How to View Your Likes on Facebook?

/06 December, 2022 3:47 am

If you are an ardent Facebook user, you likely like dozens of posts from your profile every day. By liking a post, you are communicating to the author that you appreciate their work. In the background, you are actually compiling a list of Facebook stuff that you enjoy. We’ll show you all your Facebook likes.

There is certainly a way to view every Facebook post you’ve ever liked. The website offers a feature called Activity Log that records all of your site activity. One component of the log is for “likes and reactions”. Visiting this section should allow you to locate all of your Facebook likes.

Facebook’s Activity Log is available on desktop and mobile devices. Irrespective of the device you’re operating, you can see all of your Fb likes.

Find Out All Your Facebook Likes:

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Web Version:

  • We’ll begin by teaching you how to view your Facebook likes on the website’s web version. You’re actually about to get an option that will allow you to view your whole platform activity.
  • open a web browser
  • Open
  • Enter your Facebook credentials.
  • When the Fb newsfeed loads, select your profile name.
  • You’ll be taken to your Fb Profile page, on which you can check your statistics and recent updates. You’ll notice an Activity Log button above your cover photo. Click it for activity details.
  • The subsequent screen details every Facebook activity you’ve ever undertaken. The list comprises your entire activity, not simply likes. Left-side menu options let you filter your activity. Locate the Likes and Reactions option and click on it.
  • All that is now displayed on your screen are your likes and reactions. All other content has been stripped away so that you can view only your Facebook likes.
    The search box at the top of your activity feed can be used to look for a particular comment you made on a post.
  • This screen also allows you to unlike some of the liked postings, if you so want. You can do so by clicking the Edit button next to the post you wish to disapprove of and selecting Disapprove from the options.
  • If you want to view your Fb likes from a certain year, such as 2018, you may do so by selecting the year from the menu on the right.

Activity Log makes it incredibly simple to locate the posts you’ve liked. You can quickly discover the posts you desire to see with filtering options.

Mobile App:

Activity Log may now be viewed on Android/iOS devices using the Facebook app. This option is located in your app profile, and you may access and utilize it similar to the web version.

viewed on Android

  • Using your smartphone or tablet, go to the Facebook app.
  • Enter your Facebook credentials.
  • Press the 3 horizontal lines on your screen’s top right corner. Your Fb profile will be displayed.
  • When you access your Fb profile, you’ll see four options just beneath your account name. To display further options, tap the More option. Choose Activity Log from the newly shown option.
  • Your Facebook activity is now displayed on the screen. You will need to remove undesirable things from the list. Choose Category from the menu.
  • To see only your Fb likes and reactions, choose “Likes and Reactions” from the Category drop-down menu.
  • You can use the Year option to narrow down your favorite posts by year, just like on the web version.
  • The application also allows you to dislike posts if you so choose. Dislike a post by hitting the 3 dots next to it.

Having access to all your Fb likes is useful. Perhaps you loved a post, but are unable to locate it using Facebook’s search feature. These ways will bring the post to your attention.


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