How to Remove Open-to-work on Linkedin?

/30 November, 2022 12:11 pm

LinkedIn has a variety of options that might improve your job search. You can use the Open to Work tool to publicize your job search alongside other methods, such as networking and applying directly to jobs.

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Recruiters will be able to get in touch with you freely if you set your LinkedIn profile to “Open to Work,” which will cause a banner to appear over your profile photo. But what if you no longer seek employment or wish to keep your search confidential? Here’s how to disable LinkedIn’s “Open to Work” option.


If you no longer want your LinkedIn profile to display that you are “Open to Work,” you can remove that option by following these steps.

  • Log into LinkedIn.
  • To access your profile, click your icon on the screen’s left side. Additionally, you can click your profile symbol in the navigation bar.
  • Choose “View Profile.”

A checkbox labeled “Open to” appears just below your primary profile info. Your chosen roles will be shown if this option is turned on. To remove or modify your status, please follow the instructions below.

  • To edit “Open to Work,” click the bottom-right pencil icon. A new window will appear.
  • Locate the “Delete from profile” option in the window’s bottom.
  • To remove the “Open to Work” designation from your profile, select “Delete” from the pop-up menu.

If you’re still looking for work but don’t want the world to know it, you can keep your status hidden from other users. Thus, only recruiters will be aware of your employment search.

  • Clicking your profile picture on the LinkedIn homepage will take you there.
  • Locate the “Open to Work” option in the profile’s upper portion.
  • Click the pencil symbol in the box’s corner to make changes to your choices.
  • Select the down arrow beside “All LinkedIn Members.”
  • Select the option labeled “Recruiters Only.”
  • A change can be permanently stored by clicking the “Save” button.


While on the go, you can update or remove your “Open to Work” status on LinkedIn’s mobile app. Here’s how to delete your status from your iOS and Android profile.

  • Launch the LinkedIn app.
  • On the mainstream, tap your profile photo.
  • Click “View Profile” beneath your name.
  • Your profile will now prominently feature a checkbox labeled “Open to Work.” Go ahead and click the edit button.
  • Scroll to the screen’s bottom to locate “Delete from Profile.”

Tap “Delete” again in the pop-up menu.

If you wish to remain open to new opportunities without alerting other LinkedIn members, you can modify your preferences as follows:

In order to access your “Open to Work” settings, follow the steps that were just outlined.

Tap “All LinkedIn Members.”

Replace with “Only recruiters.”

Save the modifications.

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