How Many Followers Do You Need to Be Verified?

/14 December, 2022 2:19 pm

Getting Instagram verification does not require a specific number of followers.

However, one of the primary requirements for acceptance is having a considerable account. This indicates that your account must reflect a well-known and often searched-for person, brand, or company.

The more popular you are on Instagram, the more people will see your posts, but there is no requirement for fame.


Therefore, anyone can apply for Instagram verification. However, getting approval is far more difficult.

We’ve put together a list of the best ways to increase your chances of being verified as you work to build your brand’s reputation.

1. Don’t ever give Instagram any money to verify your account.

First off, that guy/gal who claims to have a friend who works on Instagram is in the comments section… Don’t give him any money, it’s not worth it.

The same applies to any third-party program or random account that promises “complete refunds,” as well as any random account that sends you a direct message offering to sell you your badge because they “no longer need it.”

Instagram scammers are well-aware of the positive connotations the blue check has come to have for users and brands, and some are very good at passing themselves off as the real thing. Remember that Instagram will never ask for money or contact you.

2. Monitor accounts for impersonation.

Here’s some good news if you’ve been dealing with a persistent problem with fake or fan accounts using your business name. You meet all of the requirements for Instagram verification and more. One of the stated goals of verification is to identify legitimate accounts from fake ones.

Whether or not impostor accounts are a problem for your company can be determined by doing an annual social media audit.

Using a social media monitoring tool, you’ll need to watch and document these accounts.

3. Gain more (authentic) followers.

Look, we don’t have the exact stats, but sometimes it feels like you need an absurd number of followers to get confirmed. There is zero support for this being a hard and fast regulation, so what’s the harm in giving it a try? Or perhaps correlation does not necessarily imply causality.

It is more likely that as individuals or brands gain prominence on and off Instagram, their number of followers will also increase.

If you wish to hedge your bets and play both sides of the coin—chicken, and egg—here are some tips for gaining more Instagram followers.

4. Remove all inter-platform linkages from your bio.

In a move that some would term petty (we would never dare), Instagram prohibits verified accounts from including “add me” links to other social media platforms in their Instagram profiles. You may include links to your website, landing pages, and other internet properties, but not your YouTube or Twitter accounts.

But if you have a blue checkmark on Facebook but not on Instagram, the photo-sharing service suggests you connect the two to prove your authenticity.

5. Be exceedingly sought-after.

The Explore tab on Instagram is designed to facilitate this kind of organic, unplanned discovery, and its prominence can have a major impact on your engagement and follower count.

When it comes to verification, though, Instagram is interested in whether or whether your followers care about you enough to go outside of the feed’s allure and actively look for you by name.

While Instagram does not give metrics on this data, it is likely that Instagram’s verification staff has access to it and will verify how frequently users are searching for you.

6. Apply, when your name starts appearing in the media.

Google your name. Your company’s name has been mentioned in several news outlets. Recent press releases and white papers: were they taken up? Is there a sound bite or a profile of you in a major foreign newspaper or magazine we might use? Paid or promotional content does not count in any way.

If public relations have not been a priority for your brand, it may be more difficult to demonstrate that you are “notable,” especially because there is no place to submit your evidence: Instagram conducts its investigation, so it is your responsibility to ensure that your news is prominent and difficult to ignore.

If you’ve recently gotten a lot of attention or are waiting for a big announcement, you might want to get that certification while your name is hot.

7. Contact an organization or advertiser and discuss.

If you have the budget and ambition, work with a reputable digital business that has Facebook Media Partner Support. Your publicist or agency will be able to ask to claim usernames, merge accounts, and verify accounts through their site for the industry.

Is there a guarantee that it’s legit? There’s no way that could ever happen. Media Partner Support panel requests from experts in your field, however, carry more weight and set you apart from the competitors.

8. Be sincere

This recommendation should be obvious, but because the implications are so severe, we feel forced to emphasize it. In your application for verification, you must be honest above all else.

Utilize your true name. Select an applicable category. Do not falsify any government documents under any circumstances.

Instagram states that if you embellish the truth in any way, it will not only reject your application, but it may also delete your account.

9. Ensure your profile and bio are comprehensive and compelling.

If you have a bio, a profile photo, and one post, Instagram will verify your account. You don’t merely want to meet it. You desire to soar beyond it.

Not only will optimizing your Instagram bio impress the verification team when they check you out, but it can also result in additional followers and conversions.

10. If you are initially rejected, try again.

If Instagram doesn’t accept your submission despite your best efforts, use this as a chance to focus on your goals and try harder.

Fine-tune your Instagram strategy, build a loyal following, and get attention outside of the platform as well.

Then, you can either wait 30 days or work on your KPIs for a few fiscal quarters before applying again.

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