How to See Someone’s Most Recent Followers on Instagram?

If you are someone who has been using Instagram for a while now. In that case.

How to See Someone’s Most Recent Followers on Instagram?

If you are someone who has been using Instagram for a while now. In that case, you must have already noticed that the application displays the list of the followers in chronological order, allowing you to check and see who has recently followed someone on Instagram and who are the oldest ones. The people who most recently have followed your account will be displayed on the top of the list, and the older ones will be displayed on the lower rank, depending upon how long they have been following you on buy Instagram followers.

Go to the person’s Get Instagram post comment or page you want to see the most recent followers. Tap to their followers’ list, and you will get to see the list in chronological order, such as the oldest followers displayed at the end and the newest ones on the top. However, sometimes recent followers may also be placed at the end of the list. So, always double-check.

If this method does not work for you, then you may also check it on the browser. However, if you opt to see someone’s recent followers on the mobile app, then the chances are you will see the default list, not the chronological one. At the same time, most people have also tried browser versions to lose followers in their selected pattern, and it also works.

recent instagram followers

Here is the way to check the targeted list of the followers on the browser version:

  • Open Instagram on your device’s browser.
  • Type the username on the search bar.
  • Choose the account and open the profile.
  • Tap to “followers” right next to the “following” tab.

This is how it will display the recent followers on the top of the list.

Some alternative ways to find someone’s most recent Instagram followers!

Here are some of the more ways you can follow to find out others’ most recent Instagram followers, so let’s have a look at them:


It can help you track the recent activities of up to 100 different Instagram profiles. It’s not actually for tracking the followers only. You may also check:

  • what posts others have liked.
  • which accounts have just followed their profiles.
  • which posts they like the most.
  • who their constant interaction is with.
  • the pages they interact with the most, and much more.

Moreover, you, of course, do not have to install the application. Neither do you need to provide any of your Instagram profile information. This online service lets you track fellow Instagrammers.

1: Visit and click Get started to register.

2: Enter your email address and password on the Sign-Up page. Also, agree to its terms and conditions.

3: Upon successful registration, you will be directed to the dashboard.

4: Click the Add Account option at the top, then hit Buy Subscription and choose the desired plan.

5: Pay the necessary amount to activate your account.

6: Click the Add Account button and input the username to track their activity.

Snoopreport will begin monitoring their activity and provide you with a weekly report. 

Snoopreport offers complete anonymity because it doesn’t need your IG username and password. It just requires the username of the account you wish to track. Additionally, you may view anyone’s Instagram activity from up to 36 weeks ago.

someone instagram followers

KidsGuard Pro

If you want to keep an eye on your child’s activities, then KidsGuard pro is the right option to shield your children. You may put an application on anyone’s phone or tablet (your child’s or anyone else) to keep track of how they use Instagram and other applications in their smart devices. The application has a lot of tracking options, in which one of them keeps a record of who the users follow on Instagram and what they enjoy the most. In order to install this application, you need to have access to someone else’s device, like a phone or tablet. However, you need to keep in mind the fact that the application is designed to track youngsters, not adults. This is because any adult seeing this application on their phone will know that they are being watched.

Instagram Followers Tracker app

There are undoubtedly very few numbers of applications available on the Play Store or Apple Store that allow you to track your friends’ followers on Instagram. However, if you install any other illegal application, in that case, it will acquire you to share your Instagram information also the password of your account, getting your full account access and its database. So, always ignore such illegal applications because Instagram may block you for this very reason due to violating the rules and regulations defined by the platform itself.

Track recent Instagram followers without the usage of any third-party applications!

If you are someone who is not able to perform any of the above actions or use apps, then here is the simple method you can follow to track someone’s most recent Instagram followers:

  • Go to Safari, Google Chrome, or any other web browser on your mobile phone and type “” into the search bar.
  • Add your credentials to your account to log in, and then tap to the three-dotted icon, available on the top right corner of the screen, select “desktop site.”

third party instagram followers

  • Go to the profile of the person you want to examine the profile and then tap to the “followers” tab. Here, you can discover who the most recent Instagram followers are for the user you search for.
  • Here, you will be able to see all the followers in the chronological order that are sorted from the newest to the older followers.

No matter which device you use to examine the followers, be it PC, laptop, mobile, or tablet, you will see a list of followers in chronological format. Undoubtedly, it is one of the easiest and simplest ways to check someone’s most recent followers for Instagram.

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How to See Someone’s Most Recent Followers on Instagram?

How to See Someone’s Most Recent Followers on Instagram?

If you are someone who has been using Instagram for a while now. In that case.

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