How to Get Verified on Tiktok?

How to Get Verified on Tiktok?

/15 September, 2022 5:22 am

For such a long time, public figures were actually made through Hollywood. They would also take years to establish themselves in TV and movies and finally break out. Nowadays, stars can also be made in a matter of days, mainly using the platforms like TikTok.

However, if you are not trying to become the next big TikTok star, it is still worth figuring out how you may get verified on TikTok. This social media and video streaming platform have over one billion monthly users at the end of the day.

How many followers do you need to get verified?

TikTok is not a flight club where everyone must be familiar with the rules; however, it does not have that clear verification process. There are also no direct thresholds to hit to get verified automatically on the platform. Also, some accounts on TikTok have hundreds of thousands of followers and engagements but no checkmarks.

Instead, TikTok is an application that uses its own private system and mechanism of verification. In general, staff seeks out and mark checkmarks to the users with high engagements and the ones who are most popular and have high-quality content. Still, there are some essential data points that TikTok looks for that may help your case. So, let’s have a detailed look at how you can verify your TikTok account:

How To Get Verified on TikTok

Get Verified on TikTok

TikTok does not offer you such shortcuts to verify your account on the platform unless you do not have a certain number tiktok followers and engagements on your account. Here are some of the effective tips and tricks that will ultimately help you get noticed by the TikTok staff, who, in actuality, hand out the coveted checkmark.

Step#1: Figure out your niche and keep producing something new

Bringing any business online takes authentic and famous content regularly to get published on the platform. Once people start knowing you for something, it then becomes easy to attract, keep and grow your following on the channel. This is why it is essential to always start developing compelling and engaging content and always remember to keep your foot on the pedal.

Overall, it helps you keep up with the new and latest TikTok challenges and the related hashtags to them. Moreover, it is a proven fact that most users of TikTok like brands that take part in TikTok trends.

Step#2: Get Featured In The Media

This is something that turns out that the traditional star-making platforms are still relevant – But who knows! However, it is not just a traditional form either. There is no doubt that TikTok helps you get featured in a newspaper or a magazine, or maybe on the television and radio too. But appearing in the online digital posts with YouTube clips and other high-qualified podcasts is also an excellent way to share and market your message to your desired audiences.

Another Social Media Channel

All these magazines and marketing channels always look for the content to on-air and publish. It is also relatively worthy for the TikTok stars, and it increases your chances of being featured every passing day.

Step#3: Get Verified On Another Social Media Channel

Social media channels, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook allow you to apply for the verification. However, it does not mean that it is necessarily easy to verify on all these channels, but yes, it is much more straightforward.

Each social media channel you use has its own set of qualities that they consider in users to meet to get verified, such as:

  • Twitter has recently announced some new criteria requirements for the verification of the accounts. According to the new rules and terms, all the eligible accounts must fall under one of the given six categories. The platform has also mentioned that it will open up the new rules later in 2022.
  • Instagram is relatively a difficult nut to crack. However, it will not only verify accounts that have an excellent chance of being impersonated.
  • If we talk about Facebook, it prefers to verify the users who are professional and the ones with the official representations of the brands.

However, getting verified or a checkmark on any of these social sites will go a long way to getting verified on TikTok also. This is because it lets TikTok know that you are the person with a real cachet on the internet. Moreover, you can also connect such accounts to our TikTok account as will so people can get to know more about your activities and appreciate them. So, let this verification process get rolling!

Step#4: Go Viral

This is the step that might sound obvious. However, most of the TikTok accounts have at least one main viral explosion before they can verify their accounts. So, getting on the platform’s “For You” page could also significantly boost your viewership and followers and put you on TikTok’s radar. 

Amanda Silberling
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Amanda Silberling

I work at Likes Geek as a marketing researcher and journalist with over 5 years of experience in media and content marketing. With a demonstrated history of working in the international news and financial technology publishing industries. I manage content and the editorial team at Likes Geek.

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