Refund Policy

Because sells non-tangible, irrevocable things, we don’t accept refunds once an order has been placed and the product has been dispatched. As a customer, it’s your duty to understand this before buying on our site. We acknowledge, however, that exceptional situations may emerge as a result of the nature of the product we provide. As a result, we honor refund requests for the reasons listed below:

Service non-delivery: in some situations, the processing speed is slower, and your orders may take a little longer to finish. In this case, we strongly encourage you to get assistance from us. Complaints about non-delivery must be filed in writing to our customer service department within seven days of placing the order. Unless this need is met, the campaign will be considered successful. We will not issue refunds if we have advised customers of possible delays before ordering (e.g., via an alert on the order page(s)); in this case, the customer places the purchase at their own risk.


Product not as mentioned: such issues should be notified to our support team within three days of the purchase date. There must be compelling evidence that the purchased item doesn’t match the website’s description. Complaints primarily based on the customer’s false expectations or wants will be denied.

After 14 days of payment, guarantees a full refund. If you are disappointed with our services, please contact us using the following information:

  • The reference number for your order
  • Title of the invoice

There will be no refunds once an order has been delivered. Clients may seek a refill after a few days. No refills or refunds will be issued beyond 14 days. Additionally, we can only deliver refills to the actual Instagram identity associated with the purchase; if you change your Ig identity, your order will no longer be eligible for a free refill.

Guaranteed Refund

We are convinced that our services will help you prosper on social media. Additionally, we will make every attempt to boost the exposure of your social standing. Our Customer Service Team is accessible 24/7 to assist you and provide timely expert assistance. We are honored that you have chosen to utilize our services.

With our 100% money-back guarantee, we promise that the acquired service will be of high quality. If that’s not the case, we’ll return your full payment.

The money-back guarantee is valid just once per customer. There are no returns for complimentary credits or services. reserves the right to please customers, and all refunds must be handled meticulously.

Unsatisfied consumers can get a complete refund in 14 days. Problematic transactions are refunded. Our customer support department will respond within 24 hours.

Refunds are handled by our customer service representatives, who may be reached at [email protected].

Free services/credits aren’t refundable. Jengal OU reserves the right to assure client satisfaction, and reimbursements must be processed carefully.

Our customer service team is accessible 24/7 to assist you and give rapid, expert assistance. We value your patronage of our service.

If you have a query about a payment from, simply notify us by email at [email protected] or via our helpdesk.


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