How to Get Verified on Soundcloud?

/12 December, 2022 1:10 pm

More than any other music streaming service, SoundCloud has revolutionized the music business. It has helped many aspiring musicians launch their careers over the years, and they have learned how to get certified on SoundCloud to reach larger audiences.

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Have you ever pondered the significance of verification, or why confirmed artists are different from unverified ones? The music streaming network I’m a member of has over 76 million monthly users, so I need to find a way to make my contributions stand out.

To further distinguish yourself, you can get the coveted blue check marks that indicate verification on SoundCloud. Essentially, receiving a blue checkmark is advantageous in two ways. First, it demonstrates that you are a well-known artist with devoted fans.

The second is that it is a great method for standing out in a sea of up-and-coming talents. As you can see, obtaining a blue confirmed checkmark on your page can be a significant advancement for you as an artist.

Now, let’s examine the conditions for getting a SoundCloud account verified and the procedures you may take to obtain that blue checkmark surrounding your profile.

Steps to Take Before Requesting Soundcloud Verification!

Before applying for verification, ensure that your profile is properly aligned, as this will enhance the likelihood of your profile receiving a blue checkmark. Ahead of starting the verification process, please take into account the following considerations.

  • Your profile picture should show your face clearly so that people can find you.
  • Connect all of your social media accounts to SoundCloud and give people who want to do business with you your contact information and an email address.
  • Compose a very beautiful and descriptive bio that conveys your artist’s personality and a sense of the type of music you create.
  • Obtain a substantial number of plays and follows before applying for verification.
  • Purchasing a SoundCloud Pro subscription demonstrates that you are a professional-level musician deserving of a blue checkmark on your profile.

Additionally, it will place your profile at the front of the verification queue. After making these modifications to your profile, it is time to proceed with the verification procedure.

Getting Verified on Soundcloud!

We’ll go over the steps necessary to earn that coveted “pro” badge on your SoundCloud page now.

It’s safe to assume that not everyone is eligible to apply for a verified SoundCloud account. To be authenticated, a profile must meet a certain condition. The formal prerequisites for obtaining a verified SoundCloud profile are as follows:

  • This account should be for a famous or highly sought-after artist, DJ, label, podcaster, or curator.
  • The artist should be the account’s owner. Fan accounts and impersonators are ineligible for verification.
  • The artist’s profile follows SoundCloud’s rules and doesn’t have any false information on it.
  • In addition to a bio, photo, and song, the profile should also include information about the artist’s other projects.

If your account meets these requirements, then let’s get the verification process started right now.

How Do I Apply for a Soundcloud-verified Profile?

A verified SoundCloud profile can be obtained with minimal effort thanks to the site’s user-friendly application process. Just follow the steps given:

  • Visit the SoundCloud website and click “Login” to access your account.
  • Now, enter the “Settings” tab in the upper-right corner of the screen and select “Request Verification.”
  • The name of your favourite group, performer, or DJ.
  • Include links to your social media accounts, YouTube channel, website, or anything else that shows you are a well-known artist who deserves to be verified.
  • Finally, click “Submit” to complete the process.

Yup! That is it. Once you’ve requested verification, SoundCloud has thirty days to accept or reject it. During this time of review, you should take care to avoid making any mistakes that could result in the denial of your request.

During the review period, SoundCloud prohibits you from making significant changes to your account, such as modifying your profile name, bio, or URL, as doing so could disrupt the verification process. You can reapply after waiting 30 days if your initial application is declined.

Creating a verified account is easy, but keeping it up to date and fulfilling all of the requirements is where most people fall short.

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