How to Find Spotify Popularity Index?

/24 April, 2024 3:06 pm

The analytics provide great information to succeed as an artist on Spotify or any other business individual on other platforms. In this digital era, your post analytics matter a lot. So if you are someone who wants to know how to find Spotify Popularity index then you are at the right place!

Quick Answer:

  • You can use tools like Chartmetrics, Songstats, and Musicstax to see the popularity index of your tracks and artist playlist overall. These are popular tools with slightly different functionalities. Check them out to find out what marketing strategy would be suitable for you as an artist.
  • You should use the popularity index to take the favours from the algorithm. With detailed analytics, you can find out who your audience is and how to attract them. Afterwards, the algorithm would have no other option than to rank you above.
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There is data on how many people are listening to your tracks, where they are from, what is their age, your new followers, monthly listeners, and so on. All this data is pretty helpful in creating successful ad campaigns. And without it, you can’t target the users who would want to listen to your songs.

If you are using Spotify for an artist account, then you probably know that it gives a small amount of information about your audience and overall performance. This is not enough because the algorithm looks at everything in detail to decide which song will become popular.

What is Spotify’s Popularity Index?

Spotify has a ranking system, it ranks you as an artist, and the value is displayed as 0-100. This value is known as the Spotify popularity index. It tells you about how famous your song is. Usually, if your score is 50 then it is considered quite popular as a popularity index.

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That index is a very valuable number because you can use it to understand and influence your audience. It helps you learn more about what is working for you and what isn’t.

How Does The Spotify Popularity Index Works?

The popularity index is decided by the recent stream count. Some factors that can take the popularity down are the save rate, number of playlists, share rate, and skip rate of a track.

Most importantly, the most important aspect is how many times the song is played. This is the quantity that will decide what popularity index you will get. And more Spotify plays on your song mean the algorithm will now work in your favour.

In other words, your tracks need to be streamed regularly. The old tracks are always less popular so keep updating your playlist with new songs to get your attention from the algorithm and increase your popularity index better.

So if your popularity index starts going above 20 or 30, this is the time your track will start getting popular. Moreover, the tracks at index level 100 are considered the most popular on Spotify. So once your song is popular it will automatically show up in the popular playlists.

Where to Look for the Spotify Popularity Index

Spotify popularity index can be checked through the top three popular tools. These are Chartmetric, Musicstax, and Songstats. Let’s learn about them in more detail:


Musicstax is a tool that provides you with more advanced options than Spotify. And can provide you with several more detailed data to make your song popular. This tool is also used to analyze the loudness of the song and the danceability.

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Through Musicstax you can search by artist, album, track, tempo, key, positivity, and so on. However, it may not be able to provide you with real-time metrics of your Spotify songs.


Chartmetrics is another tool that is more like a marketing platform to get detailed analytics. You can use this tool to create easy marketing strategies. Through chart metrics, you can look into global digital artists’ ranks, engagement ranks, track playlists, audience demographics, and so on.

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Moreover, you can learn about your audience and find out in which Spotify playlist you are being featured. This tool is free to use and can provide you with extra features with a premium or an artist plan. If you are into market-level data analytics, then Chartmetrics is your boy.


Songstats is another cool tool that can offer you great insights into your popular and unpopular tracks. You can manage your campaigns through this tool and better come up with a strategy to grow your popularity index.

Find Spotify Popularity Index

You only have to connect your Spotify account with the Songstats account. Songstats can offer deeper analytics than Spotify artists. For example, you can find out your new Spotify followers, monthly listeners, and stream. It has three plans to offer you with a one-week trial for each.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spotify popularity index is calculated by combining several streams, recent streams, your new followers, playlist ads, and listener engagement over time.

Yes, you can see the Spotify popularity index for artists or albums on their pages using tools like Chatermetrics and the more we mentioned above.

The Spotify Popularity Index is regularly updated with your latest streaming, and engagement data for songs, artists, and albums.

Artists and different labels can use Spotify's popularity index to identify the fan's needs and demands. So that they can afterwards tailor the experience to their fan's needs. Moreover, a better popularity index can help you attract more audiences.

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