How to make Instagram reels with photos?

/06 December, 2022 9:50 am

Instagram Reels is a new feature introduced by Instagram which is essentially created for capturing videos. Not only this, but it also allows you to make reels using the photos and images you want.

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For example, you might sometimes want to upload your travel or wedding pictures in your Instagram reels; in this particular case, you might wonder “if how to make Instagram reels with photos”? The answer to this question is yes, you can create very easily.

Instagram allows you to make reels with videos and photos using your smartphone. So, do you want to know how you can do that on your IOS or Android? Keep reading this article to know the answer precisely.

Step-by-step guide on how to make Instagram reels with photos?

Now, there are different ways to create Instagram reels using photos. Let’s have a look at them in detail:

Method 1: Add directly photos to your Instagram reels

Best Instagram reels with photos

Instagram at an early stage did not allow you to add photos to your Instagram reels. Sometimes, when somebody tries to upload photos on their reels, they get an error stating that “Photos are not supposed to be in reels” whenever they click on the gallery option to fetch the photos to upload them.

Luckily, this feature has been changed now and you can now add photos easily on your Instagram reels. Before we further discuss the process of uploading the photos, let’s first update your Instagram app on your iPhone or Android. Follow the following steps to get the process done:

  1. Once you are done with upgrading your app, launch it, then go to your reel screen.
  2. Go to the gallery, the icon available on the right bottom of the corner. Now, from here you can select the folder from where you want to fetch the photos to upload on your reels by clicking the small arrow available at the top of the screen. Tap to the photos you want to add to your Instagram reels.
  3. Now, coming to the next screen, you have to adjust the length of your reel videos that you want to create with the selected photos. Hold and drag the extreme corners of the sliders to adjust the length. Now, you have to tap the “Add” button to add your Instagram reels. 44 min

  1. From here, you will be referred to the recording screen now. Here, if you are looking to make some amendments by adding or removing some photos from your reels, you need to repeat all the above-mentioned steps. That is, tap on your gallery button and select the photos you want to add to your Instagram reels.
  2. On the other hand, if you are someone who wants to add multiple photos to your Instagram reels, then tap the “Multiple” button while choosing the photos from your gallery. If you do not see the Multiple icons available on your phone, then touch and hold the photos you want to add to your gallery.

This is how the selection circle will appear on your images. From here tap on the photos you want to select. Now, tap “Next” to go to your editing screen. Here, you can perfectly adjust the length of your video one by one with the adjustment of the photos you have selected.

Once you are done with adding all the photos to your Instagram reels videos, later you may also add music, text, and some audio to your captured Instagram reels. Enjoy!

Method 2: Add photos to reels using your Instagram stories

If the first method does not work for you, then the perfect method to add photos to your Instagram reels is by your stories. This is something possible by adding music stickers to your stories.

For this particular purpose, once you upload a picture to your Instagram story with a music sticker and download it, it will be downloaded in the form of a video. However, when you upload the video to your Instagram reels, you will not hide the music sticker from your 22 min

Here are some of the simple steps you have to follow to add photos to our reels directly from your Instagram stories:

  1. Go to your Instagram creation screen and tap on the “Gallery” icon, available on the left bottom of the screen to fetch the required photo you want to post and add to your Instagram reels.
  2. Tap on the sticker icon from the top right of the screen and select the music one.
  3. Now, you may tap any of the songs available in the given options. Coming to the next screen, now you may choose from numerous music sticker designs available. However, it’s good to choose the smallest one because it would be easier for you to hide. Now, tap the “Done’ option.
  4. Now, Instagram allows you to drag your music stickers to any of the edges to make it look like it’s hidden. Now, tap the “Download” icon to save the photos as a video on your phone. 55 min

  1. Here, you may now go to your reels screen to upload the downloaded videos on your Instagram reels through your given gallery icon.

Instagram allows you to add multiple effects to your reel videos, allowing you to convert your boring videos or pictures into something interesting so that people can enjoy watching your Instagram reels videos, attracting more and more people towards your profile and other productivity so they can come over and follow your profile.

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