How Can You Make Your YouTube Playlist Private?

/16 December, 2022 10:52 am

Looking for ways to keep your YouTube playlists private? Explore the different privacy options and find out how to share your private playlists with selected viewers.

We all will agree that YouTube is the most-watched and streamed video streaming platform nowadays, with an active users ratio of billions. And each of the users then must be watching numerous videos a day or a month – right? This huge appearance and client ratio have now made YouTube a perfect business channel as well, where not only do brands come up with their official channel to market and sell their services, but the passionate content creators have also joined the channel so they can promote their content and boost the reach of their videos.

Just like all other social media channels, YouTube also has paid advertisement options for you that you may utilize to market your content or the specific services or products you want to sell. This makes more and more people reach out to you, leave queries, make orders, and much more.

Among all the features, one of them is a playlist as well that allows you to save all your favorite videos or streams in a folder. It works the same way as the music playlists on phones. Although, do you know that all the created playlists are marked public on YouTube by default? Therefore, YouTube comments has some boards you can create that are private. So, this particular article will also explain to you how you can transform your public playlists into private ones. So, let’s have a look in detail!

Step: 1

Firstly, you need to go to YouTube’s web page (homepage) and sign in to your account using your Gmail profile or YouTube’s credential, whatever makes the most sense to you.

Step: 2

Open the list of playlists that you have in your account

Go to your “My channel” tab, and then click your profile picture on this page, available on the right side of the screen. Or you may also tap on the “My channel” link that you can see on the left expandable sidebar directly linked to this page.

Once you are done, search and click the “Playlist” tab directly underneath the cover picture for your YouTube official channel’s page.

Step: 3

Search For the particular playlist and then click on it to make it private. You actually need to click on the title of that playlist if you want to access the full playlist page; you would like to amend/change the access.

Step: 4

Tap on the “Playlist settings” option/button.

Step: 5

Tap on the drop-down box to make your playlist private. Therefore, from the tab “Playlist Privacy,” you need to choose the “Private” option from there. On the other hand, unlisted would overall make it fully private, but keeping it still shareable with the help of the attached URL on the profile page of your particular playlist.

Step: 6

You need to select the “Save” button in order to save your updates work.

Step: 7

Here, in the end, you need to ensure that your playlist has been successfully saved as a private one. 

Amanda Silberling
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Amanda Silberling

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