How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram?

/27 May, 2024 6:02 pm

YouTube videos can be longer than 20 or 60 minutes while Instagram videos have a limit. So you must be wondering how to post a YouTube video on Instagram. It is a great strategy to simply share a YouTube video on Instagram.

Quick Answer:

Create a teaser of your YouTube video and upload it to Instagram by tapping the "+" sign and browsing to select the teaser you made. Moreover, you can share the link to your YouTube video on Instagram as it does not allow you to post the whole thing if the length is above 60 minutes.

If the length of your YouTube video is less than 60 minutes, then you can upload it to Instagram. However, if the length is more than 15 minutes then it is not possible to upload through a smartphone. You should log in to the Instagram browser version and click on the "+" to add the YouTube video, Afterward, click on "Post" to share it with your audience.

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Sharing a YouTube video on IG will benefit in a good way. You would be promoting your YouTube account on IG. You should also link your YouTube channel link in your Instagram bio.

Linking your YouTube account with your IG profile will boost more engagement and subscribers for your YouTube channel. Now let’s talk about how to post a YouTube video on Instagram:

What are the Benefits of Post a YouTube Video on Instagram

There are several important benefits of posting YouTube content to your Instagram account. It helps to keep up with the trends on both platforms. Let’s look at the benefits in a much more detailed view.

Finding a New Audience

Both Instagram and YouTube have a different kind of audience with slight similarities. Even if you do have a channel with thousands of followers, you may want to get more unique followers from Instagram.

Post a YouTube Video on Instagram

When you share your video on Instagram, you will come across many new followers with different views. There is always a certain number of people who haven’t found you yet. So sharing your content on a different platform will help you find a unique new audience.

Staying in the Eyes

While attracting more eyes to your channel, you will also be staying in their sight. Staying in sight will keep your audience interested. So when you post your YouTube video on Instagram, you will be able to grab the attention of people on both platforms.

So make sure to consistently share your YouTube content on Instagram.

Increase in Brand Awareness

Repurposing of your content will help you increase the brand awareness. When you share your YouTube content on platforms like Instagram it lets a diverse range of audience learn more about you.

share youtube video to instagram

In this case, brand awareness is increasing through consistent sharing of your YouTube content on Instagram. On Instagram, you can use various hashtags to reach a wide range of audiences who may be interested in your content.

Be Original and Showcase Your Personality

Instagram is a perfect platform to create original content and showcase your personality to your audience. You can either do that by producing short fun videos or sharing the bloopers or behind-the-scenes footage.

Also, make content that your audience can relate to. And once they find a strong connection with your videos they will be able to become your loyal audience.

Ways to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram

Instagram videos have a limit, you can’t post a video longer than at least 60 minutes. So how to share Longer YouTube videos on Instagram? Well, we’ll discuss that too. There are three ways you can share a YouTube Video on Instagram. Let’s get started:

Upload the YouTube Video to Instagram through Smartphone if it is less than 15 minutes long

If your video is less than 15 minutes long then it can be shared through Instagram mobile version. Here are the following steps to upload a video on Instagram smartphone version:

  • Open IG and tap on the “+” button. Now browse the same video you shared on YouTube. Select it from your gallery to upload on Instagram.
  • Finally, post the video on your IG account with a desired caption.

Share the YouTube Video on Instagram but in Parts

In this process, you should upload the YouTube Video on Instagram in parts. It is the simplest way to advertise your YouTube channel videos on IG. Here are the steps:

  • Trim your video to 15 minutes per part using MX Player or any other.
  • Open Instagram and select multiple video parts to upload and arrange them for the viewer.
  • Add the main link of this same YouTube video in the caption if you like and click on the post to upload.

Create a Teaser of your YouTube Video

You can always create an interesting teaser specifically for your Instagram audience. Every follower demands a sneak peek at least. So what’s a better way to create a teaser and upload it on Instagram?

Through this teaser, you can promote your YouTube video which will further encourage your audience to watch it when you release it in full length on YouTube.

How can I Boost Views on my YouTube and Instagram Videos?

There are interesting ways to boost your YouTube views through Instagram sharing. Let’s find out:

Using Hashtags

Hashtags are being followed on Instagram, and almost every IG user adds hashtags similar to the subject they are talking about. So using hashtags while uploading your YouTube video on IG can help you get more views.

share youtube video to instagram story

Before adding hashtags, you should research the hashtags that are being used. Make sure that the hashtags are relevant to your niche. On the other hand, you should also create a hashtag specific to your brand so that you can promote it to your audience.

Take Advantage of Other Platforms

Do not only post content on IG or YouTube. Take advantage of every other platform out there. Share the video on Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Facebook to boost the engagement.

Engage and Listen to Your Audience’s Feedback

You need to be social. In other words, engage with your audience and stay social in the comments. You should reply to their every comment because it will help build trust among your audience which will create a sense of community.

Make BTS Videos

Making and uploading BTS videos on Instagram can be a great game changer. It will keep your audience interested in what is to come. Giving your followers a glimpse of the new project you are working on will help to build loyalty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can directly share it on Instagram but using the Link to the YouTube video. Simply copy the link and paste it in the caption and Instagram will create a preview of the video. Once you do that, simply post the video. Now when your audiences your post, in one click on that preview video, they will be redirected to your YouTube video.

The quality can only be affected if you post a mid-quality video. However, if your video quality is already high then it won’t take much impact.

Instagram has length limitations. You may not be able to share videos as long as you share on a YouTube channel.

You can use Adobe Premier Pro, iMovie, and iShot to edit your videos to post on Instagram.

No, it is not illegal to download or post a video on Instagram. However, if you are downloading someone’s video without permission then it is not k, because whenever you post it, you’ll probably get a copyright strike on your video and your account may also be banned.

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