How to See Who Likes Your Facebook Page?

/06 December, 2022 9:09 am

It’s easy to see who’s liked your Facebook page thanks to Facebook’s “Likes” feature. However, it is not visible if you do not know where to look. How to find out who is a fan of your Facebook page is the subject of this article. Facebook displays the names and pages of those who have liked your page. The listings are organized by your Page’s latest likes.

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How can I view the overall number of Facebook likes for my page?

  • Browse your Fb page
  • Click on the custom tab that displays your like count. Here you’ll find
  1. The total number of comments and likes on a page.
  2. Basic demographic information.
  3. A graph depicting the page’s popularity over the past month.
  4. A summary of all of your Facebook friends who have liked the page.

How to determine who has liked your Facebook page?

How to determine who has liked your Facebook pag

On a desktop:

  1. Log in to your Fb account
  2. Go to your business’s FB page.
  3. Click the link labelled “Settings.”
  4. On the ‘Settings’ page, click ‘People and Other Pages’.

When this section opens, a list of ‘People Who Like This Page’ will be displayed.

  • Their profile picture
  • Their title
  • The date on which each like was logged

You may either use the search bar to locate a particular name or scroll through names to watch who has liked your Facebook page, with the most latest likes showing first.

To find out which Pages have liked your Fb page, click the down arrow to the right of the area that says, “People Who Like This Page.”

The list includes the Page’s name, profile photo, and “like” date.

On a mobile phone:

  • Log in to your Fb account
  • Go to your business’s Fb Page.
  • Click “More” beneath your Fb Page’s cover image.
  • Scroll down the list of options until you locate the “Edit Settings” link, and then click.
  • Navigate to ‘People and Other Pages’ in ‘Settings.’
  • Select the information you’re interested in viewing from the menu options offered.
  1. Followers Of This Page
  2. Pages Similar To This Page
  3. Banned Individuals and Pages

Delete Page Likes and Block Users or Pages from Your Fb Page:

Facebook lets you “Delete Page Likes” and “Ban From Page” Page fans. By banning a person or Page, they can’t post, comment, or do anything else on your page.

Facebook Page Analytics:

Facebook Page Analytics

You can learn a great deal about your Fb fans by looking at who has liked your page. After seeing the names and photographs of those who “like” your Page, visit Insights. The Insights tab is located just beneath the major dark blue Facebook bar at the top of your Fb Page. Insights comprise page visits, likes, reach, page activities, publications, people, etc.

For example, you can discover:

  • the nations and cities from where your admirers hail, as well as their numbers;
  • what ratio of your followers are female or male;
  • what proportion of your admirers belong to certain age groups;
  • whether your followers are online;
  • the number of individuals that were exposed to your material;
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