How Much Money Do We Get if We Have 1000 Subscribers on Youtube?

/25 December, 2022 1:22 am

AdSense might bring in anywhere from $10 per month to $300 per month for a channel with exactly 1,000 subscribers.

This extremely simplified answer is based on what actual YouTube producers reported earning here ($16.44), here ($22.41), here ($270), and here ($108). Check out the videos for a lot more information on how these data came to be.

You may be asking why the range is so extensive. After all, the difference between $10 and $300 exceeds an order of magnitude. Several factors contribute to this, including
It’s common knowledge that the rates for commercial airtime on business networks are far higher than those on entertainment networks.

  1. During the holidays, advertisements typically attract higher rates than during other times of the year.
  2. AdSense earnings in the first month after approval can vary widely between two channels with the same number of subscribers but very different growth rates.
  3. There is a substantial gap in average viewing times across the various channels.


We would anticipate that channels with 1,000 subscribers would earn between $2 and $20 per 1,000 views. This is demonstrated by the RPMs earned by our four example channels with 1,000 subscribers (here, here, here, and here): $17.95, $2.80, $7.52, and $8.08, respectively.

Because of the information presented before, there are some audiences that are simply more useful than others. And if your audience is exceptionally valuable to advertisers, you may become an outlier at the top end of the scale.


A YouTube channel with 1,000 subscribers will likely have 100 to 5,000 hours of watch time per month. This is evidenced by the fact that our sample channels have 380, 568, 4,900, and 700 hours of viewing time, respectively.

Growing your watch time has a greater impact on your YouTube profits than increasing your views. And increasing retention rates is the key to YouTube’s growth, so don’t only concentrate on this to increase ad rates.


You will not be able to make a living from YouTube with 1,000 followers. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a hundred million dollars by then.

Nevertheless, if your channel continues to develop, the amount of money you might earn from AdSense can become enormous. If you were earning $100/m for a channel with 1,000 subscribers, you would earn $1,000/m with 10,000 subscribers and $10,000/m for 100,000 subscribers.

The amount you may earn with 10,000 or 100,000 subscribers is not a joke. In this range, we begin to discuss YouTube as a profession.

Amanda Silberling
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Amanda Silberling

I work at Likes Geek as a marketing researcher and journalist with over 5 years of experience in media and content marketing. With a demonstrated history of working in the international news and financial technology publishing industries. I manage content and the editorial team at Likes Geek.

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