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110 posts
101 following
70 Avg Likes per post
44 Avg Comments per post
1.8 Engagement Rate
198 posts
199 following
341 Avg Likes per post
75 Avg Comments per post
8.3 Engagement Rate
180 posts
301 following
221 Avg Likes per post
127 Avg Comments per post
2.0 Engagement Rate
247 posts
421 following
409 Avg Likes per post
123 Avg Comments per post
9.5 Engagement Rate
231 posts
413 following
341 Avg Likes per post
153 Avg Comments per post
2.2 Engagement Rate
312 posts
517 following
671 Avg Likes per post
241 Avg Comments per post
10.2 Engagement Rate
Why Should You Purchase Twitter Followers

Why Should You Purchase Twitter Followers

Twitter is a platform that keeps you informed about the recent trends. It also comes with many opportunities for businesses and individuals who are looking for fame. Having a lot of Twitter followers is a real power in numbers.

Followers will transform your online presence on Twitter. Your content will have more eyes and your credibility will become your currency. A good follower count acts as a social proof that makes people trust what you have to say.

On getting Twitter followers, your profile traffic will move to your site. But how? Twitter is a place where you need to voice your opinion. Make your unique brand voice heard because 47% of people who view your profile, will also visit your website.

Why Our Followers Are Better Than Our Competitors

Why Our Followers Are Better Than Our Competitors

We prioritize quality over quantity while giving followers to our clients. When you buy Twitter followers, you choose ‘’influence’’ and ‘’authority’’ to rewrite your business saga. Here are the cool reasons why we are better than our competitors.

  • Our followers will be genuinely interested in your tweets. Unlike our competitors who do not guarantee meaningful engagement from followers.
  • We have the lowest drop rate and we are highly reliable. You will get the followers with the lowest drop rate in the social media market. Competitors’ followers on the other hand may drop significantly with time.
  • We apply legitimate strategies like promoting your profile through our newsletter and videos. Whereas competitors may use hacks and bots to increase your follower count.
Key Things to Memorize Before Buying Twitter Followers

Key Things to Memorize Before Buying Twitter Followers

Before purchasing Twitter followers It’s important to consider these points. Here are the points to focus on for ethical engagement:

Are The Followers Fake or Real: You need to ensure the service provider offers real and active followers. And there should not be bots they are using. Looking into it is important for authentic engagement count.

Drop Rate: Look out for the drop rate of followers. You need to ask them about the drop rate of followers over time. Because a reliable service will always guarantee you a low drop rate. This indicates the longevity of bought followers.

Account Suspension Risk: You need to be cautious of the services offered to you. Many companies do illegal practices for rapid follower increase. So look out if they offer a safe method. E.g. a gradual organic increase in followers on Twitter.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Twitter Followers From LikesGeek

Pros and Cons of Purchasing Twitter Followers From LikesGeek

Here are the pros and cons of acquiring Twitter followers from LikesGeek:


  • Engaged and Real Users: LikesGeek will ensure that you get genuine followers who actively engage with your content daily. These followers will enhance your Twitter presence with your authentic connections.
  • Swift Delivery: LikesGeek is allowing you to have an instant impact on your audience with our instant delivery service.
  • Expert Growth Strategy: LikesGeek will customize its strategies to suit your niche. In return, it will ensure relevant growth at your end.


  • Dependency: You are depending on us only to enhance your influence on Twitter with bought followers. So you must balance purchased followers with your organic growth efforts.
  • Boost Limitation: LikesGeek will provide you with an initial boost. However, for sustainable growth, you need to make ongoing efforts to create quality content and be consistent.
  • Long-term strategy: Having active Twitter followers is a short-term strategy. So for a long-term growth plan, you should get a long-term strategy. For example, you can take possession of our other services like buying Twitter likes, comments, and views.
Why Make LikesGeek Your First Choice?

Why Make LikesGeek Your First Choice?

Witness your follower gain become more than just a vanity boost. Get a low drop rate with our real Twitter followers. On the other hand, you will also get a discount on each package you claim. Say farewell to bans because we do not use bots and any hacks. More importantly, we offer instant delivery with 24/7 customer support. Our followers will act as a catalyst for your organic and quality content.

You will have a confidential and secure journey with LikesGeek. Our Twitter followers will also like and retweet your tweets which will enhance your organic growth. Why wait for it? Get the authentic following on your account that you have been craving.

How To Buy Twitter Followers

How To Buy Twitter Followers

Enter a new journey to fame. Improve your Twitter game, and order your followers by following the steps below:

  • Look for the package you desire for your profile or page and hit “Buy now.”
  • Now paste the URL of your Twitter Profile in the box.
  • Choose the number of followers that align with your desire.
  • Finally, hit the “Add to cart” or “Buy now” button to complete the purchase.

Time to boost your Twitter engagement with real and active followers. Go ahead buy your favorite package and become the new Twitter star.

How to Gain Twitter Followers Organically?

How to Gain Twitter Followers Organically?

To get Twitter followers organically, you need to have a few important things in mind.

Optimize your Profile: Add an engaging profile picture, write a captivating bio, and add a link to your Twitter profile.

Consistent Posting: On top of everything you need to be posting regularly to see the real results pop up on your screen.

Engaging with your Community: When you engage with your followers, you build a better connection which also helps you stay in their eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over millions of customers trust "Likes Geek," the best social media services provider to deliver the real services. Have you got any questions? Let our experts answer you the best way!

No, you won’t be getting banned since we follow the privacy policy and community standards of Twitter. Apart from that, you gain them organically so there is no need to worry as they are real and active.

You can pay using cryptocurrency or credit card for a seamless and secure transaction.

No one can know that you have bought the followers because our followers are gained organically. We promote your profile through our videos and on top of that through newsletters. Moreover, your journey with us is not only in numbers. And create your influential presence on Twitter.

No, you won’t be asked about your password. We never ask for sensitive information like that.

On making the order, you will instantly see the following rising. They will gradually increase until they reach the maximum amount you ordered.

Yes, we guarantee a complete refund within 30 days in case you have a change of mind.

No, they are permanent but in case they slightly drop, we will provide you with a free refill within 180 days of purchase.

You only need about 4 followers for verification. Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, there are many changes have come. So now anyone can get a blue tick badge by paying for it.

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