How to Get Instagram URL on iPhone?

How to Get Instagram URL on iPhone?

/06 October, 2022 12:50 pm

How can you obtain the Instagram URL to your profile on your iPhone? It is entirely possible to copy and share your Instagram profile link in text form. We’ll discuss how you can get this URL even on an iPhone.

Instagram is the top social media platform for sharing photos and videos. As you know, Instagram is currently owned by Meta. Since being purchased by meta, many new features such as Instagram stories and IGTV have been introduced.

In recent years the number of users on Instagram has gone up exponentially. This leads to a lot of users having similar usernames and official names.

In the past, it was easy enough to simply tell someone your Instagram username and let them search for you on the platform. But now, searching by username has become quite confusing. You’re much better off sharing the actual URL to your Instagram profile if you want to invite someone to follow you.

On a pc or mac, this is easy enough, as you can simply select the URL of the browser’s address bar, copy it to your clipboard and share it however you wish.

But on mobile, this becomes a bit trickier. You see, Instagram does not provide an option for you to copy the address to your Instagram profile directly.

Instead, Instagram has provided an alternative method for sharing your profile link with others.

How To Get A Link To Your Instagram Profile On iPhone?

If you need to get your Instagram profile URL so you can share it with a friend, there are various ways to do that. Instagram does provide a convenient way of sharing your Instagram profile with others. But you may also choose to get the URL to your profile in simple text form. We will explore both methods for getting an Instagram URL on iPhone.


Recently Instagram introduced a feature called “QR code as a name tag.” It is a convenient solution to this problem of sharing your profile link. With this feature now, you can share a link to your profile in the form of a QR code. The QR code is generated as a media file, i.e. an image, which can then be shared on any social media platform or messenger app.

To share the QR code to your profile, simply go to your Instagram page. Click the 3 horizontal bar icon in the top right to open the settings menu. Within the menu, find and select the QR code option.

The iPhone Instagram app will generate an image with a QR code that redirects straight to your Instagram page. Once you’ve shared this QR code with others, all the recipient has to do is scan the QR code, and they will be redirected to your profile on the mobile app or preferred browser of their choice.


How To Get Instagram Url On iPhone?

Sharing your Instagram profile link in the form of a QR code is pretty cool. But what if you simply want a URL in text form? Can you copy an Instagram URL while using the iPhone Instagram app?

Although Instagram does not provide the proper functionality for it, there is indeed a way to copy an Instagram URL on iPhone.If you’re looking for an option to directly copy the URL for your Instagram profile, your search may prove unsuccessful. Here’s an alternative method to get the Instagram URL in text form and copy it to your clipboard.

You can follow this simple method to get an Instagram URL to your profile which you may then share with whoever you wish.

How To Get Instagram Url On iPhone

  • Firstly you must navigate to your Instagram profile.
  • Here find and click on the icon showing three horizontal bars which denote the settings menu.
  • Select the “QR code” option. Once the app shows you the QR code for your Instagram profile, click the share button in the top right corner.
  • From the sharing options that appear, simply select the “copy” option.
  • Now the link to your Instagram profile, along with some extra text, will be copied to your clipboard.
  • You can paste this link anywhere you like to share it with others. Remove the extra text automatically added by Instagram and keep the text URL.

How To Get URL To Instagram Pictures Or Videos On iPhone:

The same method can be used to get a URL to an Instagram post on an iPhone. Although there is no option to generate a QR code, you can simply click the share button on a post. Once the share options pop up, simply choose the copy link option. This will copy the URL to the Instagram post to your clipboard, and you may use it as you wish.

how to get video download on instagram

This makes it easy for you to share links to Instagram images or videos or use the given link to embed the Instagram post on a website.

Final Thoughts

By default, Instagram only provides the option of sharing your Instagram profile link in the form of a QR code. You can share this QR code with others and use it to redirect people to your profile. However, if you want an Instagram URL to your profile on your iPhone, you can obtain the URL in text format using the method provided above.

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