What is the Most Viewed Video on Tiktok?

/16 December, 2022 8:49 pm

The TikTok algorithm can be a unique thing. Some great videos only get 200 views, while some strange and beautiful ones get billions.

New trends emerge daily, and numerous companies have found success in the ever-changing realm of social media.

In other words, which video on TikTok has received the most views? It might shock you.


On a platform typically used to showcase dance videos and lip-sync battles, a Harry Potter-themed illusion video has proven to be the most popular upload by far.

It was shared by Zach King and has amassed an incredible 2.2 billion views.

The footage was shared in December of this year.

The 18-second clip instantly gained widespread attention at the time, and its fame has only grown since then.

“My application to Hogwarts was denied, but I still found a way to become a wizard,” he captioned the photo.

American filmmaker and illusionist King

In the viral video, he looks to be flying on a broom familiar to fans of the Harry Potter novels.

In his Hogwarts attire, King appears to be flying through a residential neighborhood on the broom.

He “reveals” to the camera how he is able to “fly” by holding up a mirror with one trouser leg while his feet are on a skateboard. This allows him to “fly.”

Many people feel that CGI or editing was utilized since the board does not appear to be long enough to fully cover either his feet or the skateboard, and because the mirror does not appear to reflect anything.

Commenters adore the post, and they continue to praise the TikTok video years later.

He currently has 69.8 million followers and 894.4 million likes.

More than half a million people have commented on his Harry Potter illusion film, and it has 19.7 million likes.

“Am I the only one watching this repeatedly to figure out how he did it?” one fan wondered.

“I have no idea how you achieved this, but it’s cool,” said another.

Over the years, others have posted changes to the view count.

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