How to make YouTube shorts for business?

/06 December, 2022 7:27 am

We all are well-familiar with the fact that YouTube is one of the most used social media platforms to share videos. With a lot of other features, YouTube is now actually beta-testing its Shorts feature to implement to create brief videos by directly using the apps as it tends to compare with other applications like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok stories.

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Now, YouTube allows you to capture brief videos using your phone’s front camera, and you may upload them immediately using your account. The default YouTube Shorts time is 15 seconds; however, you may exceed it up to a minute in your app by changing the settings.

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This particular YouTube feature is now available in almost 100+ countries, including Canada and the United States. You may find this option by tapping the “Shorts” at the bottom of your YouTube application or on the YouTube channel page or homepage.

However, you cannot monetize these short videos from advertisements as they affect the number of views of your videos and the total playtime, so you may direct people towards your monetized YouTube channel.

YouTube has also dedicated the funds of $100 million to support video creators who build and help others build the Shorts community.

Requirements to make your own YouTube Shorts

  • The maximum length of YouTube Shorts could be up to 60 seconds. A 60 second Short YouTube video could be in the form of several 15-second videos or one continuous video of 60 seconds. It depends upon the choice you want to go with.
  • You must shot your videos in the form of vertical orientation.
  • The video you upload can use audio from YouTube’s library, or it could also be from other videos but only for 15 seconds, not more than that.

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How to create YouTube Shorts?

  1. In case if you don’t have a YouTube application on your device, download it from the app store on your iPhone or Android and sign in to it.
  2. Now, tap the plus button, which indicates an icon to create something new. It’s at the bottom of your YouTube app; click on it.
  3. A pop-up menu will appear, click Create a Short; it’s available with the camera icon next to it.
  4. If you are using this feature for the very first time in your application, it will ask you for permission to allow the app to use a microphone and camera while using YouTube.
  5. Once you allow it, it will direct you to the YouTube Shorts video recording page.
  6. The default length of YouTube Short videos is 15 seconds; however, you may change it to 60 seconds by tapping on the number “15” just above the record button.

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  1. Now, you may slow down or speed up the video recording by tapping the “Speed| icon on the speedometer.
  2. You may also set a timer for the camera to start capturing the video by pushing to the “Timer” icon, given just below the Speed button.
  3. Also, now the “Filters” option will allow you to add different filters to your video recording. This particular function could be missing in some android users.
  4. Once everything is ready, now hit the “Record” button. Tapping it twice will stop the current video’s recording and let you record it again the next segment within the same video.
  5. If you tap the “Undo” button given at the bottom (it is represented by the left-facing arrow) will remove the last segment from your video but not the whole video itself. On the other hand, the “Redo” button, which is represented by the right-facing arrow, is used to return a segment to your video.

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  1. Once you get done recording it, now tap the “Check Mark” given in the bottom right to preview your video recording and add text, music, and filters to it. Once you are done, now click Next.
  2. Here, you may add a title to your recording and adjust your video-sharing settings. Must add the #shorts hashtag in your title to make sure that it can be visible and promoted with other YouTube’s Shorts video recordings.
  3. Now, tap upload, and the video will be uploaded to your YouTube.
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