How Much Do Youtube Shorts Pay Per View?

/26 April, 2023 4:41 pm

It is undeniable that Utube shorts get more views than videos. Even many analyses and surveys have proved that people feel more enjoyed and entertained watching shorts rather than long YouTube videos.

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You can estimate from the ratio that the shorts probably get more than 30 billion views daily. Also, all the influencers and YouTube stars demanded that Utube must pay for shorts, which are now the hottest feature.

Keeping these concerns in mind this year, 2023 YouTube has announced short paying criteria means the creators can also earn better from shorts now.

Creators should be happy because YouTube has offered never-imagined income potential to them. Yes, they can now earn 45% of revenue from the ads playing on their shorts. The Utube will just retain 55% of it.

Unlike other social media sites, you are getting a golden fortune to earn dreamily just by lowering the threshold eligibility from your partner.

If that bothers you, the other platforms are offering better revenue share in contrast with YouTube. Then you are totally wrong. Want to get more knowledge about that topic? Then keep reading.

How Much Do YouTube Shorts Pay Per View?

We know that being a YouTube star or figure, you must be curious about how much you can earn from shorts, especially when your 60-second short clip gets more than a million views within a few days. But you can’t estimate your future earnings if you don’t know about the payment structure from YouTube.

Let us explain that to you. The first thing to keep in mind is that regular YouTube videos have different payment criteria than shorts. The shorts you create are monetized to “ advertising revenue.”

When your shorts are monetized to advertised revenue, you will automatically see ads on YouTube. Now these added percentages will define your earning ratio. Even you also earn from regular add-on videos, but as mentioned above, they are entirely different.

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Further, video reign, place, type of commercial, theme, concepts, etc., also matter in your YouTube shorts earnings. Therefore, try to create trending, demanding, exciting and entertaining content to earn more.

But generally, you get 0.01 to 0.02 dollars per view. Now calculate you can earn one to two thousand dollars easily if the short video has ten million views.

And if the short video has two million views, you can easily make two to four thousand. (Note: These are just assumptions. Your actuarial YouTube shorts ratio depends upon the factors we have explained already).

Moreover, the revenue share is the same ( 45% creator and 55% for YouTube) for both YouTube regular and short videos.

The video creators should not be disheartened because the 60-second short video has lower rates than regular long videos. Also, Unlike shorts, more ads can be played on standard video due to their length.

Moreover, people get more chances to update the display, explain the logic swiftly, and explore more which in return lets them earn more than their expectations.

What Are the Regulations to Be Eligible or Entitled to Youtube Shorts Payment?

Getting YouTube shorts monetization is not that hard, you are thinking? You have to be eligible for a few factors we have written down.

YouTube shorts earnings

  • The initial is that you should be thirteen years older.
  • Your content must be organic and rare. Thus, YouTube does not promote copied content.
  • You must be a citizen of the country where YouTube has approved monetization. Otherwise, your channel will never monetize.
  • Your YouTube shorts must have ten million organic views within the last 90 days.
  • Your YouTube channel must have one thousand organic subscribers.
  • The last one is the most vital point: you must follow YouTube community guidelines and respect YouTube’s terms of privacy. Otherwise, your YouTube channel will never monetize. There are even chances that your account will be banned by YouTube forever.

Why can’t I monetize my YouTube channel?

Do you claim you have to give your hundred per cent while your Youtube channel is not monetizing? Or your YouTube channel was monetized, but now you are not able to earn. Then you have to reconsider the following components or points.

Shorts pay per view

  • The first one is that are you sure your video content is rare? You are not placing any clips from any social site etc. As mentioned above, YouTube does not promote copied content.

So if you are caught copying others’ content then you will be thrown out from youTube earning terms. Therefore, be realistic and create your own content.

Shorts monetization

  • The second point is also crucial to think about. If YouTube catches you buying fake views, likes, shares, and subscribers for monetization, then there is 100% surety your account will be blocked forever. Explaining that point doesn’t mean not buying social media services.

You should be wise in choosing. Thus, when you don’t select authentic and verified social media service providers, then these things happen. Because they provide you with any service, like views, comments, etc., from bot accounts which can be easily caught by Youtube.

YouTube shorts revenue

  • Note: If you are in search of authentic, trustworthy, and genuine social media service providers, then visit
  • You are only allowed to use music that has been approved by the YouTube music gallery. Because most of the songs are restricted to use due to the creator’s privacy concerns. So if you are caught using any sound banned by Youtube, you can lose your Yt monetization.
  • We have elaborated earlier that if you disobey YouTube community guidelines and disrespect YouTube’s terms of privacy, your YouTube channel will be demonetized. There are possibilities that your account will be banned or blocked by YouTube forever.

Your regular and short videos 90 to 95 per cent depend upon your hard work, creativity, and other factors. That’s why try to invent new ideas and rare content to engage more people on your channel. So, the blog discloses here, hoping that it will help you out. For more exciting and worthy blogs, visit

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