How to Find Out Who Someone is on Snapchat?

/16 December, 2022 5:44 pm

Snapchat is a well-known app that enables its users to maintain social connections through the exchange of photographs and videos. Snapchat is a messaging app that connects you with your loved ones, strangers, and even famous people.

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In this article, we covered a variety of methods for checking if a user is actually on Snapchat.

Therefore, try the following ways to identify your favourite person on Snapchat:

Using a Username or a Phone Number

Using a Username or a Phone Number

  • The answer to the issue of how to find someone on Snapchat is that you can use their username or phone number.
  • To find a certain user, launch the app and swipe down from the camera screen to reveal the search bar.
  • If you know someone’s phone number and wish to locate them, launch the app, select the Add Friends option, and then select All Contacts.
  • You may then search for the desired individual, as all your phone contacts with Snapchat accounts will be displayed, and you can add them if you so choose.

Locate Nearby Capability

Locate Nearby Capability

  • Find Nearby is a function that will only help you locate a buddy if they have activated Find Nearby on their Snapchat.
  • This feature is simple to use, so you should give it a shot. Open Snapchat and select Add Friends to view the Quick Add list.
  • You may include as many as you choose. Use the Find Nearby function if you’re sitting with a group of friends and need to find someone fast.

Via Snapcode

Via Snapcode

Discovering a user’s whereabouts on Snapchat can be a pain, but a snap code provides a quick solution. Just ask the person you can’t find for their Snapcode so you can save it to your camera roll.

Once you have saved the Snapcode, launch Snapchat and select the Scan Snapcode option from the Add Friends menu. Select the previously saved snapcode from your camera roll to add the user as a friend. Scanning a friend’s Snapcode is an additional option.

Snapchat ID

Snapchat ID

Snapchat URL is a function you can use if you’re unable to locate the person you’re looking for using Snapcode or other features.

Snapchat gives each user a one-of-a-kind address. If you copy and paste this link into your computer browser, you’ll be sent directly to the Snapchat user’s profile where you may request to be their friend. To add the person in question on Snapchat by entering their URL, please see the guidelines provided below.

Inquire about a friend’s Snapchat username. This is required to locate the correct individual via URL.

This URL appears as follows: Consider our Snapchat username to be geared. The URL would therefore be

This website allows you to view the Snapcode and add the individual to your friend list.


Therefore, there are numerous ways to locate someone on Snapchat, including using their phone number, username, and Snap code.

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