New sharing features on Instagram notes, group profiles and more

/14 December, 2022 2:38 pm

Instagram has launched new features to facilitate its users.

Whether you want to connect with people or share interests, Instagram is the best option to associate with people. Therefore, there are newly released updates from Instagram that can bring you closer to people for whom you care a lot.


Let’s start with Notes because it is a new thing to share thoughts about, and even can view your friends’ posts and activities. Basically, ‘Notes are like brief posts with a limit of 60 characters in which you can only use emojis and text. To leave an impressive note, follow these steps;

Tap your inbox and choose followers or pick a list of your close friends

A note will display for 24 hours in your follower inbox. Replies from ‘Notes will be received as direct messages in inboxes.


During testing, it was observed that people are attracted to the way that is convenient and simple to share their thoughts because they get a kick to begin their conversation. Thus, ‘Notes offer the easiest way for people to behave casually, quickly show themselves, and communicate with each other.

It is human psychology that they love to share all-day activities with Stories in which they highlight full-day moments. Thus, there is a new twist in Stories to make it convenient for users to share their thoughts and fund immediately to establish healthy connections with their friends.

After launching Stories, it was perfectly sufficient for people to share content in an unexpected but unique way. With the update of ‘Add Your Own, you can invite your friends to join you, and a message will pop up to remind them.

Candid Stories

This is a candid test in which you and your friend can capture and then share the story in a new way. Besides, it will be visible to those users who will share theirs. Thus, record candid form camera stories in which multi-author ‘Stories will be displayed beside the feed.

Reminder notification will start with the first candidate. If a user doesn’t require daily notifications, he/she can turn off reminders in ‘Settings. The same testing with the same feature is also experimenting on Facebook Stories.


Most Instagram users make group chats to share memories, entertainment content and plans with their friends. Thus, this is testing of new features to allow people to connect and collaborate with their friends in a grouping.

Group profiles

With this feature, users will generate and link new profiles to share stories and posts with their friends. Besides, when users share their content in a group profile, the required content will be displayed only to group members than followers. Similarly, the content will be published in the group profile, not on the user profile. To create a group profile, follow these steps;

Click +sign and choose ‘Group profile

Collaborative collections

This is another testing feature in which users can easily connect with their friends about shared content by saving posts for ‘collaborative collections. You can add or start a collaborative collection by saving a post from your feed or sharing your post with your friend by DM and saving that content here.  

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