How to Get a Blue Check on Soundcloud?

/12 December, 2022 3:22 pm

Verified profiles on SoundCloud can be recognized by the presence of a blue checkmark next to the artist’s name. This feature was just recently introduced by SoundCloud.

The checkbox with the blue check is quite popular almost everywhere it is given. SoundCloud users may now check their accounts for authenticity.

Even though it might not be the site where you make the most money (even though there are now ways to monetize your content), SoundCloud continues to serve as a springboard for many people’s professional lives. Because of this, if you use SoundCloud in any capacity, you are required to obtain verification.

Who Can Use the Blue Checkmark on Soundcloud?

SoundCloud gives blue checkmarks to artists, collectives, DJs, labels, curators, and podcasters who are either widely recognized or frequently requested by users of the platform.

It must be the artist’s or the official label’s channel, not a fan account. Furthermore, they are required to have a bio, a profile photo, and at least one track uploaded to their profile. In addition, the channel is not allowed to transmit any information that could be seen as intentionally misleading.

How Do I Apply to Have My Soundcloud Playlist Approved?

Go to your account settings and click the “Request Verification” button to have a blue checkmark added to your profile.

You will be required to offer your stage name, and you will have the option of providing links to your social media profiles, news stories, and other relevant content, which will streamline SoundCloud’s evaluation process.

The examination might take up to a month, with Pro Unlimited subscribers receiving priority status throughout the process.

Nevertheless, the submission of the request does not in and of itself ensure that the blue checkmark will be granted. If you decide to change your stage name, you will most likely have to submit a new application to keep your blue checkmark.

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