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Emma Watson
105 posts
0 following
10 Avg Likes per post
3 Avg Comments per post
0.21 Engagement Rate
@Emma Watson
Emma Watson
130 posts
6011 following
553 Avg Likes per post
45 Avg Comments per post
17.5 Engagement Rate
100 posts
0 following
70 Avg Likes per post
10 Avg Comments per post
0.21 Engagement Rate
140 posts
0 following
972 Avg Likes per post
173 Avg Comments per post
18.5 Engagement Rate
80 posts
0 following
30 Avg Likes per post
15 Avg Comments per post
0.30 Engagement Rate
120 posts
1 following
472 Avg Likes per post
40 Avg Comments per post
20.1 Engagement Rate
Buy Facebook Likes

Buy Facebook Likes

Buy Facebook likes increase your visibility in the Audience! Facebook introduced its "Like" button back in 2009. Since then, this button has been known as the most important currency of social media platforms. Now, people have become addicted to getting more and more likes on their business pages, considering it as an indication of the importance and popularity of your brand. The trend to buy Facebook likes with PayPal has become a key factor for brands when companies or vendors flood the network to its rising user base. Let's look at how social media service providers and buying Facebook account likes work.

Facebook ads were named "The Facebook" when was founded in 2004. But later, they decided to exclude the "The" from their name. since the year and day Facebook ads were introduced, it's growing vastly. Although many other social media platforms, like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter – Facebook has the most traffic, considered the most interacted social platform.

"The Facebook Profile" when it was founded back in 2004. But later, they decided to exclude the "The" from their name. since the year and day Facebook posts were introduced, it's growing vastly. Although many other social media channels, like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, have the most traffic, they are considered the most interacted social platform.

Buying real likes is possible at Likesgeek. Your page's following will increase by thousands in a few days.

You can easily buy cheap Facebook likes on your account.

  • All you have to do is send us the link to your Facebook account, and we will do the rest.
  • You do not need a password.
  • Choose a package. We offer Facebook Post Like packages starting at $1.71 for 100 likes!
  • Don't forget to add it to your cart and checkout.
  • Use PayPal, Credit/Debit Card or Coinbase to pay.
Turn your business into a brand and become a pioneer!

Turn your business into a brand and become a pioneer!

Facebook Profile is probably the first social media platform to introduce features such as sharing videos, news (with no time limitation), surveys, creating groups, and more. Now, it’s time that we use this social media channel for newspapers and television. It features live broadcasts that are easy to use and allow you to access thousands and millions of users around the globe. You may also influence some political situations within the country, making you see what’s around you through social.

Every other business is trying to create a unique brand image in the digital era. Companies use different techniques to get quicker and lose their business account. Therefore, buy likes on the Facebook page is a vast marketplace that allows you to interact with anyone you want worldwide, post anything you want, message anyone, add anyone to your community, and much more. But when it comes to increasing your business outreach via buying likes on your Facebook page, it requires you to follow specific rules to temporarily or permanently prevent account blockage.

Being a pioneer in providing social media services, Likes Geek understands all the factors and terms that might affect your business and its visibility. Therefore, keeping all the elements in mind, we, as experts, provide you with the best services for buying FB page likes, cheap likes, buying Facebook followers, buying real Facebook post likes, and much more at the most affordable rates.

If you want to boost the level of activity on your Facebook posts, buying Facebook likes will give your content more exposure and momentum.

Having a decent number of comments underneath your posts also gives you a certain authority. Many up-and-coming businesses and influencers on Facebook buy Facebook comments to demonstrate interest and authority.

Benefits of buying Facebook likes from Likes Geek

Benefits of buying Facebook likes from Likes Geek

Buying Facebook likes is no more difficult these days because numerous avaialable options might give you as many likes as you want for your business, but choosing a trusted company to provide you with such services is essential. We, as experts, understand that it is more important to maintain your page’s engagement rather than onboarding the fake likes that ultimately lower your buying Facebook likes for a page rank and visibility. Therefore, we ensure to provide you with real Fb likes that enhance your brand reach and get a better position in search results when somebody searches for the related services you offer.

Here are some of the benefits mentioned to buying Facebook followers: • Affinity expression • More engagement • Excellent email marketing campaign capability • Content’s viral syndication • More website traffic • Be there in social graph • Effective advertisement • Likes leading to more insights

Why is Facebook likes essential for businesses?

Why is Facebook likes essential for businesses?

Facebook Profile, without a doubt, is one of the largest social media platforms that not only allow you to create your business pages, but you can make several facebook buying likes posts to sell your services and products. One of the best features that offer is the opportunity to design custom campaigns according to the specific areas and locations you want to target the audience.

Having a business profile with minimal or zero engagement is worse than having no presence. Are you wondering why it is so? This is because your social media platforms or profile visitors do consider how much your page is engaging. They analyze your business traffic by the number of likes and Facebook post comments. The more real Facebook likes you have, the more chances you have to get good potential clients for your business who purchase from you. So, the more you buy real Facebook likes, the more you will open new ventures to engage with new clients daily, leading you to grow your business daily.

Why should you buy legitimate Facebook likes to grow your business?

Why should you buy legitimate Facebook likes to grow your business?

Any user or entrepreneur running his business on Facebook marketing is looking for ways to become famous as soon as possible. Becoming more socialized can benefit your business and your official Facebook marketing strategy.

Here are the reasons that make buying real Facebook likes beneficial to growing your business:

  • Buying a Facebook page will boost your sales if you sell some services or products.
  • The better the content and post captions you update, the chances to increase your Facebook fans and followers also with you via your website
What is the advantage of getting 50 likes on Facebook?

What is the advantage of getting 50 likes on Facebook?

Like other social media marketing strategies, your Facebook followers or page also needs you to buy followers. Facebook post likes buy to hook the target audience towards your products. The more likes and strong engagement you have on your business page, the more people will know about your community and targeted likes audience. Moreover, buying Facebook followers also make your visitors trust you and your services. The Facebook algorithm favors content that has high increase.

If you own his business website, there is a perfect opportunity to market it. Buying Facebook followers allows you to link your website with each post. Buying Social Media likes ultimately boosts your post, and your website link will be promoted as thousands of people will see it. Click will also increase this, enabling you to welcome new clients.

If you buy Fb likes, it will draw the excellent attention of your target. They visit your business profile, and then you may follow each other, depending upon your choice.

If you buy safe Facebook fans, you can eventually become popular on this social platform, and people will connect levels of engagement.

There are many benefits to buying real Facebook likes, such as increasing your engagement, getting new visitors and clients every day, and leaving a good impression on your audience to trust you. Moreover, buying social media likes makes your advertisement more effective and increases your conversion rate. Depending upon your convenience, you may direct your entire target audience to your website or engage them on Facebook growth.

How do I get real targeted Facebook likes?

How do I get real targeted Facebook likes?

Facebook follower packages currently have two billion active users, offering you huge potential leads for your brand. It has more than 60 million Facebook account business pages with tough competition for all the crucial likes. You were increasing your likes on Fb, buying Facebook posts likes, buying follower packages, or everything else in between you need to have a unique marketing strategy and target audience.

You may get the real targeted Facebook like through the following ways:

Step #1 - Unique other social networking sites strategy

Step #2 - Great page craft

Step #3 - Make your page easy to search and find

Step #4 - Quick engagements

Step #5 - Relevant posts and high-quality content

Step #6 - contest

Step #7 - ad campaigns

Step #8 - analytics

Why are people buying Facebook likes? What could be their ultimate goal in doing this?

Why are people buying Facebook likes? What could be their ultimate goal in doing this?

Every business with a digital presence, small or large enterprise, strives to get more and more brand outreach. Therefore, they intend to buying Fb likes for your business pages to let people know about their services and business. The main goal behind companies buying cheap Facebook likes is to create a strong brand image so people visiting their site would get good buy Facebook picture likes of your brand and business. You must ensure that you buy safe likes from a trusted company like “Likes Geek.” We ensure that every visitor or like you get through Like Geek is a real like by a real user, helping you uplift your brand within days.

Are buying Facebook likes are real?

Are buying Facebook likes are real?

There are two options; some sources offer unverified likes using fake accounts that probably end after a month or two. Therefore, Purchasing Facebook likes is not always real unless you choose a trusted company like “Like Geek.” We ensure to keep your business profile safe from illegal likes and processes. The likes we deliver are genuine Facebook posts generated by the complete marketing process, lasting forever.

Is buying Facebook likes unethical?

Is buying Facebook likes unethical?

The answer to this question is NO if you follow the correct process to buy cheap Facebook likes. Some tracking tools available might help you give many fake likes, but they vanish after some time. Since these kinds of techniques are unethical because it includes fake accounts, and violating FB rules. Therefore, Facebook blocks your profile for some time or permanently if any such attempt is found linked to your business account.

Is it legal to buy Facebook page likes?

Yes buy Facebook page likes for your business page is legal as it does not include any illegal activity that might affect your page and visibility. Likes Geek follows an advertisement process to give you buy Facebook posts like USA and engagement. We target the audience interested in your services so they visit your page, like the posts, raise a query, and ultimately get a potential lead.

What is the difference between real and bot likes?

What is the difference between real and bot likes?

You can find different options to buy Facebook likes once you enter our web page. The options are as like “Real” or “Regular.” Here, it would help if you decided whether you want to buy real likes for your buying likes for Facebook business page or bot likes.

You might also be wondering the difference between a bot and real likes, correct? Real likes are obtained from real Facebook users who have their accounts and use them regularly or most often. So, while you buy real Facebook likes for your page, you increase the number of likes on your business account, but it lets you engage with more audiences interested in your content and business.

This makes more people see your posts, you will not only get views, but they might also follow you and leave comments on the content or the post they like the most on your profile. Therefore, it is also essential to maintain your business's Facebook page with regular updates, so your audience does not lose interest and keeps engaged with your business every day.

Regular or Bot Likes

Regular or Bot Likes

Conversely, bot likes are obtained from realistic-looking users. These likes might not be real, but your existing audience and followers will not be able to recognize them. The bot services that Likes Geek provides are very realistic and make it difficult for Facebook users to distinguish from the real likes and following that any good page may have.

If you also want to make his content post-viral, you may go perfectly with this option. Bot likes, also referred to as regular likes, are relatively more affordable than real likes, and you may also get them faster because it does not include the entire optimized search process.

The process to buy Facebook likes.

The process to buy Facebook likes.

Likes Geek offers a straightforward process to buy Facebook likes without asking for confidential details regarding your account, such as your email address, an account password, or any other information that might affect the security and privacy of your account. Our website and the whole order process are both smooth and highly secure.

Here is the simple process that you need to follow to place an order with us:

Enter the URL of your Facebook page for which you need to buy likes on the Facebook post. Enter the number of likes you want to buy. Process your order and add it to the cart. Make the payment, and your order is submitted.

Likes Geek allows you to make payments via PayPal or credit card, allowing you to choose an option that makes the most sense. Also, in case of any questions or need help, you may contact our support team, which is available 24/7 to assist you. We can’t wait to welcome you on board!

Frequently Asked Questions

Over millions of customers trust "Likes Geek," the best social media services provider to deliver the real services. Have you got any questions? Let our experts answer you the best way!

Of course, yes. Your social media interaction shows your audience your business development and the importance of business. So, the more you buy Facebook usa likes, the more people can trust your business to make a purchase.
You can buy a maximum of 15,000 Facebook likes at a time.
There is no defined limit for Facebook post likes. It could be maximum or minimum too.
No, it is not illegal to buy Facebook likes. We follow an organic process to deliver your order that does not include any illegal activity.
No, there is no such way available for others to know if you buy Facebook likes, comments, shares, real Followers, or anything else. Your audiences will not know until you don’t tell them.
You do not have to wait too much. We always ask for the estimated delivery time when you buy real Facebook likes. So, our team ensures to deliver your order before or within the estimated time.
No, regular likes do not decrease over time. But if you face any problem, you raise the refund against your order or talk to our support team for some assistance.
Yes, Likes Geek offers different packages to buy Facebook comments too. It’s a good combo if you buy comments with likes as it will deliver you some quick results.
Facebook does not ban any account if you don’t follow the process that violates Facebook spam policy while buying Facebook likes. Make sure not to use any illegal auto application that might put your account in trouble.
Your social media presence and interaction over it is proof for your existing and new audience, showing them your business development and the client ratio you have. The more engagement you have, the more they can trust you to contact for placing an order.
No, there is no such feature available till now.
Purchasing social media services is quite beneficial for a business or organization. Likesgeek consistently generates great customer reviews since its offerings are genuine and beneficial. Today, social media is used not only for personal communication; but also as a means of advertising and marketing goods and services. When starting a new business or struggling to gain success, purchasing fifty Fb likes is really useful. These likes might bring success to your internet business. If you purchase this service while promoting, the maximum number of Facebook users will see your post, and if you achieve a particular level, you can also make money from social media.
Likesgeek is a cheap and immediate social networking service provider. Purchasing Facebook Likes is the quickest way to get popularity on Facebook. After purchasing Likes, your post will attract attention. Likesgeek's likes are of exceptional quality that improves your Post statistics. Purchasing Fb likes aids with the promotion and expansion of any business you wish to excel. If you encounter difficulty while purchasing Likes, Likesgeek's customer service agents are always willing to assist you and resolve the issue. Simply specify your choices, and your task will be completed quickly.

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