How to Find Out Who Has Been Following Them?

/06 December, 2022 5:57 am

Being followed feels so good. Whether it is a real-life scenario or a social circumstance, you will always feel elated whenever someone follows you. Instagram is no different. People create their social profiles there, according to their interests and talents. Once they start creating their own indigenous content, all that matter, for them, is the quest for appreciation. Appreciation in the form of more likes, followers, comments, and shares.

So when you have given every bit of yourself, it is your right to keep a check on what kind of audience you have, and to what extent they are good to you. You can even keep a track of how long has it been that someone followed you or who has recently started following you. In the long run, it all matters. It matters for your health going.

People, sometimes for their accounts and sometimes for others’ accounts, may want to know the following activity. It includes, how many followers someone has or how long a person has been a follower of someone. If you are also searching for the answer to the question, that whether it is possible to see who someone has recently followed on Instagram, here is your answer.

Who someone has recently followed on Instagram:

Instagram, being one of the social giants, has always introduced new and innovative features in order to get the full confidence of its users. Time and again, it keeps introducing new features based on the demand of the moments passing by. The case with the following activity is no different.

Follow activity settings:

Follow activity settings

Previously, Instagram users could see who had recently followed them on the social networking site. By fetching this option, the user was able to check the recent follow activity at someone’s account, provided that the account is not private). But unfortunately, with a change in the overall algorithm of Instagram, that option disappeared. Now it is not possible directly on Instagram to check who someone has followed recently.

But no worries. That can be verified using third-party resources. Here are the choices.


There is no need to download anything as it is so easy to use. The IGExport extension needs to be installed on your Chrome browser. You must:

  • First, go your chrome home page and search for IGExport there. If you want quick results, try adding “IGExport Chrome Extension” to your search.
  • Once you got what you have been looking for, click on the IGExport page and let it reload.
  • Navigate, on the right side of the page, the “Add to Chrome” option. Click it.
  • IGExport will be added to your Chrome. Now you can see what you sent to see on Instagram.
  • Now from the same window, log in to your IG account. You can use an alternative window too.
  • Once got done, search the name f the person who’s following the activity you want to search.
  • Once you have reached the desired profile, copy the name of the profile.
  • Now go to the IGExport extension and paste the name you copied in the box that appeared.
  • After that, navigate the option “Export Following” and let the report be generated.
  • Once the report of that specific following has been generated, you can simply see the correct and keen following activity on that account.

Other alternatives:


IGExport is free to use. But there are other alternatives too, which provide the same service. For them, like Snoopreport, you have to first subscribe to their package, and then you will be able to get access to the tool. The remaining proceeds will be exactly same. You have to first add the extension to your chrome and follow the above-mentioned steps.

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