How Many Subscribers Do You Need to Get Verified on YouTube?

/07 January, 2023 6:14 pm

To Get Verified on YouTube is not contingent on having a certain number of subscribers; channels with thousands of subscribers may still be evaluated based on other factors.

For a channel to earn the YouTube Verified badge, it must meet several criteria. It includes: having viewers in a specific country; being featured in multiple online and offline publications; passing YouTube’s Trust & Safety checks; and showing consistent growth in video production and viewer engagement over several months.

Even if you satisfy all of the prerequisites, it is ultimately up to the platform’s developers to decide whether or not you will be confirmed. For many accounts, the verification badge will not appear until the account’s popularity, influence, and impact on its users have grown sufficiently.

There is no set number of confirmed subscribers, but the more the better. This blog explains how to get YouTube certified as a vlogger, influencer, or small business and some benefits of getting verified on YouTube.

What is YouTube Verification?

What is YouTube Verification

YouTube verification indicates that YouTube has checked your profile and verified your identity. After YouTube confirms your profile, other YouTube users will be able to verify that your account is authentic.

Get Verified on YouTube Badge


A verification badge is a form of social proof that deters copycats and imposters from copying your content and, subsequently, your traffic. Despite this, possessing this badge does not grant access to any special features. It is merely a sign of validity.

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Get Verified on YouTube of Account

Get Verified on YouTube Badge

However, verifying your account shows YouTube that you are genuine and not a spammer. YouTube requests your phone number when you first establish an account to verify it by sending a text to the number or making a phone call.

Once confirmed, you can post films longer than 15 minutes, create custom thumbnails, make them live, and include content ID claims. If you plan to monetize your channel, account verification is also required.

Verification of YouTube Channel

YouTube video player
  1. Complete your profile: To be verified, you must have an active channel on YouTube with a description, banner, and profile picture. Additionally, you will require routinely updated material.
  2. Authenticity: You cannot lie about your age, name, or identity; you must be who you claim to be. “Your channel must accurately represent the creator, company, or entity it claims to be,” writes YouTube. “We will authenticate your identification by examining many indicators, such as the date of your channel.”
  3. 1 lakh subscribers: If you do not currently have 1 lakh subscribers, you should prioritize growing your audience. Even for channels with less than 100,000 subscribers, YouTube verifies accounts on a case-by-case basis.

Guidelines to Qualify for YouTube Channel Certification

Guidelines to Qualify for YouTube Channel Certification
1. Select a great name for your channel: This will be one of the first elements viewers of your channel will see, so give it some thought.

2. Use a captivating profile photo and cover photo: Check if these are of a high grade and are consistent with the brand.

3. Create high-quality video thumbnails: The thumbnails for your videos are like miniature advertisements for them. Be sure they are appealing to the eye and that they convey to viewers what they may anticipate from your content.

4. Create content that is entertaining and shareable: This is likely the most important step you can do to grow your channel. If you create excellent videos, viewers will want to enjoy them regardless of the number of subscribers you have.

5. Participate within the YouTube community: Participate in the groups and forums on YouTube, leave comments on the videos of other users, and work together with other video producers.

6. YouTube SEO: You may use this to your advantage to increase the likelihood that your videos will appear in search results.

7. Don’t rush things: Creating a profitable YouTube channel takes time. Consistently producing valuable content will get you closer to your goal of certification.

Benefits of Get Verified on YouTube

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The verification of your YouTube account and channel might help establish viewer trust. A verified badge shows that you belong to an official channel or profile, and it can boost users’ confidence that they are receiving accurate information from a trustworthy source. Additional YouTube verification advantages include:

1. Longer videos can be uploaded: By default, the maximum length of videos that can be uploaded is 15 minutes; however, verified accounts can publish videos that are longer than 15 minutes.

2. Streaming lives on YouTube: You must have a verified channel and not have been blocked from live streaming within the past ninety days in order to broadcast.

3. Customize the thumbnails of your videos: If you are not authenticated, you can only select thumbnails that YouTube generates automatically. Upon verification, you may add your content.

4. Claim identification appeals for content: Content ID claims occur when your posted video matches another YouTube video in whole or in part. Once you’ve been authenticated, you can refute these accusations.

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