How to Share Full Reels on the Instagram Story?

/16 December, 2022 1:00 am

Instagram is the one application that has a lot of different features to offer you, making you hooked to the Buy Instagram story views app to share pictures and videos with different editing effects that make your profile’s timeline overall look better.

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Talking about the features, Instagram has two main features for you, one is a story and the other one is Reels. You can upload short videos of up to 30 seconds or shorter on your Instagram reels likes that stay forever until you do not remove them.

On the other hand, Instagram stories allow you to upload and share videos and pictures for only 24 hours and then they disappear from your profile until you do not save them in your highlights. Get to buy Instagram video views.

At the same time, Instagram also allows you to share your live reels videos in your Instagram stories. In some cases, you cannot put the full video to your Instagram stories.

So, what could be done in this particular situation? Since you can upload the tale stories of up to 15 seconds only, so if any of the reels are more than 15 seconds, it will automatically be trimmed, and then the only first part of 15 seconds will be added to your story.

what are full reels on the Instagram

In some cases, you cannot put the full video on your Instagram stories. So, what could be done in this particular situation? Since you can upload your IG stories of up to 15 seconds only, if any of the reels are more than 15 seconds, they will automatically be trimmed. Then, the first part of 15 seconds will be added to your story.

So, if you are someone who also faces the same issue on your Instagram while uploading videos on your Instagram stories, here are the simple solutions. This article will help you how you can share full reels on your saved Instagram reels. Any reel video that is more than 15 seconds will be split into two different stories, each playing after the other.

How to Share Full Reels On the Instagram Story?

If you want to share reels on Instagram stories, you must first log in. Go to the login page and enter your username and Instagram password. Now you have several options for sharing reels.

Most people use the given button “Add to your story” to add videos to your Instagram stories. Then, then just tap the “Send” button and then tap the “Add to your story” option on your editor story screen. For this particular method, there is a very simple tweak you can apply to put the full reels videos on your stories.

You need to click the “Send to” button rather than tapping your story option to share the reels on your story. This is how Instagram will upload the full-length reel videos to your stories. You need to follow the following steps to get this particular process done.

Open the Instagram application on your smartphone, either it is android or iPhone. However, here you need to make sure that you are using the latest version of the app, an older version might miss some of the features mentioned below. Here are the steps:

best full reels on the Instagram

  • The very first step is, find the reels videos you want to add to your story. Regardless of the fact what video you choose, it should at least last for more than 15 seconds.
  • Once you have selected the reels from your collections, now you need to tap the “Send” icon mentioned on the reels. This is how you will see the sharing list on your screen.
  • Now, you need to choose the first option “Add reels to your story.” Once you click this option, go to the story editor screen once it is done. From here, you can add different GIFs, stickers, text, and much more to make your story videos look better and more attractive.
  • Now, the main section of the story will be uploaded first. Once it is done, tap “Send to” at the bottom right of the screen instead of tapping on the “Your story” option. Again, ensure you tap the “Send to” option in order to add videos to your Instagram stories.

Share full reels on the Instagram story

  • Once the above option is done, tap the share button available next to your story, now you will be able to see the sharing box at the bottom. That’s it.
  • This is how you have successfully added full-length Instagram reels to your stories. However, here is one most important feature, you may also only show your stories to your close friends only, depending upon the privacy priorities.

Now, you know how straightforward it is for you to add Instagram reel videos of up to 30 seconds to your Instagram stories. You might have tried doing it wrong before, but now you may try it correctly using the right and simple method.

Hundreds or thousands of videos are being shared on Instagram reels daily, some might be very interesting that you might want to share on your stories so your audience can see it, right?

So, follow the above-mentioned method to do the needful successfully by adding different effects to your stories to engage more with your audience.

Share full reels on the Instagram story

On the other hand, if you upload your video, then it is good to improve it and promote it by adding it to your Instagram story. So, this is all about this article on how to share full reels on Instagram reels. Follow the process, upload the stories, and enjoy rocking the platform.

  • Instagram Reels vs. Story

Do you want to understand the difference between story and reels and what you should go with for your business account to gain more audiences?

So, the story is a concept that enables your day story using media, like photos, videos, etc. However, the Reels are creativity-driven videos that are displayed in the feed as posts that people may save.

Adding an Instagram Post to the Story

Do you want to save time by sharing the same IG posts to your stories as well? If your answer is yes, then it’s hell simple to do so!

Make a new post or go to the existing one, click the share icon, and choose “share the post to the story.” This will also notify people who do not visit your profile and check stories more often!

Allow others to share your Instagram Post

Instagram is one of the social media channels that makes its audiences and users liable enough to set their privacy and security measures, and the same is the case with permission you give others to share or not share your Instagram posts. So, let’s make it enable right away!

The best length for the Instagram Reel

No matter how long videos you shoot and share on your account, the sweet spot comes with Reels within a few seconds. So, create videos between 15-60 seconds and grab your users’ attention immediately; they are more likely to stick around for the whole thing.

How do I share someone’s story with my Story?

Instagram does not allow you to share someone’s story with your story unless you are tagged in it. The main reason why one cannot share someone else’s IG story is that they need to tag you because the platform only allows you to share stories. Also, when someone tags you, Instagram sends you a notification right away!

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