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80 posts
114 following
78 Avg Likes per post
21 Avg Comments per post
0.68 Engagement Rate
119 posts
144 following
251 Avg Likes per post
46 Avg Comments per post
4.5 Engagement Rate
60 posts
104 following
57 Avg Likes per post
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0.48 Engagement Rate
98 posts
125 following
187 Avg Likes per post
31 Avg Comments per post
2.8 Engagement Rate
110 posts
131 following
214 Avg Likes per post
53 Avg Comments per post
1.2 Engagement Rate
176 posts
184 following
389 Avg Likes per post
76 Avg Comments per post
7.5 Engagement Rate
What is the difference between Linkedin Company Page and Linkedin Profile?

What is the difference between Linkedin Company Page and Linkedin Profile?

LinkedIn company page and LinkedIn profile both are interlinked. You must have a LinkedIn profile to create a LinkedIn company page. After profile, you can create the LinkedIn page by following simple steps.

A LinkedIn page is generally used for any business and company. Companies and business owners use it to post their updates, job hirings and information about their organization. These pages are used by admins. LinkedIn Page does not provide the opportunity of interactions with other users on LinkedIn. You can interact with the other users organically. Furthermore, the LinkedIn page ranks on the LinkedIn. It might be possible that your page comes up when any user searches about your business.

Whereas, LinkedIn profile is for personal use. It allows you to have a separate identity from organizations. You can add your educational history, work experience and other relevant information. It helps recruiters to find you for a job matched to your education and experience. Moreover, a LinkedIn profile enables you to interact with the users.

What are Linkedin Followers?

What are Linkedin Followers?

LinkedIn followers are those who follow you on LinkedIn to receive updates regarding your LinkedIn profile. They have an interest in staying connected with your profile. They can be your colleagues, peers and your clients.

Linkedin followers reflect your reach and influence on LinkedIn. They are not only a number count, they show your presence and reach of your content on the platform. As your Linkedin Followers Increase, your account grows. It ultimately leads you to a wider audience.

All your followers receive the notification when you update any post. It is more beneficial if you use it to share your expertise. If you share any information, it helps them to learn a new thing. Moreover, it keeps them updated about your professional activities.

It is necessary to keep posting regularly to retain your LinkedIn followers. Share your professional accomplishments, current status of your projects and your expertise to engage them with your content.

It not only keeps updating your followers up to date with your professional activities but also opens a door of opportunities for you. Recruiters can reach you via LinkedIn. Thus, Buy LinkedIn followers Online with LikesGeek to enhance your reach and enjoy its benefits.

Why Should You Buy Linkedin Followers?

Why Should You Buy Linkedin Followers?

LinkedIn is a social network based on business activities. It was launched by Microsoft in May 2003. Employees have an extensive range of job opportunities there. Moreover, recruiters also use it to find the best and suitable employee for their work.

You have no idea how an HR specialist may find your profile randomly. For this, you must have a strong resume and a profile on LinkedIn. Along with it, you need to have a lot of connections. If you have no strong connections, Buy LinkedIn followers to enhance your reach on LinkedIn. It increases your chances to get hired.

Apart from it, it will shine your LinkedIn profile among your colleagues, friends and industry peers. When they see that you have a high count of followers, they will be curious about you and take you seriously. It will enhance your LinkedIn connections also.

More connections are a powerful endorsement for you as an employee. If you leave your current job, you can easily find your next job within no time because of having more connections.

Best Place to Buy LinkedIn Page Followers

Best Place to Buy LinkedIn Page Followers

Are you looking to increase your LinkedIn page followers or speculating Which is the best site for a LinkedIn follower buy? If you want to get LinkedIn followers promptly, count Likes Geek on. It is a best place to meet your social media needs whether you need LinkedIn company page followers at an affordable price or LinkedIn page followers online.

We follow the LinkedIn community guidelines to ensure the premium quality service. Inform us about your desired results for LinkedIn. We will take care of the rest. We will transform your profile from beginner to professional level. Thus, do not wait more. Put your hands on us and see how the magic happens!

How to Buy Linkedin Followers?

How to Buy Linkedin Followers?

Buying LinkedIn followers was a daunting task. Likes Geek has made it very convenient. You need to use our tool to get followers. Follow the simple steps to complete the buying process. We offer the same process in all our services. Follow the given simple purchasing steps and Buy linkedIn page followers Online.

  • Paste your Profile Link
  • Select the package as per your requirement
  • Select the “Buy Now” Button
  • Add your Linkedin Page or Profile URL
  • Choose the Payment method. We accept Credit Cards, and PayPal
  • Again Press the “Buy Now” Button
  • Complete the payment process
  • Congratulations! You have bought Linkedin Followers

You have completed the process from your end. Now, we have started the process. Followers are in process. See the instant results of our service. Therefore, do not wait any longer. Contact us today and transform your LinkedIn profile into a famous one. If you need to ask for more information, reach us any time. We will provide you guidelines professionally.

Is it safe to Buy Followers on Linkedin?

Is it safe to Buy Followers on Linkedin?

It might be unsafe if you Buy LinkedIn page followers Online from an unauthorized service provider. It may harm your LinkedIn page and profile. When you purchase it from Like Geeks, you need not to worry. We prioritize our client’s safety and satisfaction.

Unlike other services that ask for passwords, we are committed to a no-password policy. We do not ask you for password and private information. We ensure the safety and security in our service for our esteemed clients.

Our service will help you to grow your circle and find your next job on LinkedIn. You must be worry-free as your LinkedIn account is in the safe hands. We are working continuously to enhance your outreach and engagement so that you can experience the advantages of high followers on LinkedIn.

Furthermore, we aim to provide immediate LinkedIn followers. We ensure that our service is compatible with the LinkedIn algorithm and your profile is visible to users.

How to Remove Followers on LinkedIn?

How to Remove Followers on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers a simple method to maintain your connections on LinkedIn. Removing the followers option is also included. Go to the homepage of your LinkedIn account and click on your profile picture. Then click on the follower section below your profile picture and header.

Within the follower section, you will find all your followers. They are currently seeing all your updates. Follow the given steps and remove the followers you do not want to keep more.

  • Simply click on the follower you want to remove
  • Three dots will appear
  • A menu will appear after clicking these dots and come up with the remove follower option
  • Simply click the remove follower option
  • Now, he will not see your updates
  • You have removed the follower successfully!

It is worthy to mention that he will not come to know you have removed him from your follower list

How to follow Hashtags on LinkedIn?

How to follow Hashtags on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the reliable and trustworthy platforms to explore the industry trends. This feature is designed to offer a simple and effective way to discover the updates as per your interest. Follow the easy steps and come up with the results.

Begin with login to your LinkedIn profile. Go to the search bar and put your desired hashtag in it. It will give you relevant hashtags as a result. It creates an ease for you to explore the most suitable hashtags to your industry. Now, click on any of the hashtags and go to the dedicated page and updated articles of the particular field.

The “hashtag” page will come up with a “Follow Button”. You will get the relevant results by clicking on the following button. It will keep you updated with the trends in industry. Furthermore, it also helps you to connect with the like-minded people of the industry who share passion with you.

What is the Difference between Follow and Connect on LinkedIn?

What is the Difference between Follow and Connect on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn followers and LinkedIn connections both are contrary to each other. They both serve different purposes.

LinkedIn follower is a one-way relationship. By following LinkedIn accounts, you can see their updates. They will not necessarily see your updates and posts unless they follow you. Moreover, they cannot be your follower automatically until they follow you.

LinkedIn Connection is different from followers. It is a two-way relationship between two users. They both willingly agree to connect each other and become part of their professional networks. They both can see each other update in the feed section. Along with it, connections allow for direct messaging. You can directly maintain contact with your connections. Moreover, it enhances the levels of engagement.

Can You Buy Linkedin Followers?

Can You Buy Linkedin Followers?

Are you a LinkedIn user? Are you running a Linkedin Company page or profile? Do you want to have high reach and engagement? Fortunately, you have come to an appropriate place. It is where you can find a reliable solution to every social media problem.

Likes Geek offers a reliable service to our valued clients. Buy LinkedIn Followers from us and excel in Linkedin searches. You only need to send us your LinkedIn profile link. The rest of the responsibility is ours. Put your hands on us and get surprising results.

Methods to get Organic Linkedin Followers

Methods to get Organic Linkedin Followers

Getting organic LinkedIn followers requires a strategic plan. Likes Geek offers a comprehensive strategy to enhance your followers on LinkedIn. Firstly, you need to optimize your profile. Your profile picture must be professional. Add all the required details in dedicated sections. Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is ready to represent.

It is our first and foremost recommendation for you to keep posting quality content on a daily basis. Are you thinking about how to get followers on linkedin? You need to share information about your industry in order to update your followers with updated information. It will enhance your reach, engagement and followers on LinkedIn.

Along with it, interact with your audience. Regularly respond to the comments below your post. Use the popular hashtags that make your profile discoverable.

Furthermore, publish articles on your LinkedIn feed. It will represent you as a well thought researcher. It will increase your follower count.

Moreover, choose the optimal time. Publish your post on time when your more connections are active. Attend the LinkedIn events to showcase your expertise and skills. It will also be beneficial for your follower count.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over millions of customers trust "Likes Geek," the best social media services provider to deliver the real services. Have you got any questions? Let our experts answer you the best way!

Yes, we offer LinkedIn followers personalized to meet your following needs. Our service follows the LinkedIn community guidelines strictly. Therefore, it is quite safe.

Likes Geek offers the best service to our valuable clients with safe and secure payment methods.

Yes, you can see from the “My Network” section who follows you on LinkedIn.

No, our policy is no-password. We need only your LinkedIn profile link.

It depends on the job position you want and the competition in the specific department. High follower count can be a plus point for you, making you unique in your specific field.

Yes, followers are entirely different from connections. Only they have interest in your activities. They are not affiliated with you.

You can see the total follower count on your profile page.

Generally, users acquire less than 1000 connections. You can have more than them.

The Connection limit is 30,000. LinkedIn recommends that you make connections with only the users you know.

A super person is the user who has connections with more than a thousand people of multiple fields.

On LinkedIn, 3+ means 3rd degree connections. The people who are directly connected with you are 1st degree connections. The users connected to your friends are 2nd degree connections. Furthermore, the users connected to them are 3rd degree connections.

Yes, it is absolutely safe to Buy LinkedIn followers as our website is secured with SSL certificate.

Yes, you can get cash back if we fail in delivering our service with the promised results in time.

Ofcourse, it will increase your followers. As your reach is enhanced, more people will discover your profile. Some of them will follow you.

We have a wide LinkedIn community across the world. They are enthusiastic to view your posts and updates.

Yes, a LinkedIn public profile is necessary to Buy LinkedIn followers. We do not offer our service for private profiles.

Never, your LinkedIn followers will not decrease with time. Our service is permanent. If the followers decrease within 6 months, we offer a free refill.

Yes, we offer real accounts. They will regularly like your posts and comment on them.

When you complete the process of buying, we swiftly start working. You will get results in the given time of your package.

Yes, we offer discounts on bulk orders. Get in touch with our customer support staff for more information.

No, your account will be safe and secure. We offer our service by following the LinkedIn community guidelines.

We accept both Credit Cards and PayPal. You can opt for either of them at your ease.

Yes, you can buy a maximum of 100,000 Linkedin followers at one time. If you want more, place an order again.

It will increase your LinkedIn followers many times. Your reach and engagement will go higher than before.

It will take no time. After placing your order, your order is activated instantly.

You have to send us your email address while placing an order. We will be in contact with you through every step of the process.

Yes, we ensure user privacy. We prioritize client satisfaction. Do not worry. Your information is safe and secure.

No, nothing will happen to your LinkedIn account. We use LinkedIn algorithm friendly techniques.

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