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4 Ways to Use Instagram Captions to Increase Engagement

/06 December, 2022 9:43 am

Brand endorsement on social media platforms has been quite a popular trend in the last decade. Businesses have acknowledged the importance of social media marketing and its role in the achievement of high engagement rate. Now, the success of a business actually relies on its marketing strategies on the social media channels.

Instagram is a big name in the list of social media platforms which help businesses to mark a high social engagement rate. There are so many aspects which must be carefully considered by the marketing team while using Instagram marketing in order to increase the organic reach for their brand.

For all the marketers using Instagram for their brand marketing, the main concern is to find ways which increase the engagement rate. The first thing that comes to mind is the quality of your content that you share. However this is not the only thing that boosts up your engagement rate. Along with the content quality, there is another factor that is really important and it can drive the engagement rate in positive direction. That factor is the ‘captions’ used for your images and videos.

Captions are actually the interpretation of your images and videos that you share with your following community. Actually caption is a way to communicate with followers and make them understand your views and ideas. Captions complete a story and enhance the effectiveness of your posts.

Captions are a great source to draw your audience’s attention towards a brand and its activities. Just like the images and videos, marketers must pay attention towards the uniqueness and quality of a caption. The caption which is adding value to the image is the best type of caption.

I’m going to discuss some ways which can surely help you to increase your engagement rate on Instagram through captions.


This might be the best way to use caption as a source to engage audience with your brand and activities. All you need to do is ‘ask questions in the caption or make your caption a question’. When you do this you are actually asking for the feedback from your followers. This kind of caption is really helpful to increase organic growth and your visibility.

Analysis show that unlike other posts, people actually prefer this kind of posts and they respond more often. When your followers react to your posts, your stuff becomes more visible to their followers. If they have the same interests then there is high probability that they will respond to your posts as well. This chain cycle enables businesses to enjoy higher engagement rate ultimately.

Here, it is important to understand that if you (as a brand) want long term relationship with your customers then you will have to invest more of your time. You will have to respond back to your followers so that they get to feel welcome. Communication is effective only when it is two-way.


We all are users of social media platforms so we can understand that captions having fun element attract us more rather than a caption which is more like reading a story. Make your captions a way to entertain your followers or potential followers. Add interesting terms and words that can actually grab attention of users. Make your audience curious with the help of captions in a way that they could not resist to visit or follow your page.


While adding captions make sure that you have made the situation or post clear to the audience. In other words, ensure that captions are adding value to your images and they are not confusing. Short captions are appreciated usually only if they are delivering the main message. But if the caption is too short then obviously it will be hard for followers to understand what you as a brand want to say. This kind of situation will not help with the high engagement rate.

Similarly, long length captions are less likely to attract followers because social media platforms are used to have some fun time. As a social network’s addict, I can guarantee that nobody wants to spend their time reading long captions because it’s really boring. So it’s necessary for a business to use average length captions for their posts i.e. neither too short nor too long.


Use of hashtags in the captions of your Instagram post is the most popular trend currently. This is the most eye catching thing introduced so far and it really helps businesses to increase their engagement rate on Instagram. If you are thinking how it plays role in the achievement of high engagement rate, then here is the answer.

Hashtags are used to filter the desired information from a bulk of data. So whenever a user clicks on a hashtag all the posts that contain that hashtag become discover-able to the user. This feature of Instagram provides brand with more visibility and ultimately helps to boost up engagement rate.

Amanda Silberling
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Amanda Silberling

I work at Likes Geek as a marketing researcher and journalist with over 5 years of experience in media and content marketing. With a demonstrated history of working in the international news and financial technology publishing industries. I manage content and the editorial team at Likes Geek.

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