How to Share Discord Profile Link? – A Detailed Guide

/01 March, 2024 4:36 pm

Discord is a cool-looking and joyful social media platform to use and communicate with your online friends. But how to share Discord profile link? If you are wondering the same thing then no problem. We have the solution.

Quick Answer:

You need to copy the link before you share it. Here is how to do it using a browser: Go to the settings in your Discord profile. Afterward, scroll down to go to the Advanced menu. Toggle on the developer mode. Now get back to your profile page. Scroll up and click on three horizontal lines. Now click on Copy user ID.

For mobile, follow the same above until the toggle on developer mode. Go Back and then tap on the “Messages” section. Open any chat. Tap on the profile pic. Tap the three dots in a horizontal line at the top-right. Now copy the ID.

You can send friend requests to each other and can also collaborate on Discord. And if someone just joined Discord and doesn’t know how to use it, you can send that person your profile link.

To make things easier when it comes to connecting with people. Share your profile link with new like-minded people in the Whatsapp groups and Insta DMs.

Discord profile links are a direct way to get to the person’s profile. They help users easily access your profile and send requests. And even add you to their server. On your profile, people will be able to see your username, avatar, and mutual servers and friends.

Moreover, it is the easiest way to connect. So without any hassle, simply share your profile link with the other person. So that the person can message you directly and even send a request to connect. Here is how to share Discord profile link:

Sharing your profile link is no big deal. Not as difficult as you may think. So without further ado let’s get to the steps:

  • Log in to Discord and click on the “gear icon” to go to the settings. You can find the gear icon at the bottom-left side beside the microphone icon.

How to Share Discord Profile Link

  • Now Scroll down and click on the “Advanced” option. This is where the advanced settings can be found.

How do I copy my Discord profile link

  • Toggle on the “Developer mode.”

Share Discord Profile Link

  • Finally, scroll up and move to the “My Account” section at the top.

how to share discord profile

  • Hit the “three horizontal dots” appearing alongside your name.

How to share discord username

  • Click on the “Copy User ID” option. It will show up right after you hit the three dots.

share discord username

You copied a user ID that you can use with a full website. Here is an example to put the profile link together at the end:

Simply paste the user ID at the end of the above link. Now your Discord profile link is created and copied. You can now share it however you like and with whomever you want.

Here are the easiest steps to share the link to your Discord profile link with anyone:

  • Open the Discord app and tap your “profile pic icon” at the bottom-right side.

share discord profile link on android

  • Now Tap on the “Settings” gear icon.

how to share your discord profile

  • Scroll Down and find the “Advanced” option.

How to Share a Discord Profile Link on Desktop

  • Toggle on the “developer mode”.

How to Share Discord Profile Link Using a Smartphone

  • Go Back and then tap on the “Messages” section.

how to get discord profile link

  • Tap any “chat” to open it.

how to copy my discord profile link

  • In the chat, tap your “profile pic icon“.

how to copy your discord link

  • Finally, hit the “three horizontal dots” at the top-right corner when a new window appears from the bottom.

share discord profile link on pc

  • Lastly, Copy the User ID.

share discord profile link to friends

Now paste that user ID at the end of the link mentioned below:

Finally, we have come to know how to share Discord profile link through a smartphone and desktop. You must carefully follow each step to copy your profile’s link. So that afterward you can share it with your friends in the online gaming community or wherever you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Discord does not have the option available for you to customize your profile link. The Discord profile links are generated automatically. So there is literally no way it is possible.
Yes, indeed the profile links are permanent and remain the same. Even when a person changes their user name, the profile link won’t change.
Yes, you can share your profile link outside of Discord. You can share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter!
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