Why Is My Twitter Account Suspended? Essential Reasons

/06 December, 2022 7:53 am

If you haven’t read the Twitter suspension guidelines, now is a better time than any other to do so. This will prevent a potentially awkward issue down the road. Hopefully, that won’t be necessary.

Appealing is laborious and prevents you from tweeting. Those who are suspended and whose appeals are unsuccessful would have to begin their efforts to create a strong following from scratch.

These are the ten reasons Twitter may suspend your account. If you are safe, that is excellent. However, it is preferable to know that you are secure than to regret your actions in the long term.

Types Of Twitter Suspension:


Accounts that are locked are set to read-only mode for 12 hours to a week before returning to normal.

Before being reactivated, certain locked accounts need particular activities, such as erasing profile information. During this time, users cannot tweet, retweet, or follow new individuals.


Types Of Twitter Suspension

In this type of Twitter suspension, the account is disabled permanently. Unless the infraction is extreme, Twitter will often issue warnings for inappropriate activity, including account locks, before permanently suspending the account.

While there is an appeals process, Twitter is at the mercy of temporarily or permanently suspended users for restoration.
So, let’s explore the reasons why your account could be suspended.

Ten Potential Causes For Twitter Account Restrictions (With Solution)

If you haven’t recently looked for yourself or your company on Twitter, you may want to verify that your tweets appear in search results. If not, the following are the reasons why your Twitter account may be “limited” without your knowledge:

Aggressive Following And Unfollowing People On Twitter:

This is the most obvious option. People attempt to exploit the system by following a large number of individuals and then unfollowing those who do not follow them back. People who manipulate the system typically have a flawless 1-to-1 ratio or something extremely near to perfect (1 to 1.01) and continue to earn followers at the same rate as their following number increases.

Another piece of advice is to avoid exceeding the limit of 1,000 followers. Twitter will notice if you reach this limit numerous times in succession, which is undesirable. You can unfollow persons who don’t follow you back or who haven’t tweeted recently. Following inactive users shows Twitter you’re unfollowing those who don’t follow you back.

Favouriting Excessive Tweets:

We suggest a favourite with a maximum of 5-10 Tweets daily. The best alternative to favouriting tweets is to send those individuals direct messages. Not only does this minimize the likelihood of your account being suspended, but it also allows you to send more tailored messages to those who shared your material or praised you.

Spamming Individuals:

Creating Too Many Twitter Accounts That Appear Spammy

People envision a bot that posts 500 similar tweets every day when they think about spam. However, spamming also involves sending a large number of tweets (even if that means 24 tweets a day) and not engaging in a substantial amount of dialogue with your followers. It is a severe definition for those who do not intend to spam but based on the actual meaning, you may be “spamming” your followers. Conversations with your followers show Twitter you’re a real person, reducing the chance of suspension.

Too Many Individuals Followed After Account Creation:

Twitter’s Newcomers Are Excited. As soon as they get on, they search for and follow hundreds of their favorite celebrities. Within a short time, these new users will be following 1,000 individuals yet having only 50 followers. Twitter dislikes these accounts because they are associated with spam and phony followers. The fake follower business is worth millions of dollars.

Twitter goes out of its way to suspend users who look to be fraudulent, irrespective of whether they are or not.

Tweeting Excessively:

No user is permitted to send more than 1,000 tweets each day. If you are found many times exceeding the limit, Twitter will finally suspend your account. Our advice is to limit daily tweets to less than 100. Since few people have the time to send 100 tweets in one day, this will not be a concern for the majority of individuals. If you feel the need to distribute more than one hundred updates per day, you should distribute them among multiple social networks.

Creating Too Many Twitter Accounts That Appear Spammy:

Twitter will catch you if you create many spammy-looking Twitter accounts using the same computer. Consider Twitter’s definition of spam before determining your innocence or guilt. This strategy is used to identify and suspend phony followers established by the same individual. When Twitter discovers this, all accounts created by the offender are suspended, including the legitimate ones.

Harassing Individuals:

Consider your words before you put them online. If a user harasses another, the victim will likely file a harassment report with Twitter. Twitter will investigate the incident and likely suspend the user’s account if sufficient reports of harassment are made.

Tweeting Offensive Content:

In some situations, you may not be responsible for tweeting inappropriate content. It is, thus, crucial to avoid having your account compromised. The only solution is to refrain from tweeting incorrect stuff in the first place.

Misusing Popular Trends And Hashtags:

Ensure that you understand the meaning of something before tweeting it. To be suspended, you must misuse trends and hashtags numerous times per day. Twitter doesn’t want news or events misinterpreted, thus they enforce this rule every day.

Twitter Thinks You’ve Been Hacked:

Your hacked account could get suspended even if you aren’t responsible for it. Check your list of third-party apps for malware. Additionally, select a password that is difficult to crack. If your password contains only eight characters, it is too short. Make account hacking harder to avoid this problem.

How Can You Deactivate A Twitter Account That Was Suspended?

To get your suspended Twitter account deactivated, you’ll need to make a request. Contact information for Twitter’s privacy officers may be found on their website, in the “How To Contact Us” section.

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