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Allen Brenden
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Gemma Caroline
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600 Avg Likes per post
40 Avg Comments per post
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750 posts
170 following
4.2k Avg Likes per post
120 Avg Comments per post
9.8 Engagement Rate
340 posts
170 following
1k Avg Likes per post
100 Avg Comments per post
4.5 Engagement Rate
1k posts
460 following
5.8k Avg Likes per post
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10.6 Engagement Rate
670 posts
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3.6k Avg Likes per post
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5.1 Engagement Rate
1.9k posts
1k following
11.2k Avg Likes per post
280 Avg Comments per post
11.9 Engagement Rate
Difference Between Custom and Random Positive Comments

Difference Between Custom and Random Positive Comments

We offer both types of YouTube comments. You can get it as per your needs.

Custom Comments: Do you want to add comment notes per your desires? If yes, you have reached the right place. We provide custom comments to our valued clients. These comments allow you to add what you want to have in your comment section.

They are unlike generic comments. These comments include the specific words and praises you want to hear from your viewers. It enhances your visibility and reach to a vast audience. Moreover, it also improves your content’s credibility.

Random Comments: Viewers leave random positive comments to show their affection and appreciation for the video. These comments encourage a sense of community. Positive comments are like "Your videos always bring a smile to my face. Keep up the fantastic work!"

Best Place To Buy YouTube Comments

Best Place To Buy YouTube Comments

Do you want to get YouTube comments and not sure about where to get them? Look no more! Luckily, you have reached an ideal place. It is where service meets excellence. Likes Geek is the best place to buy comments on YouTube videos.

We take ultimate pride in providing unmatched services to our valued clients. Comments contribute to amplifying your reach to a wide audience. Your chances of engagement go high when you buy YouTube comments.

How to Buy YouTube Comments?

How to Buy YouTube Comments?

Buying YouTube comments is an easy and simple process from The Likes Geek. Just follow the steps and get YouTube comments.

Selection of Package: First of all, choose the package. Analyze the price and number of comments. Pick the package per your budget and needs.

Paste The URL of The Video: After the selection of the package, copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it here. Along with it, add your email address. Our team will be in contact with you through every step of the process.

Buy Now: Now, hit the “Buy Now” button after adding all the details.

Pay For Service: It is the final step to getting our service. Complete the payment process via credit cards or PayPal.

Cheers! You have purchased YouTube comments. Now, it is our turn to initiate the process. Our professional team starts the process after placing your order. Just wait for a while. See the impeccable results.

Book your order now. Surprising results await you!

Why Should I Buy YouTube Comments?

Why Should I Buy YouTube Comments?

YouTube comments contribute to multiplying your engagement many times. If you have a YouTube channel and want to earn money from it, you must have likes, comments, and shares on your videos. You need to create, edit, and upload content consistently. As a result, you will get likes and comments on your video. This interaction will make you popular on YouTube.

First of all, getting comments from viewers is a challenging task. They post comments in exceptional cases. You cannot force them to write comments. Therefore, buy YouTube comments from us. It is a go-to solution for you.

Comments make the video popular all over the platform. Therefore, ensure that the comment feature is turned on before uploading the video. If the comment feature is turned off, viewers cannot write a comment.

How To Delete YouTube Comments?

How To Delete YouTube Comments?

Deleting YouTube comments is an easy process whether you are a content creator or a person who posted the comment. As a person who posted a comment, go to the YouTube video on which you posted. Scroll down and find your comment. You will see three vertical dots with your comment. Click on these dots. A menu will appear in the result. Click on the “delete” button. Your comment is deleted.

As a content creator, go to YouTube studio. Locate the video where the comment needs to be removed. To view all of the comments, click the comment section. Now, go to the specific comment that you have to delete. You will find three dots with comments. Click on these dots. Now, click on the “delete” button. Note it down, this action will not be undone.

Why Choose Likes Geek To Buy YouTube Comments?

Why Choose Likes Geek To Buy YouTube Comments?

Likes Geek is a major name in the YouTube service-providing industry. Our team is professional. We ensure that you are getting unparalleled services. Countless number of clients have availed of our services. Therefore, be confident and place your order now!

We offer real and organic service to our esteemed clients. We provide comments from active accounts. It reflects the organic appearance. It enhances your YouTube channel growth exponentially.

Furthermore, our service is cost-effective and result-oriented. We charge comparatively less than our competitors in the market. Therefore, get high results without putting a burden on your pocket. Book your order now!

Along with it, we are available 24/7. You can contact us continually. We will respond to you instantly.

These qualities make us a go-to solution in the realm of YouTube services. Come and visit The Likes Geek. Avail our services to get perfect results at cheap rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over millions of customers trust "Likes Geek," the best social media services provider to deliver the real services. Have you got any questions? Let our experts answer you the best way!

The Likes Geek is the best website to buy YouTube comments.

YouTube comments do not directly help you to monetize your channel. They help you to get more views and subscribers which are necessary for monetization.

Your comments will appear real and organic.

Yes, you can see YouTube comments on the YouTube mobile app.

Before buying YouTube comments, ensure that your video is public. Moreover, it has no age and country restrictions.

You can enable YouTube comments from the creator studio. Go to the community tab and select all comments allowed.

You can check it in the package you selected. We deliver our service as fast as we can.

Yes, it is safe to buy YouTube comments. We follow the community guidelines strictly.

It starts instantly when you end the payment process.

Go to YouTube videos and see the comment section. Here, you will see all the comments.

Yes, you can like your comments on YouTube.

Yes, you can add emojis in the custom comments.

No, it will not happen ever. Our service is in compliance with the YouTube community guidelines. Therefore, your video will not be taken down.

No, these comments stay forever on your videos. They will not decrease over time. If they decrease within 180 days, we offer a free refill.

No one will come to know you purchased YouTube comments. They will look real and organic. People will not come to know unless you tell them you bought comments.

No, we do not demand your password. We deliver our service without it. Do not share your passwords with anyone. Sharing passwords with anyone can be risky.

We accept all credit cards, PayPal, and coin bases.

No, we do not deliver our services for private videos. Set your content to the public and then get our service.

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