How to Timestamp YouTube Comments?

/27 December, 2022 1:46 pm

Curious about how to Timestamp YouTube Comments? If so, you have arrived at the proper location.

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Timestamp YouTube Comments facilitate directing viewers to specific segments of videos. They may be made for any video, whether it is yours or not. However, they can be initially confusing to use. Consequently, once the proper procedure is understood, using it becomes simple.

Learn how to timestamp YouTube videos and the benefits of doing so by reading on.


Although it may be initially puzzling, adding a timestamp to a YouTube comment is simple. Once you’ve completed the process once or twice, you’ll have a firm grasp of it and have no further confusion.

1. Choose the Time to Which You Want to Link.

Start by selecting the time you wish to link to in your comment. Find a point you’d want to highlight in a comment by viewing or scrolling through the video. Your timestamp will bring users to the precise instant you link to, so link at the clip’s commencement.

2. Stop the Video and Record the Time.

Once you have located the instant to which you wish to lead people, record the time. When you leave a comment with a timestamp, you will use this exact time to guide readers to your desired moment.

3. Mention the Date and Time in a Remark

After noting the time to which you wish to link, you may begin composing your comment. This technique is straightforward: simply include the desired time in your comment. The format of the timestamp is hours: minutes: seconds (with no spaces).

4. Make Your Comment Public

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Now that you’ve added the proper timestamp to your comment, it’s ready to be published. You’ve probably uploaded video comments before, so this should be simple for you. Simply click the blue message button to publish your comment.



Numerous individuals undervalue the benefits that timestamps can provide. By utilizing this function, you may improve the performance of your films by enhancing the viewing experience for your audience.

Let’s examine these advantages in greater depth.

1. Enhanced Navigation

Have you ever attempted to display a specific portion of a video to someone, only to struggle to locate that portion? This is not necessary with timestamps, as they eliminate the need to seek out certain points inside recordings.

Thanks to timestamps, users can navigate to a certain portion of a video with a click of the mouse. Given this, it is easy to understand how this functionality would make accessing videos much simpler for viewers.

2. Enhancing Retention

It is challenging to get people to click on your videos, but it is even more difficult to convince them to continue viewing them. This is a problem for artists, as the YouTube algorithm places a high value on audience retention.

With timestamps, you may more effectively retain visitors to your videos. You can now lead viewers to specific points in your videos. This enables them to bypass slower-paced segments and go directly to the most fascinating parts of videos.

3. Better SEO

Better SEO

If you’ve ever conducted a Google search, there’s a decent possibility that one of the results included a YouTube video. The results page itself appears the same as it always has, but in recent years there have been modifications to how videos are shown.

Google can now display videos with timestamps. There is no longer a large video widget but rather a smaller widget with clickable timestamps. Knowing this, it is easy to see how putting timestamps in your video descriptions or comments could improve your film’s Google ranking.


You are now aware of how to timestamp YouTube comments and their benefits. Use timestamps to assist viewers in navigating your videos and to increase the likelihood that Google will rank your videos.

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