What Do 1st 2nd 3rd Mean on Linkedin?

What Do 1st 2nd 3rd Mean on Linkedin?

/28 November, 2022 2:17 am

When visiting LinkedIn profiles, you may notice that the 1, 2, or 3 symbols appear next to the person’s name. This shows the degree to which you are connected with the individual.

First Degree (1st Degree) Connection

One’s first-degree connections on LinkedIn are those to whom one has sent and accepted a connection request. You can immediately message them using LinkedIn.

When someone is your first-degree connection on LinkedIn, you have access to their contact information, including emails and phone numbers.

To obtain this data, simply click the “contact information” link. A pop-up window will open.

Email addresses and phone numbers do not always exist.

  • Roughly 80% of individuals disclose their email addresses with first-degree LinkedIn connections.
  • 26% of individuals share telephone numbers with 1st-degree relationships.
  • About 15% of Twitter accounts are shared.

When doing LinkedIn prospecting, the best way to get someone’s contact details is to become his first-degree connection.

Second-degree connections on Linkedin

Second-degree connections on Linkedin indicate that you are not directly connected to the individual, but someone in your network is.

When you view a user’s profile, the mutual connections you share with them are displayed just above the “Connect” button.

You cannot send them direct messages without first terminating a connection request.

If you wish to bypass the connection request stage, you may send an internal message.

Emails are paid Linkedin messages that allow you to send direct messages to second and third-degree connections even if you are not linked to them.

By subscribing to one of Linkedin’s premium services, such as Linkedin Premium, Linkedin Sales Navigator, or Linkedin Recruiter, you can get inbox messages.

You can try to access their contact details by clicking the “Contact Info” link, but you won’t be able to.

Meaning of “Third Degree” Connection on LinkedIn

Third-degree connections are individuals who are connected to your second-degree relationships. They are your connections’ connections. You can establish a connection with them by submitting a connection request;

however, the button is not at the same location.

Emails are also functional for third-degree LinkedIn relationships.

Premium members of LinkedIn are the only ones who can access this feature.

Even if you are not a premium user, you can still send direct messages to second and third-degree connections if you are members of the same LinkedIn group or event. Even if you are not a premium user, you will still be subject to this limitation.

Connection at the Third Degree Plus (+3rd+ Degree)

On LinkedIn, +3rd-degree relationships are people with whom you are not connected and do not have any 2nd-degree connections. More than two individuals separate you from these individuals.


Now you know all about LinkedIn’s first, second, and third definitions.

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