Get More Instagram Followers With These Actionable Steps

/21 December, 2022 4:24 pm

More than a billion people around the globe use Instagram. Whether you want to get more Instagram followers for your brand or social purposes, it provides tremendous potential.

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Compared to Facebook, Instagram’s interaction rate is four times higher, making it a crucial platform for social marketing. Need to expand your brand’s reach and raise your sales? Instagram might be useful if you have sufficient followers.

Users spend nearly an hour every day on Instagram, so they will have plenty of time to check out your posts. You simply need to attract the relevant audience to your account and to do that, you must have a sizable Instagram followers.

On Instagram, businesses are as popular as influencers; fifty percent of users follow at least one company account. We know what you’re thinking: “But how can I get the attention of my followers?”

There are numerous ways to increase followers on Instagram, but we’ll only examine the 13 most effective methods.

Use These Strategies to Boost Your Instagram Following!

We’ve compiled the most valuable and impactful information to help you make Instagram work for you. We’ll talk about a wide range of Instagram-related subjects.

Not all suggestions will work for you, but you’ll find at least a handful to boost your Instagram followers. So, let’s delve into how to boost your Instagram followers.

1. Define Your Instagram Account’s Objective

Define Your Instagram Account's Objective

Start by thinking about why you have an Instagram account. Have you set up an online store and want your Instagram followers to place orders there? Need more online traffic? Do you think engaging posts and contests could help you improve sales?

All of the above? The first step is to define what you desire to accomplish. Once you have defined your objectives, you may measure your results and calculate your return on investment.

If there are no benefits to work toward, there is little purpose in learning to gain Instagram followers. Assuming you manage to track them down, how do you intend to put them to use? How will you utilize your account to persuade folks to purchase the product you are selling?

Being as detailed as possible with your goals will make it easy to maximize your Instagram experience.

Some goals for an Instagram profile could be:

  • Increase website traffic
  • Interact with influencers
  • Enhance audience engagement
  • Increase sales
  • Generate an affiliate marketing revenue
  • Create a devoted brand following
  • Enhance brand reputation

Although you should have objectives, remember that they may evolve as your Instagram following and business expand.

2. Develop an Outstanding Content Strategy

Develop an Outstanding Content Strategy

You know your Instagram goals; now decide what to post. You must invest thought and affection in your content strategy — it’s the cornerstone of your success. Ensure that you only generate material that aligns with your brand.

When considering gaining Instagram followers, you must analyze which kind of material receives the most attention. Use your established objectives to inform the content approach you develop. So, your content has more effect and value. Don’t forget to include meaning in whatever you make. Your content must have context; otherwise, it may fall flat.

For optimal outcomes with your content, it must be shown to the appropriate audience at the optimal time. To ensure relevancy, use Instagram follower demographics. Instagram analytics can help you organize your targeting strategy and make adjustments to optimize your results based on the information gathered.

This may appear to be a challenging task, but it’s not that difficult. Make sure you give your viewers a way to engage with your content. It should have significance and function.

3. Create a Captivating and Engaging Instagram Profile

Create a Captivating and Engaging Instagram Profile

Having a stellar profile is highly recommended to attract more followers on Instagram. Your IG account should entice users to see more. Your name, image, and description serve as your introduction to your intended audience.

Use your registered trademark or your name if it works. Your photo should either feature your brand’s logo or you smiling. Your Instagram handle should be memorable and descriptive of your account’s focus.

Be strategic with your one Instagram connection. Include a link to your website URL, LinkedIn page, or another platform.

Your Instagram bio should be friendly and informative and convey the tone of your brand. It’s what individuals will see initially, and it’s a crucial stage in gaining IG followers.

4. Develop a Posting Schedule

Develop a Posting Schedule

A regular posting schedule is essential for attracting and retaining Instagram followers. You must research your intended audience to identify when they are most engaged.

Sometimes, you just can’t be where your audience is. As a result, a scheduling aid is necessary. SocialPlanner is an excellent, user-friendly application that’ll make content planning much simpler. It can also find trending stuff for you.

The posting Schedule varies depending on your aims and audience, but there are some broad suggestions for what and how often to post. One or two images, one video, and five to thirty Instagram stories per day should be sufficient.

Instagram users love photos, so don’t forget to post some. More photographs imply greater exposure, which translates to more Instagram followers.

Even while Instagram began as a photo-sharing platform, videos are equally important. Share videos and photographs on a regular frequency. Doing so will drive more interaction.

Instagram Stories only endure for 15 seconds, so more are better. The choice of how many photos, videos, and Instagram Stories to post is totally up to you.

Live videos boost engagement and bring excitement to your Instagram feed. If your followers enjoy your content, they’re more inclined to suggest it to you.

5. Identify and Follow Your Intended Audience

Identify and Follow Your Intended Audience

Brands and successful Instagram users realize that understanding who to follow is key to gaining followers. Yes, it is correct. To acquire IG followers, you must follow others.

A great technique to locate people in your field is to search for your competitors. Then, commence following their followers. Why? Because the same Instagram users who followed your rivals may be interested in following you as well.

But Instagram doesn’t like when people mass-follow accounts. You should not follow more than 7,500 individuals. Achieving such a vast sum is quite improbable, thus you shouldn’t worry about it.

If someone follows your account, you shouldn’t immediately unfollow them. This cheap tactic will lose your Instagram users’ respect.

Verify that you are not adding any bots or inactive persons as followers. It is pointless to follow an inactive user, and bots are a waste of time.

Additionally, Instagram will prevent you from following individuals if you follow too many at once. Stick to approximately 50 per hour and no more.

As you follow users on Instagram, they’ll begin to follow you back. If you post valuable content and stay on schedule, you’ll gain a following.

You can also search for Instagram users within your industry by using hashtags associated with that field. You must be able to recognize the types of individuals that would desire to follow you.

6. Engage and Communicate with Your Audience

Engage and Communicate with Your Audience


Successfully answering the question of “how to attract followers on Instagram” relies heavily on your ability to foster meaningful interactions with your target demographic.

You may show new followers they made the correct choice by engaging them. If others leave comments on your posts, you should reply to them and add your thoughts to any related stuff they may have shared.
Show some warmth and interest, but don’t force it. Instagram users expect brands to be active and interactive, so that’s all you have to do. Respond to everyone who contacts you.

Don’t restrict your comments to your following, instead; treat everyone equally. Instagram’s algorithm will be happy when you answer as many Instagram users as possible. Potential clients and followers will also observe your activity and willingness to engage in dialogue.

You should also remark on thought leaders’ and influencers’ postings. That’s an excellent method for introducing oneself to our audience. Visibility is crucial for growing your Instagram and gaining new followers.
One more way to get more Instagram followers is to use tags. You’ll notice that influencers enjoy sharing photographs and tagging the companies they mention to increase their exposure.

7. Ensure Your Content is Engaging

Ensure Your Content in Engaging

You probably want to boost the number of followers on Instagram, otherwise; you wouldn’t be reading this. To achieve this goal, you must provide intriguing and compelling information. Instagram relies on and is driven by stunning visual content.

Although all of these tips will help you build a solid Instagram following, this one specifically addresses the subject of how to do so. You should combine these strategies, but if you can execute this one well, you can win half the war.

You, too, can create content that encourages repeat visits. Multiple strategies are there to ensure that what you develop is effective. Make use of Instagram’s themes, motifs, filters, calls to action, and geotagging features to stand out from the crowd and increase your follower count.

8. Optimize Your Instagram for Search Engines

Optimize Your Instagram for Search Engines

SEO is significantly more than just attracting more Google searches to a website. Social media networks are also search engines, and Instagram’s search functionality now includes keyword searches in addition to account and hashtag searches. This has increased the importance of Instagram SEO, so be careful to:

  1. Keyword-optimize your captions and bios.
  2. Include your location on Instagram.
  3. Add alternative text to photos.

9. Utilize Hashtags with Strategy and Creativity

Utilize Hashtags with Strategy and Creativity

Hashtags feed Instagram posts and help gain followers. They are vital for any social media post, but only when used properly. Adding hashtags strategically requires imagination. Want to learn how to gain Instagram followers? Utilize relevant hashtags frequently.

Hashtags get Instagram photos and accounts in front of the right people.

Instagram users enjoy “surfing” the platform, moving from one popular hashtag to the next.

Many Instagram users commit the error of saturating their posts with hashtags. It’s not advised to use more than thirty hashtags. Never use less than five, and never more than thirty.

10. Publish Lengthy Captions

Publish Lengthy Captions

Many Instagrammers are unaware that more words in their captions mean better content and more exposure.

Ideally, you should include multiple paragraphs of text alongside your photographs. However, do not just place anything there. It must contribute to your content, and meaningless babble will not help you attain your goals.

Instagram posts can include a maximum of 2,200 characters. That’s a considerable amount, and you’ll be able to express much with it.

Viewers will only see the first 3 lines of your caption in their feeds, so make sure they are effective. If you can garner sufficient interest in these lines, you’ll win.

Note that Instagram prohibits line breaks for unknown reasons. It can make your caption appear unsightly. But you can write the caption in the “Notes app” and then paste it into the post you want to make. It’ll also assist you with spelling checks and spare you from embarrassing situations.

11. Collaborate with Famous Instagrammers

Collaborate with Famous Instagrammers

Marketing with influencers is an effective strategy for expanding product recognition and customer base. You should collaborate with prominent figures in your field and cross-promote with anyone whose audience is interested in what you have to offer.

Looking to gain a deeper grasp of Instagram follower acquisition? That’s a foolproof method of doing so. When you witness the outcomes of collaborating with major players in your sector, you’ll realize the importance of a solid cross-promotion and collaboration plan.

You can use the influencer’s large Instagram following to your advantage.

Instagram users trust cross-promoted content.

12. Promote Your Business with Instagram Ads

Promote Your Business with Instagram Ads

Sometimes, to gain more Instagram followers, you must pay. It’s great to use paid promotions to expose your content to more people.

Since Facebook’s 2012 acquisition of Instagram, advertising on the platform has worked similarly to advertising on Facebook.

Your campaign needs a purpose, like raising awareness or gaining new customers. You can set your purpose and specify your audience.

Choose your audience based on language, age, geography, gender, and more. After that, you’ll choose your advertising campaign’s budget, duration, and location.

You’ll also be required to select an ad structure, select photographs, and compose a caption. A preview of your ad will be provided before you complete your order, allowing you to double-check that it appears how you expect.

Take some time to plot out your marketing strategy. They should be innovative and engaging enough to attract your audience’s attention.

13. Conduct Contests and Challenges

Conduct Contests and Challenges

Contests and challenges are entertaining and highly successful strategies to get Instagram followers. It is also a fast approach to gaining followers and generating traffic.

People are naturally inclined to follow an account that offers them a chance to win something they are interested in.

Instagram competitions and challenges are laborious despite their entertaining nature. So, plan them carefully.

With proper execution, you may expand your fan base and raise your brand’s awareness.

Final Reflections

Maintain a regular posting schedule on Instagram, and make sure the quality of your postings is on par with, if not higher than, the information on your e-commerce site or blog. Cross-promote across your social media networks, and don’t overlook influencer marketing.

This article provides readers with the knowledge they need to maximize their Instagram experience. With hard work, you can build an Instagram following that’ll make your rivals green with envy.

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