How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account?

How to Recover Hacked Facebook Account?

/28 November, 2022 3:49 pm

You attempt to log in to Facebook to send a birthday greeting to a buddy, but something goes wrong. You are faced with the dreaded dilemma of how to recover a compromised Facebook account.

TikTok and Instagram may be the most popular social media platforms, but with roughly 3 billion active users, Facebook is the largest fish in the sea. Furthermore, hackers frequently target this system. Despite the lack of an official tally, a pre-pandemic estimate of the number of hacked Facebook accounts was 160 million per day.

According to SonicWall’s 2022 Cyber Threat Report, since virtually every sort of cybercrime increased in 2018, your likelihood of being hacked on Facebook is probably greater than ever. So, it’s smart to know how to get back into your Facebook account if you lose access to it.


There are two primary ways that your information could be released, and both involve data breaches. Facebook experiences a data breach similar to the one revealed last year, which exposed the accounts of over 530 million users. There’s not much that can be done to stop a breach of this sort.

However, you influence the second reason for a compromised Facebook account. Simply put, it’s due to a typo in the password, which can be fixed with little effort.

A password that is reused could make it easier for hackers to access your Facebook account after obtaining the data of another organization. Cleary says that because so many people reuse passwords across multiple sites, their information is vulnerable if even a small company experiences a security breach. Cybercriminals attempt this password on various websites, including social networking platforms.

And not just websites can reveal your overused passwords. There are everyday objects, such as smart TVs, that could be hacked and utilized to further a hacker’s Facebook account objectives.


It is frightening to know that a cyberstalker can view your private images and postings and contact your friends and family while posing as you. If you still have access to your hacked Facebook account, the instructions below describe how to regain it.

1. Change your password immediately.

  • Select “Settings & Privacy.”
  • Choose the menu item labeled “Password and Security.”
  • To modify your password, select “Change Password.”

2. Determine which devices are currently logged into Facebook.

The “Password and Security” tab contains a “Where You’re Logged In” list. Follow these instructions if you encounter an unfamiliar login:

  • Select the dubious login.
  • Choose “Secure Account”
  • Follow the steps on the screen, which will show you how to get your Facebook account back after it has been hacked.

3. Alert Facebook

Even if you identify every login to your account, you should alert Facebook that something is amiss. This is how:

Navigate to the page under “Password and Security.”

  • Select “Get Help”
  • Report the occurrence.
  • Disclose the cybercrime

Instead of calling your local police department, the FBI wants you to use the Internet Crime Complaint Center ( to file a report.


Make use of backup information.

If you cannot access your account, visit To get into your account, you’ll need to provide the phone number you used to sign up. Facebook will help you restore access to your account and provide guidance on how to increase the safety of your profile going forward.

Facebook may attempt to safeguard you by locking your account if it detects unusual behavior on your account. You can unlock the account, but you must do so within a year. The company can choose to erase it beyond that point.


Hackers may inflict a surprising amount of damage to your account simply by using your cell phone number, so it’s in your best interest to make it as difficult as possible for them to access your information.

Cleary states that you have more influence than you may believe over protecting your account from getting into the wrong hands. Take these precautions to reduce the likelihood that your account may be compromised.

1. Improve your password security.

“Think of it more as a 16-character passphrase as opposed to a single word,” advises Cleary. Don’t reuse this password with any other services. If remembering all your passwords gets cumbersome, Cleary suggests adopting password management software. And in everything you do, avoid these passwords that are easy to guess.

2. Implement dual-factor authentication.

This feature is arguably the most effective cybersecurity measure ever devised. Here is how it operates: If Facebook detects a login attempt from a device or browser you’ve never used before, it will request a password and a verification code that it will give to you through a text message or an app. Only then will access be granted.

To configure this, visit Facebook’s “Password and Security” page. Select “Two-Factor Authentication” and continue with the method outlined.

3. Disable associated apps.

Although it’s handy to use your Facebook credentials to log in to other services, it’s best to avoid doing so if you can help it. This grants these applications access to your data. To view the apps and websites linked to your Facebook account, navigate to “Apps and Websites” inside your account settings. There, you will find a list of associated apps and websites from which you can unlink.

4. Install additional security measures.

Consider this a lifeline: how to regain access to your Facebook account through friends. Select three to five reliable Facebook contacts to have access links and codes on your behalf from the same “Password and Security” screen. You can ask these friends for information that will help you get back into your Facebook account after it has been hacked.

5. restrict the exchange of personal information

While the restaurant you dined at last week won’t be of much value to hackers, your basic personal information may be. Cleary asks, “Are your marital status and country of birth required?” “Leaving out these facts will make it harder for thieves to figure out your security questions and get into your online banking and other accounts.”

Once you’re back online, learn how to block a person from Facebook Messenger and see if you can see who has been viewing your profile.

Amanda Silberling
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Amanda Silberling

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