people from many perspectives.

With the development of technology, people’s need and desire to grow their span of influence has also increased. People are now more demanding and thus want Facebook to get a bit more versatile according to their needs. From one viewpoint, there are demanders, then again, there are servers.

The platform is the same but the provision and extraction cores are different. In this way, people design their profiles according to what they are doing on Facebook.

Whether it is the name of an account or a page on Facebook, there may arise a need to change the name. People are changing and so are the platforms they use. So if ever there arise a need to switch your account or page to other genres and thus you want to change the name of your Facebook profile, it is never rocket science.

Step 1: Go to your Facebook application on that gadget you are presently utilizing. If you have an app on Android, get access to it otherwise web version of Facebook can also be used following the same steps.

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Step 2: Ensure that you have proactively got into your Facebook account. If not, get in there by inserting your credential at specified locations.

Step 3: Now if you are to change the name on your account on Facebook, go to the main interface of your profile. You can get access to it by simply tapping the profile icon on the top bar of the main interface.

Step 4: you will be provided with a number of options that you can use to make changes to your Facebook account. From here, try to navigate the option “Settings”. This is where the main control of your Facebook lies.

Step 5: Once you have tapped the “settings” subdivision of the options will be shown with a button namely “privacy”. This is where the information under your control can be changed.

Step 6: now from the privacy setting, navigate the basic info of your account. Basic info contains all the basic information immediately pops up when someone gets the first glimpse of your account.

Step 7: navigate the option of username or name. This is where your main task will be served. From here try to add a new desired name to your Facebook replacing the old one.

Step 8: once you are sure that the data you have entered is according to your desires and needs, confirm your actions by pressing OK. Your name on your Facebook will be changed immediately.

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