How to Stop Spotify from Playing Suggested Songs?

/26 March, 2024 3:12 pm

Has your Spotify been playing suggested songs? Let’s find out how to stop Spotify from playing suggested songs! Spotify is another app similar to Soundcloud that allows you to play any music from any artist.

Quick Answer:

To stop Spotify from playing suggested songs, you need to go to the settings by tapping on the profile pic button at the top. No move inside the “Settings and Privacy.” Afterward, scroll down and disable the “Autoplay similar content” button.

Next, Spotify will immediately stop playing the suggested songs. Everything will be in your control now. You can also use Spotify in offline mode to never play the suggested songs. However, it will only work with the premium version.

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Each of these music apps has a feature that allows them to autoplay songs similar to the ones you have in your playlist. In other words, the Spotify app will find songs to autoplay that you may be interested in as per your previous history.

But this autoplaying of songs feature is frustrating to some. And if you are new to the app then you probably don’t know how to disable it. Let’s explore it in detail below:

How to Stop Spotify from Playing Suggested Songs Through App

Let’s get to the point where we explore how to stop Spotify from playing the suggested songs for you. Spotify is designed in such a way that it tracks your activity. So whatever song you play, will be observed by its algorithm.

This observation leads the algorithm to recommend similar songs. But how to stop it from recommending, let’s find out:

  • Open the Spotify App and tap on your profile picture at the top-left.

turn on the private session option on spotify

  • Now tap the “Settings and privacy” button in the left sidebar.

turn on the private session option on spotify desktop

  • Scroll down and toggle off the “Autoplay similar content”.

turn on private session spotify web player

Now Spotify will stop playing suggested songs for you. And you can choose to play any favourite song without having to hear autoplay ones.

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What are the Alternative Ways to Stop Spotify from Playing Suggested Songs?

There are some alternatives you can use to trick Spotify into playing the recommended songs. This way you can also have only the best songs at play. Let’s explore the alternatives:

Use Spotify in offline mode

The offline feature is only available to premium Spotify users so make sure to have that. It automatically disables the autoplay feature so that you can hear your favourite songs anytime.

Additionally, you should also opt for downloading your playlist to keep the songs playing while you have no internet.

Turn On the Private Session Option

Turning on the private session will hide your previous history from Spotify. And it won’t autoplay the recommended songs. So here is how to enable the Private session on Spotify:

  • Go to the Spotify app and click on your profile pic button at the top left.

Stop Spotify from Playing Suggested Songs

  • Navigate to “Settings and privacy.”

turn off recommended songs on spotify desktop

  • Scroll down and click on “privacy and social”.

turn off recommended songs on spotify android

  • Now toggle on the “Private session”.

turn off suggested songs on spotify mobile

Why Spotify Automatically Plays Suggested Songs

Spotify wants to keep its users engaged. So it continuously suggests new songs similar to people’s interests. Spotify has an algorithm that is designed in such a way that it gathers all your info and suggests similar songs that you may be interested in.

So Spotify implemented an autoplay feature that lets the algorithm play the next recommended song of interest. However, you can disable that feature to silence the algorithm for once.

In addition, this autoplay feature is implemented to intensify the experience of an individual listening to a song. It adds immersion to the overall process.

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What is the difference Between the Premium Autoplay Feature and the Regular one?

As per our discovery, the premium autoplay feature differs from the regular one (Free version). So, for the free users, Spotify will stop playing suggested songs when the album ends. But when it comes to premium, Spotify will still suggest more songs.

Even when you turn off your autoplay feature, if you are a premium user, you will get back to the first song that played before.

While that first song is playing, you may find many suggestions. However, those suggestions won’t play but they would just be lying there with the same album you played before.

Premium suggests enhancing your Spotify experience with the presence of a recommended section within your playlist.

Top Two Tips to Make Your Listening Experience Seamless

Create Your Own Playlist

This will allow you to have control over what you want to listen to and what you don’t.

Try Shuffle Feature

You can try out the shuffle feature for a better listening experience. However, this feature is only available for premium users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, there is no way you can do it through the web version of this app. You would have to download the app either on an Android device or IOS.
Through the same method, we discussed above. And that is by disabling the autoplay feature in the settings. Afterward, Spotify will play your playlist instead of suggested songs.
In order to remove the recommended songs from playing, turn off the shuffle option part from the autoplay button. However, you need to have the premium version of Spotify to disable the Shuffle.
Spotify’s algorithm is smart, it analyzes users’ activities, and based on that it recommends or plays a song. So the reason is that the song must match your current interests.
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