How to Reset Instagram Explore Page

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page

/10 October, 2022 2:32 pm

Instagram’s user base surpassed 1.4 billion in 2022. Along with the explosion in traffic, the amount of content on the site has reached new volumes.

In order to make it easier for its users to discover new content, Instagram introduced the explore page. The explorer is used to suggest new content to Instagram users based on their interests.

However, sometimes the algorithm does not perform too well and ends up showing random stuff to users. Often users are annoyed with seeing irrelevant or even repetitive content on the explore page and want to see something new.

If this is the case, it’s time to learn how to reset your Instagram explore page.

What Is The Instagram Explore Page?

In 2012 Instagram introduced a new feature to the platform called the “popular” tab. This feature, as the name implies, allowed users to see what was trending and popular on the platform. Later on, the popular tab was improved with the help of an algorithm that suggested more personalized and diverse content to each individual user. The section was also renamed to the “explore” tab, which better suited its new functionality.


How Does The Explore Page Work?

The algorithm for the explore tab creates its suggestion based on perceived interests. The goal of the algorithm is simply to display content it thinks you’re likely to interact with. How does Instagram come up with these suggestions?

The content that is suggested to you is based on several factors, such as who you follow, content you’ve liked or interacted with in the past, etc.

Instagram is constantly tweaking the algorithm, so it’s tricky to say exactly how it works. However, the goal of the algorithm is pretty simple. It’s to create a personalized experience for each and help them discover the most relevant and trending content at the moment.

When the explore page is working correctly, it can help you discover new and interesting content. However, if you notice that your explore tab is suggesting the same content repeatedly, or if you’re bored with the content you’re being suggested, it might help to reset your Instagram explore page.



How To Change Your Instagram Explore Page

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile device of choice, and navigate to the explore tab.
  • If you see a suggestion you dislike or would simply like to see less of, click on the three dots in the top right corner of the content.
  • Next, you must click the not interested button.
  • What this does is give Instagram a better idea about the type of content you want to see less of. The post will be removed from your explore page.

This is a great trick if you dislike seeing a specific type of content on your explore page. However, if you want to refresh your entire feed, you’ll have to reset the entire explore page.


How To Reset The Instagram Explore Page Entirely

Normally when using the Instagram app on mobile, you have the option for resetting your explore page. You can either try deleting your search history or delete the cache for the app itself. Here we’ll demonstrate both methods so you can try either one for yourself.

Delete your search history

Your search history is one of the factors considered by the Instagram algorithm to consider what type of content you like. By removing your search history, you are effectively causing the algorithm to re-evaluate its suggestion. This can be helpful in resetting the explore page.

  • Open the Instagram app and navigate to your profile.
  • Click the three horizontal bars at the top to open up the sub-menu and select the “Your activity” option.
  • Find the recent searches section, and within it, click the clear all option.
  • Once again, click “clear all” in the prompt that appears to confirm your decision.

Clear your cache

All of the data Instagram collects about your interests and interaction is stored in the cache of the mobile app. Removing all of the cache stored on your mobile device will thus cause Instagram to reset the explore page.

Though keep in mind that deleting the cache will cause some content to load slower the next time you open the app.

  • Here’s how you can delete your Instagram cache and reset the explore page.
  • Go to your phone’s settings and open the “apps and notifications” tab.
  • Click the “see all apps” option, and find the Instagram app on the list.
  • Click the “storage and cache” option.
  • Finally, you can click the clear cache button to delete all of the app’s cache.
  • The above method works for clearing your Instagram cache on android. However, you cannot clear the Instagram cache on your iPhone.

Clear your cache

The simplest method to reset your explore page by clearing your cache on iPhone is to simply uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app from the app store, as this is the only way to remove all the app data manually.

Final thoughts

The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing to recommend unique content to your liking. If, however, you are unsatisfied with your explore page, you may use one of the methods given above to reset your Instagram explore page on android or iPhone.

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