Make a Youtube Video Go Viral

Make a Youtube Video Go Viral

/29 October, 2022 6:04 pm

YouTube videos that get millions of views in a matter of hours or days are referred to as viral videos. Perhaps you’ve wondered if viral videos have a hidden formula for gaining massive amounts of views. Or is it merely a stroke of luck that can’t be replicated? 

Many big YouTube channels have figured out a way to make multiple videos go viral. But the same strategies may not work with smaller channels. They need to take a creative approach for their videos to have a chance to go viral. 

Back in the day, with the rapid popularity of social media and the low volume of content creators, it was much easier to gain views. However, YouTube has introduced various changes in the algorithm, so videos from smaller channels still have a chance of going viral. Stick with us to know the core strategies behind high-performing videos and how they turned out to be viral. 

Your creativity will help to create a viral video. But what factors cause the YouTube algorithm to favor a certain video? Well, a viral video has some specific characteristics that cause it to be recommended more frequently to users. 

Although videos can become viral on any platform simply based on the quality of the content alone, this is easier said than done. Open any social media platform like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. There are thousands of videos that are going viral. It looks easy to become viral on these platforms, but there are a lot of hidden factors working behind the scenes that help boost these videos within the algorithm. Let’s learn all there is to know about these mechanics.

Five incredible tips for creating viral videos

There are multiple factors that greatly raise the chances of a certain video going viral. These are the common characteristics of videos that frequently go viral. Although your video content will still be of primary importance, if you don’t optimize your videos, they are unlikely to reach their full potential viewership.


Create a catchy title

The title of any video is the hook that captures the audience’s attention. Users can quickly decide from the video title if they wish to click on a video or not. Keep the title short and catchy, as overly descriptive titles look messy. Add relevant keywords in your video title so that more people can find your video in the search list.

Create a catchy title

Choose short form over longer videos

Short videos always gain more views. This is simply due to the fact that people have shorter attention spans, and they don’t stick around for longer videos. Making your videos shorter doesn’t mean excluding key points of information you wish to share with your audience. 

Besides, the video length depends on the particular topic you are discussing. But don’t compromise on the informative or entertainment factor of your videos, which is what compels your audience to watch the entire video. 

Let’s further emphasize this point with an example. The TikTok platform only offers 3 minutes of video duration for its users. If you are competing with your competitors who are making videos that are only 90-second long and convey the same information, the user will find no point in watching your longer videos. 

Choose short form over longer videos

Know your audience

What is the reason your audience is watching your content? Is it informative, entertaining, or creative? Know what your audience wants and stick to it. You should have full clarity about your specific niche and then ensure that your audience is satisfied with the content you’re delivering. Enthusiasm about your niche can help you make super exciting content for your audience. Not only will you be able to connect with your audience, but the entire creation process will be fun for you. 

Know your audience

Cater to relevant topics

Social media is a platform where trends are created and forgotten in a few days. Make sure you are making videos that are relevant to the current culture on the internet, society, and news. Any style of video, be it informative or entertaining, can be made relevant by catering to current trends and happening. This is the thing that can differentiate you from your competitors within the same category. 

It makes sense, as viral videos often go viral because they’re shared a lot. Users will share a video with their social network if they find it to be relevant. Your content must always evolve to reflect recent trends. If you keep up with the trends, you’ll find that your videos will be favored by the YouTube algorithm. 

The power of consistency

Your very first video is a new experience, and you should never lose your heart in case you get no views. The world of YouTube is huge, so take your time finding a relevant niche where you have an artistic way to grab the user’s attention. Never stop posting consistently because it will make you punctual, and you will learn from your own failures. Building a presence means you need to garner several viewers, and consistent posts will attract more audiences. Who knows which of your next videos is going to go viral? 

It is a little challenging to attract subscribers in the beginning. But there are many strategies to gain subscribers early on. High-quality video content is the main point to engage users, and the entertainment factor will compel them to keep coming back. Be sure to reply to the viewers who comment on your videos to build a sense of community on the channel.

Final words:

A video going viral is often thought of as something that happens by chance. But many content creators know that this is not the case and there are many complex factors to consider. Many YouTubers have figured out the factors that make the YouTube algorithm prefer certain videos. Optimizing your video for the algorithm, along with relevant and high-quality content will give you the best chance of going viral.

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