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High-quality LinkedIn Likes come from tier 2 countries people with less than 5% drop and a 180-day free refill time. No password required.

Premium LinkedIn Likes will come from tier 1 countries real and active people and have the highest engagement rate with a 0% drop rate and 180-day refill time. No password required.

100% risk free 30 days money back guarantee

Get a 100% Unbeatable 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Start a risk-free journey with our 100% safe and unbeatable 30 days money-back guarantee. You will witness rapid growth on your account with our social media services. Here are the conditions on which you will get a refund:

  1. If your page is not promoted as promised.
  2. If we fail to deliver your order on time.
  3. If you change your mind about using our service within 30 days of the purchase, we’ll give every penny back to you. Without asking any questions.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate priority. We are committed to providing you with a service that is helpful. Our service goes beyond a transaction, it is about building a relationship with our customers that lasts a lifetime.

Why Choose LikesGeek?

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Instant Start with Quick Delivery

Receive an order at a rocket-fast delivery rate. No need to wait. Simply select your favorite service and click to buy it right away and enjoy the benefits. Our service is quick and authentic, you can rest assured.

100% Retention Guaranteed

There is 100% satisfaction guaranteed because your happiness is our priority. You get permanent and real likes, views, and comments. But in case, you see a decrease within 180 days, we’ll recover it for you by providing you with a refill.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

On each new purchase, you'll have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you are not satisfied with our services, we are not expecting to keep your money. We'll return it back to you because your satisfaction is our top priority.

Benefits of Buying LinkedIn Likes

Engagement Boost

Get Instant Post Interaction

All you need is a boost to uplift your LinkedIn presence. Each time you invest in your LinkedIn account, you improve your content search engine optimization capability as well. It can manipulate the LinkedIn algorithm to act in your favor.

The more likes you acquire for your content, the more likely it will be displayed at the top of the LinkedIn newsfeed. We use modern AI technology to ascend your content to new heights. LikesGeek has the best AI technology to attract your target audience.

Expect your audience to be niche-specific. We can promise that you will get the order and engagement on time with our top-notch social media service for your LinkedIn post boost. Your new audience will view your profile, react to your posts, and hear you out loud and clear if you are regularly creating niche-relevant quality content.

Build Credibility

Unlock the Power of Social Proof

Enhance the performance of your content with our 100% real LinkedIn likes. People are more inclined to read and react to the content that is endorsed by other people. So the large number of reactions becomes the credibility indicator that works to change people’s perception about you.

Users can identify why the person or company should be trusted based on the sheer number of likes and followers. A good number not only communicates trust but also lights up positive engagement.

Our social media services are authentic and cater to our customer’s needs. You can get organic reach on your profile without having to spend too much money.


Collaboration Opportunity

A profile with a lot of reactions will not only attract normal users but also many collaborators. Once they witness a wave of likes on your profile page, they will surely come to you to collaborate.

With a combined influence, you can take your business to better new heights. So Invest in the new journey ahead of time. Skip the hassle of expensive self-promotion. And let us do it for you by putting your content into the limelight of potential collaborators.


Save Your Marketing Efforts

Save yourself too much hassle and promote your content through LikesGeek. Don't let your quality content go unnoticed. When you promote your content on your own, it does not always work, because you are not certain that it will go viral despite its quality.

So save all that time for something good. And let us put your content in the spotlight for your audience to applaud.

Who Should Buy?

Who Should Buy LinkedIn Likes?

  1. Entrepreneurs and business owners
  2. Job seekers
  3. Freelancers
  4. Consultants
  5. Content Writers
  6. Authors
  7. Startups
  8. Recruitment agency
  9. Educational institutions
  10. Tech professionals like engineers, programmers, and specialists

How to Buy LinkedIn Likes at

Follow the Step by Step Guide for Buying High Quality or Premium LinkedIn Likes at to increase your LinkedIn Likes in no time.

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At LikesGeek, this amazing service for LinkedIn Likes is starting in just $4.41 for 25 LinkedIn Likes.

Enter Your Details

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Benefits of LikesGeek, for your business

No risk of getting banned

No risk of getting banned

Likes Geek does not practice any fake/spammy methods to bring . Instead, we give you a real audience on your LinkedIn . As a result, zero risk is involved.

Get noticed by real and active profiles

Get noticed by real and active profiles

Stay in the eyes of real and active profiles on LinkedIn to never go unnoticed. You deserve to be in the spotlight.

No Massive drops over time

No Massive drops over time

Unlike our competitors, we deliver real and permanent LinkedIn with no massive drop in over time.

24 x 7 Live customer support

24 x 7 Live customer support

Instead of stressing out, contact us at any given time to set the perfect strategy to upgrade your LinkedIn .

What are LinkedIn Likes? Should You Buy?

What are LinkedIn Likes? Should You Buy?

LinkedIn is a social media platform that comes with unique opportunities tailor-made for businesses and brands. Its market is pretty big when we look at it from above. So what is the role of likes? Well, they can increase your post views count.

Such as your reach will expand with every genuine like you receive. This means that your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections can also view your content in their feed. Buying LinkedIn engagement boost service from LikesGeek is a game-changing strategy and can leave a lasting impression.

LikesGeek will help you dominate your industry. It's time to magnify your influence by purchasing LinkedIn likes for your content. Every like acts as a catalyst for your growth on LinkedIn and builds a larger network.

Picture LinkedIn as Instagram or Facebook for Professionals, except this is where posts are made to attract the candidate and clients. You will even come across people hunting for the best candidate and you could be one of them. Their hunt might stop at your profile when they see your influence on others.

Why wait? Find a competitive edge and explore the possibilities for exceptional success in the LinkedIn marketplace. Contact us today to build a legacy and become the new brand image on LinkedIn that sells in the big market!

Why Should You Always Buy LinkedIn Likes from LikesGeek?

Why Should You Always Buy LinkedIn Likes from LikesGeek?

Make your presence more magnetic by opting for LinkedIn Likes that are gathered organically. This service is the ultimate fuel for organic LinkedIn profile growth. At LikesGeek, you should cultivate real engagement that brings your profile to the top.

If you are asking for an active influence on LinkedIn, then you need to opt for High-quality LinkedIn likes from us. Your rising influence can help the hiring managers see the spark in you naturally. So buy away!

Consider LikesGeek as your ultimate portal for new LinkedIn Likes. If you want your profile to buzz with credibility. Once they are bought, you will become an unstoppable force to garner likes organically in this digital landscape. It is more about building a community that echoes authenticity.

The standout advantage of LikesGeek is to get the Likes delivered to your content swiftly. Secure our package for your high-quality content and maximize its impact to gain more connections. You should consider our service if you want to grow your network or become a top voice on LinkedIn.

How to Buy LinkedIn Likes?

How to Buy LinkedIn Likes?

Busy in creating content and in daily life tasks and have no time for marketing strategy? With LikesGeek, you can power up your marketing strategy with AI!

Our AI technology will analyze real-world data of your current connections and posts. Then, it will automatically promote your post to your niche-related prospects until your desired likes are obtained.

Time to capitalize on your audience to drive more niche-specific followers toward your profile. Everything you get is a strategic investment. So transform your marketing narrative with our helping hand. Our services will drive your brand forward with precision in no time.

In What Way a LinkedIn Likes Purchase Can Be Beneficial

In What Way a LinkedIn Likes Purchase Can Be Beneficial

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the power of a strong LinkedIn presence cannot be overstated. LikesGeek will help you spark curiosity in your audience about your profile and will open new doors of opportunity for you.

Take a strategic lead to upgrade your profile and start your new adventure as a professional on LinkedIn. Promoting your profile helps you grab better opportunities. Grabbing a likes package is only beneficial if your profile is well-optimized.

So you need to first put human effort into your profile before getting likes from us. Our likes only act as a catalyst. On buying our service, you will start receiving more 2nd-degree and 3rd-degree connections reacting to your content if it is of great quality.

No one is stopping you from shining among other influencers on LinkedIn with our promotional approach. So what are you waiting for? Buy post likes on LinkedIn and let your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree connections know that you are on LinkedIn for real business.

Why You Should Give Importance to Your Target Audience?

Why You Should Give Importance to Your Target Audience?

There are three main points to keep in mind when purchasing likes. Here are the following key points:

You need to invest time in creating the highest-quality content before investing in likes at LikesGeek. We will only give a boost to your post, it is your content that will bring more engagement.

Consistency will help you stay in the eyes of your audience. It will increase your impressions more. Regular activity will bring fruitful results. Otherwise, there is no point in investing in likes.

People love rich media posts. Use post photos, videos, and slides more often to see positive results. Photos and videos are the main reason why Instagram, facebook and twitter posts receive so much attention. LinkedIn is no Instagram but those same people also love visuals.

Why You Should Do Research and Planning to Organically Grow

Why You Should Do Research and Planning to Organically Grow

Master the art of building a quality career on LinkedIn by acquiring LinkedIn likes that are affordable and most importantly human likes rather than bot. Through the power of our likes, you can harness the ability to influence your audience and make money.

After you buy our likes, you will become the irresistible magnetic force. More importantly, you will be garnering respect and recognition from your peers.

You can strengthen your influence on LinkedIn and be able to connect with new people in your industry. You will be attracting new career opportunities by getting likes to establish yourself as a professional in your field.

Why LikesGeek Should Be Your First Choice

Why LikesGeek Should Be Your First Choice

We know your LinkedIn profile is your power. This is why we are offering you 100% safe and affordable likes to fuel it and make your career ascend. We will make every like count for you. You don’t need to settle for ordinary because LikesGeek is here to offer you extraordinary with a secure and confidential approach.

For instance, with LikesGeek your transactions will stay secure and you can start your new journey with peace of mind. You can focus on your content quality and other business essentials while we take care of the marketing aspect of things.

Each like you get will come from a real user because we heavily prioritize authenticity on our every social media service. Whether it is selling Instagram likes, Facebook likes, YouTube, or Twitter (X).

Your social proof will speak volumes to your potential customers and LinkedIn connections. Our team of dedicated professionals is available 24/7 to guide you if you have any questions.

How to Buy LinkedIn Likes?

How to Buy LinkedIn Likes?

Getting LinkedIn likes from LikesGeek is very simple. Explore the packages mentioned on our webpage, each package is designed to make you more visible to your target audience. With less than 1 minute checkout, you can uplift your LinkedIn growth instantly with our service. Here is how it works:

  1. Look for the package you desire for your post and hit “Buy now.”
  2. Now paste the URL of your LinkedIn post in the box.
  3. Choose the number of likes that align with your desire.
  4. Finally, hit the “Add to cart” or “Buy now” to complete the purchase.

Make the choice today, because the time is now, and let the world witness a new LinkedIn voice that can influence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over millions of customers trust "Likes Geek," the best social media services provider to deliver the real services. Have you got any questions? Let our experts answer you the best way!

The main reason why you are not getting likes and connections is that your content is not capturing your audience’s attention and you are not posting content regularly. This means you need to work on the quality of your content and be consistent.

Absolutely! You are in the realm of LikesGeek where everything we do is legal and legitimate. With LikesGeek, you’ll have an ethical journey and no shady bots. So do not worry as we legally boost your social media presence.

No, our LinkedIn likes are permanent. They are real users and you will have to keep engaged and stick around. Still, in case of a mild decrease in likes, we shall offer you a free refill within 180 days.

Yes, you should because it will make you look authentic.

To see your LinkedIn likes, you need to navigate to the post. Here is how to do it:

  1. Click on your LinkedIn profile photo.
  2. Now in the drop-down menu hit the “View profile” button.
  3. Scroll down and click on your post from the post section.
  4. Lastly, click on the reaction numbers buttons to see the likes on your LI post.

Not at all. We provide you with authentic likes with the organic process on top. We use the best strategy to put you on top of the game.

No, we do not ask for passwords. We prioritize your privacy and security so you should worry not.

Yes, we have a refund policy. For example, if you change your mind within the 30-day time. We will refund the money back to you.

It would take less than 2 days and you will immediately start seeing the results.

You can pay using cryptocurrency or a credit card. We have the most secure payment method to entertain you with for a safe transaction.

You should go for the likes as per your desire. However, if you get too many likes too early that would be seen as weird. So you can buy likes from us as low as 50 to 10k and more.

No, our likes will only give you a kick start, it is your content that will keep your audience engaged. This means your human effort will get you success which includes producing high-quality content and staying consistent.

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