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/27 December, 2022 2:43 pm

Accept the notion that YouTube comments are valuable.

Unfortunately, the majority of commenters are not contributing or building a sense of community. They are merely utilizing the YouTube comments section for their own private and self-serving purposes.

This allows them to steal your audience’s focus, which should rather be on your content. And as a creator, you have the right to disable the YouTube comments section to avoid receiving annoying commercial communications as well as self-centered, pointless, and spammy remarks.

YouTube has made it easy to delete inappropriate, irrelevant, and insulting comments, allowing you to devote more time to interacting with those who matter. But if you don’t want to deal with comments at all and fully prevent incorrect ones, you may simply disable them.

This tutorial will show you how to deal with mean and unhelpful YouTube comments by answering the questions below.



  1. Visit your Creator Studio on YouTube.
  2. To access this dashboard’s content, click “Content” in the panel’s menu on the left. All of the videos you have published on your YouTube channel will be shown.
  3. Navigate to the video whose comment you’d like to disable. Edit the video by selecting the pencil symbol that appears next to the video thumbnail.
  4. Under “Audience,” select “No, it’s not intended for children.”
  5. Scroll till you see “SHOW MORE” and then click on it.
  6. Navigate to the section titled “Comments and ratings.” To disable comments on YouTube, click the drop-down arrow next to the “Comment visibility” area and select “Disable comments.”
  7. After making all necessary changes, select “Save” in the upper-right corner of the dashboard panel to save the modifications.

YouTube comments are just as entertaining as the videos themselves. In this interactive environment, viewers are invited to express their thoughts and opinions. However, not all comments are courteous and positive. Occasionally, you may receive harsh YouTube comments, or the comments area may include questionable content.

If spammers hijack your YouTube comments section to promote their services, it will dilute the message you desire to send to your audience and interrupt the quality of your YouTube videos.

Allowing such trolling results in defamation, which is a situation no firm wants to be in, least of all Apple, which has amassed a large number of enemies over time. Apple has turned off the comments section on YouTube so that a fight doesn’t start.

By disabling YouTube comments, all users will be able to view your video, like, share, or dislike it, but they will be unable to leave a comment.

YouTube introduced this policy in order to comply with the COPPA. YouTube creators are legally obligated to abide by these guidelines regardless of where they reside.

When a YouTube video is set to private or when the channel or video is set to be for kids, comments are turned off automatically.

YouTube already has some automated anti-spam capabilities, but they are not dependable. Some individuals and their spam YouTube comments may still be able to see your video. In such cases, disabling YouTube comments is the best course of action. This will eventually reduce the harm these unfavorable and antagonistic individuals might cause to you and your YouTube community.


  1. Navigate to YouTube Creator Studio and click “Settings” from the dashboard’s left panel.
  2. In the resulting Settings box, click “Channel.” Then, choose “Advanced Options” at the top of the dialogue window.
  3. In the “Audience” section, select “No, this channel is not intended for children.” “I never submit stuff intended for children.” Select “Upload defaults” from the panel on the left, then “Advanced settings” from the panel on the right.
  4. Navigate to the “Comments” section and select “Disable comments” from the drop-down menu. To apply the changes, select “Save” from the file menu.

Note: If you select “yes” in Step 3, this channel will be designated as kid-friendly. You won’t be able to proceed since the comment visibility will be automatically set to “Disable comments” under the “Upload Defaults” section, and you won’t be able to modify it.

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