How to Tag Someone on Linkedin?

/30 November, 2022 3:13 pm

You don’t understand how to tag a member on LinkedIn, do you?LinkedIn makes it easy to tag others in posts. Just use @ and their name. But what are the standards to follow, the things to check before hitting “Post”? Using this method would be pointless if naming specific people was forbidden. Learn how tagging people on LinkedIn can assist your business by reading on.

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  • Create a brand-new post or comment.
  • Type the @ symbol when mentioning a person or business. A drop-down menu should display immediately. People in and out of your social circle could be on the list.
  • Unless the person you mentioned has turned off alerts, they will be notified once you have sent the post or comment.

It’s that straightforward. It’s also important to note that LinkedIn users can disable mentions and tags. Therefore, if the person you wish to mention in your post or remark does not appear in the drop-down menu, it indicates that they have disabled this option in the Visibility section of Settings & Privacy.


  • Tagging someone on LinkedIn is a way of expressing your appreciation for them. Tagging a person helps disseminate information about their accomplishments. It is also essential for networking and developing ties with other notable industry professionals.
  • You wish to attribute an idea in your post to someone else. For instance, one of your LinkedIn connections has shared some information with you. They would be acknowledged as the source of your idea if you tagged them.
  • You’ve got a question that could be solved by a contact of yours. If applicable, you might also address the request to a person who you know has the answer but who has not yet responded to you. Users you tag will be alerted to your post and given the opportunity to weigh in on the topic. In conclusion, asking a connection for assistance via LinkedIn could be the catalyst for a fruitful conversation that leads to deeper ties or perhaps new professional relationships.

Wrapping It Up

Tagging people on LinkedIn may be a powerful tool for networking if you use it right.

We’ve added best practices and ideas to make it simpler than ever before to tag without breaching any restrictions.

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