Why Can’t I Reply to Messages on Instagram?

/11 March, 2024 1:33 pm

Instagram has several active users and many billion people have an account on it. And when some kind of error occurs, it is quite an issue for each individual. Are you someone who is wondering why can’t I reply to messages on Instagram? No need to anymore, in this guide we have all the solutions for you.

Quick Answer:

There are four reasons why you can’t reply to messages on Instagram. There could be app glitches, the person has blocked you, Instagram temporarily blocks Internet connectivity issues, or your action.

So to fix these issues, you can either update the Instagram app, check your Internet connection, restart the Instagram app, clear the app cache, wait for action blocks to lift, or contact Instagram support.

And if you are blocked then simply wait for the ban to lift away. Other than that if nothing works then you can contact the Instagram support team.

Encountering an issue like not being able to send someone a message is a big problem. Since messaging is a way to communicate with your buddies on Instagram. It must be frustrating for you. But don’t worry we’ll fix it for you.

Reasons Why You Can’t Reply to Messages on Instagram

So there are main reasons why you can’t reply to the messages. Here are the following reasons:

App Glitches or Bugs

Your Instagram app must be glitching. That is one of the reasons why you are unable to reply to messages.

Sometimes, technical glitches or bugs within the Instagram app can prevent users from replying to messages. These glitches may arise due to outdated app versions or conflicting software updates.

The Person has blocked you

That is the main reason why you can’t reply to the person’s messages. To check whether the person blocked you or not, you need to go to that person’s profile by clicking on his profile pic icon in that chat.

Why is Instagram not letting me reply

On going to the person’s profile, if you see a message that says the following “Unable to load the page..” It means the person has probably blocked you. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Internet Connectivity Issues

You have an unstable internet connection. Yes, connectivity issues usually cause message delivery problems. If you are still unable to send the message to your friend on Instagram after many retries then you should change your internet.

Temporary Action Blocks

Instagram must have blocked your messaging action because you may be involved in some activity that includes breaking Instagram policies. So you must follow the standards Instagram has set.

However, these action blocks are temporary so don’t worry about it. Usually when we spam message a lot of people, this block activates.

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Fixes for Unable to Reply to Messages on Instagram

Now let’s move to the fixes. There are six fixes available for you through our research so that you can reply to messages on Instagram.

Update Instagram App

Updating Instagram should be the first thing you should do. It is easy. Simply go to the Google Play Store and search for the Instagram app. That is where you will find the update button.

Can't I Reply to Messages on Instagram

Usually, an outdated app causes issues like not being able to reply to messages on Instagram. A new update will also improve the performance of your app.

Check Internet Connection

Check if the wires are fine. Also, contact your internet provider. You must have a good internet whose speed stays stable. If the issue persists, you should change your internet provider and get a new service.

Restart Instagram App

Restart the Instagram app overall to see if the issue goes away. This will clear the glitches and refresh the app. Sometimes our devices are using too much memory, and too many apps are open in the background. And certain apps like Instagram can stop working properly.

Clear App Cache

You can try clearing the cache as well. Usually clearing the cache helps to smoothen your experience with the app. It also removes the glitches and bugs.

Why can't I reply or react to messages on Instagram

In other words, it will refresh your app. Here is an article dedicated to it that you can get help from: Click here!

Wait for Action Blocks to Lift

Finally, you can wait if nothing works out. Instagram has probably blocked you and it takes some time for the block to lift away. So in a final scenario, you should have patience. The action block usually depends upon the severity of the action you performed.

If you have been violating Instagram’s community standards for too long, then the action block will be of extended length. However, in most cases, the ban will stay there for only a few hours or a week.

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Contact Instagram Support

If nothing works out for you then contact the Instagram support team. They can assist you in how it can be fixed. You can report the problem by going into the settings and privacy where the help section exists.

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