How Do I Unfollow Everyone on Tumblr?

/14 September, 2022 12:55 pm

Tumblr is a beloved social media platform frequented by many teenage and young adults. It is designed to be a microblogging social media platform. It offers many customizable features for its users to set up a unique profile.

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You can use it to create a blog about your hobbies, showcase your artwork, or simply blog about a topic you’re interested in. You can also follow other Tumblr blogs you find interesting.

When you follow a Tumblr blog, you’ll be able to see everything they post, including photos, videos, and GIFs on your dashboard. Preferably this would result in a highly curated feed of content that is of interest to you. If however, you feel like your timeline has become overcrowded and you’d like to start fresh, we’ve provided a simple guide on how to unfollow everyone on Tumblr.

How to unfollow someone on Tumblr on a desktop?

Here’s how to unfollow someone from your Tumblr account:

  • Open on a desktop browser
  • Log in to your Tumblr account.
  • In the search bar, look for the account you’d like to unfollow.
  • Once the account appears in the search results, click the unfollow button on the right corner of the blog title.
  • Click the yes option to confirm.
  • Once you have unfollowed the account, the “follow” button will appear in place of the “unfollow” button.
  • Repeat these steps for each blog you want to unfollow.

How to unfollow someone on Tumblr mobile app?

You can also easily unfollow blogs from the Tumblr app:

  • Open the Tumblr app on your mobile and log in to your account.
  • Click the following option to find a list of the blogs you are currently following.
  • Click the icon of the blog you’d like to unfollow.
  • Using the unfollow button, remove that blog from your followed list.

If you want to mass unfollow everyone on Tumblr, it will require a bit more effort. Tumblr does not offer a “unfollow all” option by default. You can try unfollowing every blog manually, but if your following is too large, this may be unfeasible.

One alternative is to use an unfollow script called iMacros that is available for google chrome. Here’s how to unfollow everyone on Tumblr using iMacros.

How to unfollow everyone on Tumblr?

  • Install the iMacros extension from the Chrome web store.
  • Search for the “unfollow all” code online. Once you find it, copy and paste it inside iMacros.
  • Now login to your Tumblr account and open your list of followers.
  • Depending on how many blogs you want to unfollow, change the number within the code loop.
  • Press the play loop button, and iMacros will mass unfollow every account from your following list.

If you’re confused about how to operate iMacros, you can find several tutorials online and on YouTube.

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