What Video Format Does Instagram Support?

/16 December, 2022 2:00 pm

Instagram, with all its potential to serve the users it has, is now used by almost everyone. People belonging to all professions are now active on Instagram. Besides entertainment purposes, there are other things that drag people to the platforms like Instagram.

Some simply share their ideas, others only want to expand the influence of the realm they are currently serving. In one way or another, Instagram provides a relevant portal to the people.

For marketers especially the ones dealing with the visuals and graphics in order to promote their business and expand their area of social influence, video format matters a lot.

Instagram, being of the most used platform in this regard, has also been considered a lot more important than most people expect it to be. Hence people around the globe keep a very cautious pace with this aspect of successful social media marketing, especially via Instagram.

Instagram being choosy in this regard, can give you hard time, especially in this regard.

In order to make your videos viewed and liked more by the Instagram community, you should keep a track of the most supportable format on Instagram. It happens at times, that your videos are quite up to the mark and are potent enough to leave prints on the minds of those who are watching it, but the formats beat you.

Thus, to eradicate this problem and to ensure the smooth promotion of your videos on Instagram, you first have to figure out which format of the videos are mostly viewed by the people and which formats are supportable for Instagram itself.

What video format does Instagram support?

Sometimes, after a lot of efforts people make and after putting their hearts and oils in order to get their Instagram reel and videos viewed and liked, the problem from another aspect shows itself, the video format. Here, many people get stuck, not knowing exactly what to do.

If that’s also something that happened to you, you shouldn’t worry about it. You just have to understand what formats of videos Instagram support and by converting your videos to these supportable formats, you can get your problem solved. So let’s see what is acceptable for Instagram when it comes to formatting videos.

Predominantly, all platforms have here own kind of requisites that need to be fulfilled before you desire to upload a video. Talking specifically about Instagram, three main formats for the videos and reels are usually supported.

What Video Format Does Instagram Support

What Video Format Does Instagram Support

MP4 Video Format:

Mp4 video format is one of the most common video formats used and is one of the most acceptable formats on Instagram too. It is used for storing and sharing multimedia content of the video, even with subtitles. Almost all the videos and reels you see on Instagram are usually structured in this format.

GOV Video Format:

On rare occasions, people post videos of the format namely GOV. it is one of the formats acceptable by the Instagram algorithm but the frequency with which people post videos in this format is comparatively low. Instagram has got the second-highest ratio of the GOV format videos on its platform.

GIF Video Format:

GIF format is also quite supportable by Instagram and it is frequently used for basic level animation purposes. The video on Instagram having shorter time lapses is usually formed in this format.

Furthermore, due to convene and easy-going of the format, Instagram has embedded itself, in this format, and allows users to shape their videos in this format too.

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