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Über Millionen von Kunden vertrauen "Likes Geek“, dem besten Anbieter von Social-Media-Diensten, um echte Dienste bereitzustellen. Hast du irgendwelche Fragen? Lassen Sie sich von unseren Experten die beste Antwort geben!

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No, if you follow the legal process to buy genuine Facebook likes. Facebook likes purchased from the real accounts, either they are in millions, thousands, or hundreds, never decrease over time. They are the most relevant audience with real accounts to stay with you until they are interested in your services.

Yes, it is. People, either they have a simple profile or a business profile, are trying to get more and more engagement in the form of likes, comments, shares, and views. Your Facebook post likes showcase the importance of your business, brand development, and the community you have. Therefore, it is good to buy Facebook post likes, and followers to get more leads and conversions.

Buying Facebook likes helps you achieve your target and business goals quicker. It brings the most organic traffic since your Facebook page likes is a reference for your business development, your project, brand voice, and the kind of audience you have. The more likes you have, the more visibility and engagement you get.

It depends upon requirements and the level of engagement you want to see on your profile. We offer different packages with a different number of post likes, allowing you to choose any of them depending upon your budget. Although, we don't recommend buying thousands of likes at the same time. Proceed periodically and analyze the outcomes you receive.

It's a very short process. Likes Geek offers you a simple order placing process. All you have to do is – enter the link of your page and add the number of likes you want to buy. Once we receive your order, our system analyzes your business and starts assigning the likes that are most relevant and the real ones.

There is not a particular answer to this question because it depends on the process you follow to buy Facebook likes. If you opt to buy likes through some tracker apps, then Facebook might ban your account permanently or temporarily for violating spam terms because such likes are fake. On the other hand, if you buy Facebook likes from a company like Likes Geek, there is no question of getting your account banned. We follow an entire marketing process to bring the most relevant audience to your page, who like it and get engaged to it.

No, there is no way to find out if you bought your Facebook likes. Your followers will not get to know unless you don't tell them. Likes Geek ensures to take care of the security & privacy terms; therefore, whatever services you buy from us remain between you and us.

Yes, you can, but there is a condition to it. We only process refunds when we fail to meet your expected results or deliver the order late. We ensure to deliver your order within the given estimated time period, and it doesn't happen – you can then raise a refund anytime, and we make sure to process it within three working days.

Yes, because Like Geek provides you Instagram followers in a secure environment. We do not ask for any confidential information, like login details, passwords, or any other vital data. We have a secured system, strive to provide the best, keeping all the security measures in consideration.

This is something that depends upon your requirements. Although, if your account already has a decent following, then you might need to buy fewer Instagram followers and likes to boost your account. On the other hand, you can purchase as many followers as you want, but we don't recommend buying all at once. Go periodically, see the results, and define the next strategy accordingly.

Yes, it is very common nowadays. The more followers you buy, the quicker you may reach your goal. This is the reason that most personal, bloggers, and business profiles prefer to buy followers on their social media channels.

Your Instagram account holds power to gain more conversions. Therefore, buying followers for Instagram gives you some quick results. One of the benefits of buying Instagram followers is, it uplifts your organic audience and followers. Your followers are the proof and representation of your business development and refer to your project.

Yes, technically, there is no illegal process we follow to give Instagram followers. There are some short tactics, but we ensure not to follow them and strive to deliver you the real Instagram followers who stay with you forever.

Of course, this is not correct by any means. Instagram never limits your number of followers, neither remove them. You can buy as many followers as you want, and Instagram does not ban you because of the high or low followers' number.

The answer to this question is no because there is no announcement regarding that. Also, we don't expect to get this thing processed because removing the following count will lower the strength of profiles, and there will be no difference between the most-followed and least-followed profiles. Therefore, your followers will stay visible.

Let’s create your voice by marketing your expertise to the world with the most strategic marketing, offering you the full money-back guarantee.

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