10 Ig Tools to Help You Grow Instagram Followers

/14 October, 2022 5:35 pm

Are you looking to grow Instagram followers? Let’s talk about exactly how to grow your follower base on Instagram. So To stand out from your competition on Instagram, your content is of vital importance.

This is why it holds a significant importance to have the best set of analytic tools available to you. For social media marketing, the tools are the best choice. Because these social media management tools can make content creation easy.

Grow Instagram Followers with Following 10 IG Tools

Here we have the top ten Ig tools considered to be best for growing your followers on Instagram:


Crowdfire is a highly popular tool used for social media management. You can use Crowdfire to manage every single social media account of yours at once. Best of all, this tool offers many great features for free. And that will help you modify your social media approach. And slowly grow your Instagram following.

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However, its premium version allows you to take control of up to 50 different accounts. Yes, you heard it right, you can manage them all at one time.

It even makes scheduling posts easier. Crowdfire is great for planning content and previewing it before posting. You can get this Instagram growth tool free. But there the free version has its limitations.


The Hootsuite is an Ig tool to increase Instagram followers. It lets you schedule content to be posted at a later date. It has an easy-to-use interface. And many useful features for managing your Instagram profile.

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You can also access Canva directly from the Hootsuite dashboard without any add-ons.

It even provides useful suggestions for the best time to post content so that you can get high engagement based on historical data.

Creative Cloud Express

The creative Cloud Express is another one of the best Ig tools. It is by Adobe and offers well-designed social media templates to grow your Instagram.

You will be able to drag the objects anywhere and drop them as well. It is another cool feature of it. Which makes it incredibly easy to create social media content. Without the need for photo editing apps such as Photoshop.

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The Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a free Instagram followers growth tool. And even offers many templates. Even stock photos, and audio from the Adobe library. However, accessing the premium plan will allow you to unlock many more assets.

InVideo (Filmr)

InVideo is another amazing tool that can help you do the best editing for your Insta content. It has tons of templates and extra features. You can expect to come across a bunch of filters and transition effects. Which means it will take you less time to make a post. For example: Instagram stories, reels, or videos for your followers.

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You can use it to trim video clips and add special effects. Or re-create popular and trending video formats. If you want to create Instagram videos on your phone, you can download InVideo mobile app for free.


Nitro is another cool platform that provides plenty of growth solutions for Instagram. Their AI technology makes for a great tool. Because it can grow your account a lot quicker than taking the organic route. Nitro is a pretty amazing tool to increase Instagram followers.

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Nitro prefers to provide location and audience-specific solutions. So they can better optimize their marketing strategy to your unique needs. These key features can help you create content that your target audience will admire forever.

Repost App for Posts and Stories

The Repost app helps you repost your stories and Instagram posts easily. Reposting content on Instagram without crediting the original author is unprofessionalism. And unfortunately, Instagram does not provide any advanced features for sharing posts.

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So as a brand, you may want to highlight and share certain content. Especially the ones that your audience finds interesting. The Repost app allows you to give credit to the content creators. It does this by mentioning their accounts.


Autohash is also a useful Instagram growth tool for looking for the best hashtags. So that your post gets views. It has a built-in AI that recognizes which objects are included in the image. Afterward, it suggests relevant hashtags based on your upload.

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It also works to optimize your hashtag count so you don’t exceed the recommended 30 hashtag limit. Your most favourite and frequently used hashtags will also be saved in the app for easy use.

Social Rank

Social rank is a great analysis tool as well. Because it lets you analyze different audiences to better understand their needs. Hence, you will be able to create high-quality IG posts.

You can find plenty of built-in features on Social Rank. And even sample profiles that are linked to your account. If you wish to know who your biggest followers are, this tool can help you identify them.

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Moreover, use the filtering tool to find information. So that you can find info about various audiences around the world. They have good reviews. And many Instagram users have Social Rank in possession as well.

Shop Social

Shop Social provides an easy way to turn your Instagram account into a shopping gallery. You can easily attach your shop to your Instagram account. Without needing to program or code anything.

Ig Tools to Help You Grow Instagram Followers

Your customers can view products from your Instagram profile. And purchase them from the associated shop. You can customize all aspects of the shopping gallery to suit your needs.

Ads manager

Ads Manager is a great platform for running marketing campaigns. Especially, on your social media accounts. Such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Additionally, it would help if you utilized the ads manager tool to create ads and work on campaigns. You can manage all aspects of the campaign and track your progress using various metrics.

10 Ig Tools to Help You Grow Instagram Followers

The tool itself is offering a free deal; however, you will need to spend money to run a successful campaign.


In this article, we have mentioned 10 Best Ig tools to increase Instagram Followers. From Hootsuite, creative cloud express, Nitro, invoice, and so on. Moreover, we learned that establishing yourself on Instagram is tough. However, these Instagram growth tools can help you along the way.

These tools are extremely beneficial in analyzing your audience and running campaigns. You can use one of these tools to accelerate your journey on Instagram. Thanks for reading!

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