What is the Meaning of CLFS on Instagram?

/23 January, 2024 11:40 am

So What is the Meaning of CLFS on Instagram? Are you wondering the same thing? Well, from a regular non-social media user’s point of view, CLFS is an unknown word. The old people also struggle to understand social media slang.

Quick Answer:

CLFS stands for "Close friends" on Instagram. You can use this term in group chats, in the caption, and especially when you are tagging the individual in your Instagram post. So If you are also wondering how to make someone a close friend on Instagram, you need to go to that person’s profile (you should be following that individual).

Once you are at that person’s profile, hit the "Following" option appearing next to the message option with an arrow icon facing downward. Next, simply tap the "add to close friends list" button with a star in the drop-down menu.

You must have been scrolling through Instagram and hearing the term CLFS a lot. People use a lot of acronyms on social media platforms, including on Threads as well. If you use acronyms a lot, you are considered cool in today’s generation.

What Does the Meaning of CLFS on Instagram? Let’s Look at the Definition.

It is the most commonly used phrase on Instagram. Just like any other social media slang, CLFS is another short term for close friends. The meaning of CLFS on Instagram is known as “Close friends” on Instagram. People use this term in group discussions.

Especially, when you say that you would only share your secrets with your CLFS (Close friends.) Or why you have made certain posts only for your close friends? CLFS is an acronym for close friends, so now you know how to look cool when talking about your closest friends.

It is used in chats more often and in the comments. Acronyms like these are an easy way to share one’s thoughts. Some even use “CF” to abbreviate “close friends.”

Why do People Use CLFS and Close Friends Feature on Instagram?

Are you wondering why Instagram has close friends feature? You can give a tag to your followers that you closely know. You can favourite your favourite followers and make friends in the close friend category. This feature exists for people to have exclusivity and some privacy.

This is why Instagram has close friends function with a star sign in a circular shape icon. By doing this, you will be able to see pictures and stories of your close friends first. For example, you will see green highlights of your close friend’s stories in your feed.

Many use the #CLFS hashtag when posting pictures with their close buddies. For example, if someone points at the picture you shared on IG, you can simply reply that the person is my CLFS.

How to Make Someone a Close Friend on Instagram?

There is a simple method to make anyone your close friend. But you need to be following that friend in order to proceed with the steps given below:

  1. Open your Instagram, and tap your profile pic button.

How to Make Someone a Close Friend on Instagram?

  1. Tap on the “Following” option on your page.

Make Someone a Close Friend on Instagram

  1. Write the name of your friend in the search bar.

 if i add someone to close friends on instagram will they know

  1. Tap on your friend’s profile.

add someone to close friends on instagram

  1. Now at his profile, tap the “Following” button beside Message and a menu will pop up from downward.

Meaning of CLFS on Instagram

  1. Lastly, tap the “Add to Close Friends list” star in a circle icon.

how to know if someone removed you from close friends on instagram

Where Can I Find a List of Close Friends on Instagram?

We can make many close friends that would afterwards be added to the close friend list, here is how to find it:

  1. On Instagram, click on your profile photo at the button right corner.

make a close friends story on instagram

  1. Now tap the three lines that are horizontal on the top right.

see others close friends list on instagram

  1. Finally, tap the “Close friends” option. You can now see all of your close friends on this menu.

Meaning of CLFS on Instagram

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