How to Get Facebook Verified?

How to Get Facebook Verified?

/21 November, 2022 7:27 pm

Wondering how to get Facebook verification? This article provides information on the Facebook verification procedure and the blue and grey badges that can be obtained. Follow our simple approach to becoming verified on Facebook if you’re going for the blue check mark badge.


There are thousands of phony profiles on social media. In light of this, it seems logical for companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat to allow select prominent individuals and businesses to prove their authenticity. Those that connect with the website can rest assured that they are not interacting with a false account thanks to this approach.

When Facebook validates a public person or page, a blue checkmark is displayed next to the name.

You may have heard that if your account does not match Facebook’s “public interest” criteria, it will receive a grey verification checkmark. It is no longer in existence; the grey check marks have been removed.


Facebook verification is as simple as filling out a single form. However, it pays to be prepared before making this move.

  • Determine the type of account to check.

You can seek a Facebook profile or Facebook page verification.

If you’re already logged into Facebook when you verify your account, the form will show you the available profiles right away.

It is sufficient to provide the profile’s URL when requesting verification.


  • Establish your credibility.

Providing identification to verify your identity will be obligatory. This prevents bogus accounts and imposters from becoming validated.

Legitimate proof of identity (driver’s license, passport, national ID card, tax return, most current electric bill, articles of incorporation)

A piece of identification’s legality is determined by the authority that issued it, and those regulations vary. When in doubt, check the whole list of rules surrounding identification documents.

No matter what form of ID you use, you’ll need to include a scan or digital copy of it with your form submission.

Establish your credibility

  • Demonstrate your significance.

When applying for a verified profile or page, the second part of the form asks you to provide evidence that your profile or page is legitimate and deserving of the blue checkmark. Facebook will ask you to provide evidence that proving your identity is for the greater good.

In this area, you will provide fundamental details. You can choose both the type of account you have and the country or countries where it is most popular.

Additionally, there are other optional fields. Being as thorough as possible will increase your chances of verification.

In the Audience section, you tell Facebook who follows you, what their interests are, and why they do so.

Filling up the “also known as” section is optional. If you or your organization utilize many names on Facebook, the platform will be better able to evaluate your reach. This may be the case if your company uses a variety of names for the same product in different regions.

Up to five online sources or social media profiles can attest to your notoriety, so feel free to include as many as you like. These links must be independent. No promotional or paid content will be considered.

Demonstrate your significance

  • Wait

When a user wants to verify their account on Facebook, they must first fill out Facebook’s verification form and then wait for approval, which can take anything from a few minutes to several days.

Within 14 days, Facebook’s safety team will decide whether or not to approve your request for a Facebook account.


The Facebook verification form must be filled out and submitted in order to gain Facebook verification. Upon submission, the internal team will evaluate it.



Verifying your Facebook business page requires certain steps. There are four important rules for verification:

  • Being genuine

Your Facebook profile must represent a legitimate business, organization, or person.

  • Be Absolute

The Facebook page or account for the business must be active. You must have an “about” section, profile photo, and cover photo, as well as at least one post.

  • Be Important

Your company page must reflect a frequently-searched entity, brand, or person. Facebook will evaluate accounts that are featured in many news outlets. The review team does not, however, consider promotional or paid items to be review sources.

  • Be Unique

For your Facebook business page to be verified, it must be a unique representation of the business it represents. Unless a company has multiple accounts for different languages, only one account per person or company can be verified.

Generally, general-interest accounts do not receive a verification status.


The Facebook emblem with a blue check mark indicates that you are a verified public figure, media company, or brand. Developing a dedicated social media following requires a verified profile, which increases your profile’s trust and validity.

Facebook gives posts, stories, and other content from verified pages higher rankings in search results, and this is just one of the benefits your page will receive after it is confirmed. Therefore, if you wish to plan a Facebook post that will reach a larger audience, you should strongly consider obtaining verification.


People are more likely to follow a page that has been verified.

If people see the blue checkmark next to your page’s name, they are more likely to consider following and engaging with your content. In any case, if Facebook has confirmed your identity, you must be quite significant, right?

The verification badge is Facebook’s way of saying that your page can be trusted as genuine. This can go a long way toward earning your audience’s trust, which is crucial if you want them to become dedicated patrons and supporters.

People are more likely to follow a page that has been verified

Enhance internet visibility and searchability

You can increase your internet presence, SEO, and social media discoverability by having your Facebook page verified. Having the verification badge next to your page name will make you more noticeable to searchers on Google and other search engines.

Additionally, being verified on Facebook can help you rank higher inside the platform’s search results. That being said, your verified page will show up higher in search results for relevant keywords.

Increase your credibility and visibility

As previously noted, being verified on Facebook can increase your audience’s perception of your credibility and trustworthiness. It can increase your content’s readership.

If your Fb page is verified, more of your posts will surface in news feeds. Therefore, if you want to expand your audience and get more people to view your material, verification can help.

Now that you understand why you must verify your Facebook profile, let’s examine how to do it while also enhancing your social media content strategy.

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