How to Turn Off Active Status on Facebook App?

/09 January, 2023 1:08 pm

Almost all instant messaging services, including Skype and WhatsApp, provide a “visible” or “invisible” option that you may instantly toggle. However, this is not the situation with Active Status on Facebook, as you must follow a few steps to deactivate your account.

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Facebook’s “active status” lets your friends know when you were last online. If you don’t want them to be aware of your online presence, disable your Facebook’s “active status.” Follow along, and we’ll explain everything.

Note: Before we get started, it’s crucial to note that you must turn off your “Active Status” option everywhere you use Facebook and Messenger for this to work. Also, if you set off your “Active Status,” you won’t be able to know who among your contacts is currently online.

What does “Active Status on Facebook” signify and entail?

What does “Active Status on Facebook” signify and entail

“Active Status” indicates to your friends and contacts that you are active on Facebook and Facebook Messenger. If you recently saw a Fb post or a chat on Messenger, for example, they’ll see a “green dot” next to your profile pic or a timestamp indicating when you were last online.

Turn off Active Status on Facebook Mobile Application

To accomplish this:

  1. Open the “Facebook app.”
  2. Tap the “menu tab” in the app’s upper-right corner.
  3. Scroll down and click “Privacy & Settings” to explore this area.
  4. Click “Settings.”
  5. In the subheading labeled “Audience and visibility,” click the “Active Status” option.
  6. On the “Active Status” page, uncheck the box labeled “Show When You’re Active” to stop showing your current online status.

And this is how you keep people from discovering your Facebook presence. Highly beneficial for privacy!

Note: The “Show When You’re Active” setting can be activated again to restore your Facebook “active” status.

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